Bad Piggies - Day 22 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

We're almost there folks. Only three sleeps to go but for now let's look to today and see what gift BlackBerry World has for us today. It looks like one big developer has used this giveaway to get all their games in there. What better way to get all games from one developer. I have to be honest, I actually haven't played this one yet. So, this is probably the best time to get it on my BlackBerry device to check it out.

For day 22, we have Bad Piggies from Rovio. I think this completes all of Rovio's games, except of course for Angry Birds Go, though that is free anyway but also not available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

As we are nearing the end of this giveaway, BlackBerry World seems to be playing up for some and the 25 Days of Gifts banner is missing. People are seeing results from different suggestions. From refreshing BlackBerry World, searching the game, using the link or having someone else share the link from BlackBerry World with them. Give them a try if you are not seeing the banner. Bad Piggies is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices but may not be available in all regions. If you're seeing something else let us know in the comments or hit up the forums.

Download Bad Piggies from BlackBerry World