Have you ever started browsing your timeline or the web on your way to work and found something that caught your eye but don't have time to read? The popular theme developer BBornot2B is venturing into coding with Backpack, an easy to use application that stores your online content (i.e. Twitter, browser links, YouTube urls) in one convenient place to to peruse on your own time with an active internet connection.

Sometimes it’s the simple ones that provide the most functionality and I do find myself using this when out and about. Whether you want to save an item from your twitter timeline or discovered an interesting news article or blog post, you can send to your backpack for viewing later. Please note that Backpack is only saving the shortcuts to these links.

To add content to this application for later viewing simply use the share menu options from within Twitter for BlackBerry or your browser and select My Backpack from the list. Users can choose to discard items after reading or continue to store. It also offers the choice to include a memo for inserting your own personal notes on the topic and alerts you if a link already exists. Once stored, to remove an item simply press and hold to either edit or delete.


  • Explore: the whole list of bookmarks you haven't read yet
  • Shuffle: let your Backpack randomly give you something to read
  • Oldest: read what's been in your Backpack the longest time
  • Quickest: the short stories, for when you only have a minute to spare

One of the interesting things I discovered is the ability to store BlackBerry World links. Now while it does show the “working” icon while fetching content, if you share a BBW link and save it to your backpack it will link to it later. This way if there are a few applications you would like to install they can be accessed directly from your Backpack with no additional searches or clicks required.

While this is simple in terms of functionality, I do like the concept of Backpack especially for organizing your links while traveling or on the go. Also, keep in mind this is only the first version of the application. You can find it at the link below for $0.99.

More information/purchase Backpack

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