back up blackberry
Come on admit it. You don’t back up as often as you should and if you do, it is only because once you lost everything on a hard drive that caught that nasty virus that was going around. Now losing everything on your BlackBerry would not be as catastrophic as losing everything on your laptop but it would be a royal pain in the arse to have to reenter everything. 

Of course the day you lost everything on your Berry would be the day you are out of town and you need that important address for the multi-million contract you are about to negotiate. Actually, when I think about it, it would be pretty catastrophic.

So here is how you back everything up in the rare case that you’ll need to retrieve data. You should have installed the Desktop Manager onto your regular laptop or tabletop computer.

The Desktop manager should be on the CD that came with your BlackBerry. If you have not already done so, it is a good idea to install the program. Simply double click on ‘Backup and Restore.’ In the pop up window select ‘Backup.’ Then choose a directory where to store your backup file. The Desktop Manager conveniently names the backup file with today’s date.

That’s it. Pretty simple really.

You can also set you desktop manager to back up on a regular basis. Go to the ‘Backup and Restore Options’ screen, press ‘Options.’ Then select Automatically Backup my device every X days. Select the period of time you want the blackberry to backup. Every five or 10 days for example. Then select ‘OK.’

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