When popular titles from other platforms make their way onto BlackBerry we tend to get rather excited, and for me that was definitely the case when Backbreaker 2 Vengeance arrived in BlackBerry AppWorld for the BlackBerry PlayBook. For those unfamiliar with this title it is a football game but with its very own style, you aren't playing team verse team but instead it is a 1 on 1 style game play.  You can chose whether to take an offensive stance in which you need to avoid getting tackled and make it through some obstacles to score a touchdown or you can go for the defensive approach and prevent the computer from being able to score on you. 

The game utilizes both on screen controlls as well as the gyroscope of the device so you will have to tilt the device from side to side to control where your player goes. With the on screen controls you can juke left and right as well as spins in each direction, and if you are feeling really good about passing the defenders you can showboat a little as well for some extra points.

What I like most about the game is that you aren't playing a four quarter full length game here, but instead quick little matches so if you want to pick it up for a few minutes and then put it back down you are able to do so. For only $2.99 you can have yourself a game with amazing graphics, interactive game play and hours of fun. Hit the link below for full details and to grab a copy for yourself.

More information / purchase of Backbreaker 2 Vengeance

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