It seems not a day goes by that I don't end up resetting a password for some site or service that I use. Even though I use several different password reminder services, they're not always a perfect solution. But what if it there was a solution that utilized your phones NFC functionality and and a simple NFC tag? Would that be easier? Richard Fox-Ivey thinks so and he's come up with Symple ID.

What is Symple ID?

Symple ID brings “tap-to-pay” simplicity to the world of passwords. If you’ve ever tapped your credit card in the check-out lane to buy something, you know how easy tap-to-pay is. Using Symple ID is just like using tap-to-pay; but instead of making a secure purchase in a store, you’re securely logging-in online.

Symple ID users simply tap their smartphone to a digital ID in order to sign into Banking Websites, Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), email (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) and web apps (Salesforce, Netflix and Dropbox, etc.).

When logging in, Symple ID automatically protects you against phishing attacks that try to steal your account information by validating the authenticity of the site you are visiting. If the site isn’t legitimate, Symple ID doesn’t log you in.

Signing into legitimate sites is as easy as tapping your phone to your ID. When you tap to sign-in with Symple ID your credentials are sent encrypted from your phone through a secure server to your browser for login.

Symple ID makes it easy to use strong (e.g., 100 randomly generated characters) and unique passwords for all of your online services; yet you don’t need to worry about remembering any of them. And importantly with Symple ID all your credentials are stored locally to your smartphone; not in the cloud making a tempting target for hackers.

Sounds cool, right? Never having to really remember your passwords but rather adopting a 'set it and forget it' philosophy because Symple ID does all the work for you. Thanks to Heartbleed, I've been going through the painful process of resetting all of my passwords and already, its become quite problematic. Having a solution like Symple ID available now would have made this a little bit easier.

But that's the thing, while the Symple ID app is being beta tested right now, in order for it to be fully realized Richard Fox-Ivey needs some funding. $20,000 to be exact and because of that he's now taken to Kickstarter in hopes to raise the funds needed to fully bring it to market on BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry 7 and Android.

Like all Kickstarter projects, Richard has set up some rewards for backs so if this is a solution you're interested in, be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for the full details on how you can back the project and what you'll get for helping out. Pledges start at $5 but already the $15 spot is sold out. However, the early bird special of $30 is still open and includes the app and service for one user and a choice of any 2 NFC ID's.