As I was mulling around the forums in search of a new theme, I came across a thread from user lordjudass about a theme called Azul (A touch of blue). I have to say, this is one of the slickest themes I have come across in quite a while.  We have seen many theme developers cranking out Bold themes like nobody's business, so I was happy to find something like this. It has great icons and a sleek banner.  It is super clean and easy on the eyes. Currently it is only available in a bottom zen format. I do have a few gripes with it (there is no focus icon for most 3rd party apps when in full view which makes it tough to see.  Also, the SMS icon color seems to be reversed as it is green when not highlighted and all other message icons are blue. It's hard to see new messages in the inbox since the mail indicator is the same color for both read/unread). I'm sure these little things can be fixed (and I shouldn't complain since the price was right).  lordjudass also created Clear Crystal Curve which is worth checking out as well. Did I mention these were FREE??? :-)