Here at CrackBerry we run our fair share of polls but now you can create your own with a BlackBerry 10 application that goes by the name of Aye. The Built for BlackBerry app is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and you have the option of a free version (with limited amounts of polls you can create per day), however you can purchase the full version for a mere $0.99 from within the app for unlimited features. 

As well as being able to view other peoples polls and vote on them, it's a piece of cake to create your own. The app will guide you through filling out a few boxes where you'll choose the question/title of the poll, select the category it falls into and how many options you want for the answers - you can have up to six. Once the boxes are all filled in it's just a case of pressing the tab to create the poll. Then the poll will be live for others to vote. 

The black based user interface is quite beautiful, but kept clean. When you vote on a poll you'll be presented with a graph showing percentages of the the results as well as the amount of people that have actually voted.

The app won't be for everyone but it is a nice interesting concept and I expect that once this post goes live the amount of polls within the app will rocket. Give the free version a look and see what you think? Oh, and get voting. 

Full features of the app include: 

  • Create public Poll 
  • Create private Poll 
  • Vote for poll 
  • Get graphical result for poll 
  • Comments 
  • Follow a poller 
  • Create a group 
  • Join group 
  • Share Poll with group 
  • BBM integration 
  • Active frames 
  • My Hub Notifications

More information/Download Aye (free) for BlackBerry 10