While Axiom was busy kicking off sales of the BlackBerry Passport in Saudi Arabia, their UAE YouTube channel decided to do some testing with the device. In what will most certainly be a painful video for those waiting for their BlackBerry Passport to arrive, we get a close look at an 'extreme drop test' done on the latest BlackBerry smartphone, which ends rather well all things considered.

Obviously, I don't recommend going all Kevin on your devices and seeing how many times you can drop them before they break but, it's interesting to see how durable the Passport is in this scenario. Of course, we all know (and as some in the forums have already found out), all it takes is one drop in the right way and things can go really really bad.

That's why we always suggest a case or at the very least a screen protector for whatever device you're using. Knock on wood - haven't dropped my Passport, yet. Have you? Let us know in the comments.