If you saw our post on the BlackBerry Challenge Council's multitasking project but didn't click through to watch the video, you missed out. So here it is again for your viewing pleasure... a good and funny video that puts the focus on one of the biggest strengths of the traditional BlackBerry experience, the physical keyboard!

For a lot of BlackBerry loyalists, the one thing more than anything that keeps them on a BB is the physical keyboard. When it comes to pounding out emails, texts, tweets, facebook status message and mores, it can't be beat. Sure, people can learn to type fast on touchscreens too, but the touchscreen typing experience falls apart as soon as you're not standing/sitting still and focused on the task at hand. A little bump or shake and your typing goes to hell. But as you'll see in the video, with a physical keyboard you can keep on typing even in extreme conditions.

Just yesterday I was in the back of a bumpy taxi cab heading from the airport to hotel and I was typing like crazy on my 9900's keyboard and thinking about how with a touchscreen I'd be struggling trying to do the same thing. Heck, I even tweeted:

All Smartphone keyboard comparisons should be conducted while riding in the back of a taxi cab. Guess who'd win every time? 

BlackBerry is the answer to that question of course. Sure, a physical keyboard takes up some of the real estate that can go towards a bigger display, but if communication is a priority for you in your mobile device, and for a lot of us it is, the physical keyboard trumps all.

Check out the video above and confess your love for the physical keyboard in the comments! Oh, and PS. the keyboard on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the best smartphone keyboard ever made. Period.

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