BOLD ZOMM Series Themes

Over the past two years we have seen both premium and free BlackBerry themes take some huge leaps forward, both in terms of the functionality provided by newer CDK releases as well as the creativity shown by developers. As a result, it becomes more and more difficult for these same developers to make a real impression with their latest and greatest themes.

That said, I've gotta give props to the latest series of themes to published by JC Designs / Gadget Bean. And when I say series, I do mean series, as this one comes in a variety of flavors, each with their own unique twist. The Zoom Series of themes is currently available for the Bold with support for the Storm & Curve 8900 coming down the road. I've been rocking the Custom C FixedDock theme (top left screen capture in the image above) since last Friday and have been abosolutely loving it. It packs 12 crisp icons on the homescreen in an attractive format along with my four last unread messages and latest SMS. Attention is paid to the little details, as I would expect in a premium theme - the bottom row of icons have a nice bounce and I'm a huge fan of the battery level indicator that also shows in %. Several versions of the theme feature an animated dock, which you can see in action in a video after the jump. Each Zoom Series theme sells for $7. Don't blame me if you buy more than one!

Bold Zoom Series Themes in Action