PeeKaWho for BlackBerry Smartphones

Every now and then a new BlackBerry application comes out that you just know one day down the road Research in Motion is going to include native in its BlackBerry OS. Enter PeeKaWho. I stumbled upon PeeKaWho in the Software Store this morning, and after using it for the better part of the day I only have one thing to say... why didn't somebody invent this for BlackBerry years ago?!

Just like your Microsoft Outlook notifier or Gmail notifier, PeeKaWho is a simple utility that displays the From, Subject and Opening line of emails being received in a popup window on your BlackBerry's display. So whether you're composing a long email, browsing the web, playing a game (it automatically pauses the game) or doing any one of the other countless things you can do with your Berry, when your notification light starts blinking RED you no longer need to exit the app and jump into your email to see who contacted you. Here's a quick peek at PeeKaWho's features:

  • Able to get email notifier popup from any application on your BlackBerry (even Homescreen).
  • Able to configure popup so you only receive popup from the people who matter to you (select VIPs from Address Book).
  • Able to configure and disable popup so you don't see popup from certain applications (i.e. - no popup while you are trying to dial a phone number or answer a call)
  • Able to set popup auto fade away time (1 to 10 seconds) and disable popups when device is connected via USB.
  • No setup fuss. No pain. It Just Works!
  • Complete integration with the existing email program.

I've really been loving PeeKaWho. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I'm in the middle of composing a long email message on my BlackBerry and a new email comes in. Just in case the incoming message is from the person I am writing to, I always save my my email as a draft and go back to the inbox to check if it's from the person I'm writing to. With PeeKaWho, I can see instantly who the message is from, and either dismiss it or jump right to my inbox to read it if it's important. For me, this alone makes PeeKaWho worth the money. I really appreciate PeeKaWho's configuration screen too - you can dial in exactly when, where and from who you want to be notified via popup. For CrackBerry Addicts who are slaves to their email and the blinking red light, this app is FRAK'N AWESOME.

Introductory Offer: PeeKaWho is being introduced to BlackBerry nation at a low price of only $3.95.  At this intro price a free trial is not available (booo!), but keep in mind FREE upgrades will be available for the life of your BlackBerry, which cover any potential bug fixes required and feature enhancements (SMS support coming in the near future!). Once the introductory promo is over in a few days, PeeKaWho will be going up to its regular retail price of $6.95, which will include a 2-day Free Trial. If you consider yourself a CrackBerry Addict, you might want to save yourself some money, skip waiting to get a free trial, and buy now. If you give PeeKaWho a try, be sure to report back with your comments and suggestions!

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