Show Me The Images Show Me The Images

BlackBerry users know it's a pain having to download images for HTML emails. More often than not you'd just like the images to load on their own and be done with it. Show Me The Images is the solution to that problem. The app can be setup with various options and will automatically download images in all emails or just those you specify. You can choose to setup a safelist for downloading images for specific contacts, use the menu option to Show Me The Images or just have them download for all emails. Various options in the app let you tweak things a bit so you can pick what size images to download, how to mark emails as read and more. Show Me The Images is an app that I always have on my devices and it truly is on my list of must haves. It sells regularly for $2.99 but today you can grab it at 50% off for just $1.49 in the CrackBerry App Store.

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