LittleBrother Beta BlackBerryLittleBrother Beta BlackBerry

If you're a big foursquare user you've no doubt had times where you have missed checking in somewhere simply because you forgot. "Wouldn't it be great if I could somehow check-in automatically?" you thought. Well LittleBrother for BlackBerry is here to save the day. With this handy app from Emacberry you can do just that. After a bit of setup, LittleBrother will automatically check you in to venues you have specified, as long as you're within 50m for at least 2 minutes. While it works really well for the most part, there are some kinks. If you're in a large city or your venues are close together (as I found at CES in Las Vegas) you'll have trouble differentiating venues, so you'll need to choose just a few so you don't overlap and end up checked-in at the wrong venue. At home however where the venues I frequent are fairly far apart, I've really had no issues thus far. For more on just how LittleBrother gets this done and to find out how to get up and running, check out the full changelog at

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