There are many occasions when you need to turn your notifications to silent or vibrate during the day or even once a day. Sure you can get into the habit if manually putting your BlackBerry device into this mode but why not save yourself the trouble and let your device do that for you. With Profile Changer Pro, you can do this. You can predefine occasions for your BlackBerry device to automatically change sound profiles and it is pretty awesome at doing it.

When creating a profile you give it a name so you can see from your list and Active Frame which profile you're on. You then start to set when you would like to profile to activate. You can select a recurrence of everyday, weekdays or weekly. When you have that chosen you chose what profile setting you want - Silent, Vibrate Only, Normal, Phones Calls Only, All Alerts Off (look familiar?). Then you go about setting up the start time for this profile. If there was a certain time everyday you need your device to go on silent, choose these times. There are other options to choose from too, like Wallpaper, Ringtone and Incoming Call LED Color. So, you definitely know what profile you're on just by glancing at your device. Next you select what happens at the end of the allotted time. Go back to the default setting or what have you. One thing to note, if you changed your wallpaper and want it to go back to the original one, add that wallpaper in the end section, otherwise the wallpaper will stay. When you're done hit save and that profile will change when that time comes. You can add up to 64 profiles.

The app doesn't stop there though. It can also work with your calendar appointments, too. You'll have to do some setting here too but it's pretty easy to do. You have to define calendar keywords, such as busy or even any word you may have entered into the Notes section of the calendar entry. Any calendar appointments that day that have those keyboard will appear in the Calendar Profiles section of the app. You can then proceed to customize the notifications for that event too.

It's pretty slick app at what it aims to do. I have recently added a profile called Sleep Time where, every night, at 10pm, my BlackBerry will automatically switch to silent mode ready for bedtime. There are certainly many other preset times you can use Profile Changer Pro for too, like daily or weekly meetings and anything else you can think of. 

One thing to note is that Profile Changer Pro has to run as an Active Frame in order for it to work. Headless apps are not here yet so for things like this, the app needs to be running. The Active Frame does give you relevant info and reminds you what profile you're currently on, so it isn't so bad. Hopefully, the developer can get headless permission for this app. It definitely is nifty.

Profile Changer Pro will cost you $2.99 but it is a pretty sweet app if you ask me and I'd gladly pay for such an app. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices running 10.2 or above.

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