I’m always on the lookout for ways to do things more efficiently with my BlackBerry. Recently I’ve been playing around with Auto Text with some fun results. Auto Text provides a way to substitute text strings when you are composing an email message. You can find your current list of substitutions by going to Options–>AutoText.

My list was prepopulated with a bunch of commonly mistyped phrases such as “adn”, which would automatically be changed to “and” while composing a message. This comes in handy when you have fat thumbs like mine that get ahead of themselves.

Options > Autotext

Inside this list is an entry called “sig” which will automatically substitute the information you’ve entered in the Options–>Owner section. (You have done that right?) So all you have to do is type “sig” in your email, and your owner information will appear. By adding your own entries to this list, you can use the Auto Text to create other signatures for you emails.

Composing a New AutoText Entry

So you could for example create one signature for business, In this example “abb” for the AllBlackBerry signature:

AllBlackBerry.com - New and reviews about all things BlackBerry.

And a second signature “sig2″ for personal signatures possibly inappropriate for business:

Later dudes, Mike
“PC Load Letter”? What the #$&@! does that mean? — Office Space

Embedding AutoText in an Email

So now when you compose an email, type in your AutoText phrase, hit the space bar, and watch as it is magically transformed into your lengthy and inspiring signoff. The AutoText feature also works when composing SMS messages or MemoPad files.

## This Article Was Originally Published by AllBlackBerry.com on November 27, 2006