Auto Forum
Auto Forum is exactly what it says, an app for your BlackBerry PlayBook that gives you access to a website for those who have a passion for automobiles. What makes this app (and the website) unique is that it was created by a 16 year old.

Steven was introduced to the world of automobiles at the young age of 10 and was hooked. When his dad got his first BlackBerry, Steven of course turned to CrackBerry for all the latest news, leaks and such (no lie, he told me so himself). As his interest in both mobile and automobile technology grew, Steven decided to create a website called Auto Forum, where others could go to share his passion. The site was built with the intention of having an app to accompany it but Steven admits the process was long and a bit more difficult than he anticipated, everything taking ten times longer than expected. As of February 2012, Steven's app for his Auto Forum website finally came to fruition.

Auto Forum App Features:

  • Ask Questions and Get Answers
  • Attach YouTube Videos into your posts
  • Upload Images Into Your Post

The free app is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook in App World. If you share Steven's passion for automobiles, head on over to App World and download the Auto Forum app today. Even if you aren't a huge fan of cars, pop on over to the website just to take a look at what the future generation can do. It's great to see other teenagers like my oldest using BlackBerrys instead of following the crowd.

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