Here in the UK Auto Express is one of our most popular car magazines. Luckily you can now catch up on all the latest news straight from your BlackBerry with the new Auto Express app for BlackBerry 10.

UI wise the Auto Express app is kept clean and tidy - black text on a white background. The home screen contains a list of car articles each with a thumbnail image and then it's just a case of pressing the one you want to read more in depth. If you like what you see and want to share with your friends you can do so via your BlackBerry Hub and whichever accounts you have in there will be compatible.

Like many of the other news apps we have covered you also have the ability to increase/decrease the font size which really gives the user the best experience possible.

The Auto Express app also has a nice Active Frame (which I may have called a Live Tile in the video - please forgive me, I have sinned!). The Active Frame just rotates the nice car images from within the app and gives your home screen that extra edge of 'looking good'.

You can grab the Auto Express application free from BlackBerry World. If you are into cars this one is a must.

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