Depending on the account I am currently using, I do tend to receive spam texts, unwanted advertisements, or phishing emails. No matter how many times I keep marking them as spam they keep coming and are quite annoying. Over the years I have tried quite a few blockers and decided to give Auto Block a whirl.

Unlike other blockers which may focus on monitoring one account, this one automatically filters your email, SMS, and PIN messages and deletes them on BlackBerry 10.

The application itself is pretty straightforward, you have access to your logs, blocked messages, all of your accounts/conversations, and keywords. Keyword filtering is quite useful as it allows you to enter in specific words common to those junk emails, whether it be in the subject or body, up to a specific threshold and then be marked as spam accordingly.

For blocking emails, texts and PINs, you can easily tap and hold on a conversation to block or unblock and access your accounts by using the drop down list at the top of the tab.


  • Native Cascades app with beautiful graphics, transitions, and animations. App incorporates all the flow gestures BlackBerry 10 is known for!
  • App is headless! No need to keep the UI running all the time to do the blocking.
  • Simple, clean and attractive UI with focus on the best user experience.
  • Supports all your email accounts, PIN account, and SMS account so that all spammers can be managed.
  • Easy to unblock blocked contacts, and clear blocked lists.
  • Filtering by Keyword in message Subjects support to block spammers who constantly change their email addresses and SMS numbers.
  • Built-in reporter/updater to discover spammers through other Auto Block users!
  • User-level optimizations to only load messages from a certain number of days ago to reduce load times.
  • Block spammers directly from the BlackBerry 10 Hub by pressing-and-holding on the email and selecting Auto Block!
  • Logging pane available to see all the previously blocked messages as well as message subject/body previews.
  • Completely silent app and will not disrupt your usage when messages are blocked. You have the option to turn on and off the sound alerts.
  • Simple and straightforward tutorials and instructions.
  • Unlimited number of addresses can be put into blocked list.
  • Stable and mature app: Thoroughly tested over the iterations to prevent all crashes, and has been written with performance and usability in mind.
  • Major focus on minimal battery life consumption: The app only reacts when messages arrive on the specific accounts activated and not any others thus reducing CPU usage.
  • Built-in bug-reporter.
  • Active frame shows the last message that was blocked or the total number of messages that are blocked.
  • Permission validation: App recognizes when permissions may be turned off and is stable not to misbehave, but rather it will warn the user.

We all could do with a little less spam in our inboxes and this application is very resourceful as a firewall in that it monitors emails, texts and PIN messages. The developer is responsive to issues and you can access the bug report by swiping down from the top within the application. However, the only complaint some may have is the price at $4.99.

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