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Articles by Phil Nickinson

VPN for dummies ... Or Dads ... Or why it's time to finally take the plunge

VPN on BlackBerry KEYone

A good VPN isn't as complicated as it used to be, but it's still a pretty big step for a "regular" user to take. But it's time to get my family used to it. Their data may depend on it. Over the past year I've been slowly moving my family to more secure options for their phones and computers. Password managers — to promote the usage of longer and stronger passwords — was the first step. Then...

Amazon is dangerously close to being the new king of messaging

With Alexa gaining the ability to make voice calls and Echo Show bolstering the living room, Amazon moves a step closer to messaging ubiquity. It was about three or four years ago when my wife and I decided to finally get rid of our landline. We weren't really using it anymore — it was mostly an emergency backup, and a great way for solicitors to bug us. (That it occasionally made phantom...

BlackBerry KEYone: Seeing the forest for the trees

The BlackBerry KEYone isn't trying to be the best phone ever — just the best BlackBerry ever. It's succeeded, and given the faithful something to use and abuse all over again. It's easy to forget that on-screen keyboards weren't always as good as they are today. In fact, for years they kinda sucked. Those were the years in which BlackBerry ruled for pounding out message after message. It...

How your phone can help now that hurricane season is here

Image credit: NOAA

Hurricane season is upon us, and your smartphone is now one of the most important tools in your preparedness kit. June 1 marks the official start to hurricane season. And while we've actually gotten off to a bit of an early start this year, with a bit of a development off the East Coast, there's no better time than to bone up on some of the best ways to keep current on what's out there, and...

You can now search for all the things in the CrackBerry Android app!

You can now search for all the things in the CrackBerry Android app!

Our Android apps just got a whole lot better — and we're not done yet! We've reached a pretty major milestone in the life of the CrackBerry app — you can now search for stories. And for forum threads. And for individual posts. Basically you can search for all the things. And if it seems like this has been a long time coming, well, it has. When you're working with custom apps and custom back-...

Here are Verizon's initial XLTE cities

Verizon BlackBerry Q10

Verizon has fired up a new, beefier branding for its 4G LTE smartphone service. Dubbed XLTE, it takes advantage of the AWS spectrum to double the bandwidth in high-traffic locations. And here's the list of cities that get it first. /*-->*/ Category Features Alabama Birmingham, Decatur, Florence, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa Arizona Flagstaff, Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson Arkansas...

We've updated our CrackBerry Android app with some important fixes

Mobile Nations Apps

A quick heads up for those of you rocking the official CrackBerry App on Android— we've pushed out an update today with a number of important fixes. You're going to want to make sure you download this one, particularly if you've seen increased data usage or are using the widget on your home screen. The fixes apply to all the editorial (ie not the Tapatalk-esque one) apps for all our Mobile...

The Android Central app is now officially available in BlackBerry World!

Android Central app on BlackBerry

Yes, folks, the unthinkable has happened. We have officially brought the official Android Central App to BlackBerry, available now in BlackBerry World. Officially. A few things to note here: This is the the same Android Central app we've come to know and love on Android, with a few fixes for the BlackBerry side of things. Namely, the YouTube API didn't work properly as it does on Android, so...