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Articles by Crackberry Kevin

A BlackBerry Smartphone You Can't be Without?!

If you're a regular visitor to the site, you probably noticed last week that we made some changes to our main menu. In addition to the cool forums widget at the top right hand corner of the site that pulls the latest action in the forums, we've also introduced two new content areas - Job Board and Publications. You'll be hearing more about the job board in the days ahead, but today I wanted...

Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our Early Bird Winners in the "Confess your BlackBerry Addiction and WIN Giveaway". Member mousie won the "Give Me a Taste" prize of $250USD to spend in the store. Our "Fridays in March"winners each pick up $30USD to spend in the store as well! We still have two HUGE prizes to giveaway, so if you are not in the contest yet, get CRACK'n. All...

Aliph's Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

This surfaced in the CrackBerry forums late last week, but if you haven't it seen it yet, what you are now looking at is Aliph's new "Jawbone" bluetooth headset. It is VERY cool (unless of course you're a hater of bluetooth headsets in general - then they'll always look strange to you and you'll nevre see the beauty!). Lots of pictures and a review of the Jawbone can be found at the-...

Windows Live Search BETA available for BlackBerry

Windows released a BETA version of its Windows Live Search application for BlackBerries this week. Many Windows Mobile users have claimed Live Search as being even better than Google, but I don't think that can be said for the BlackBerry beta version just yet. I downloaded it, but my patience ran out fast when trying to use it (too S L O W). Granted it is still in Beta, so I'll uninstall the app...

ShowMate Wins Most Innovative Wireless Device Award

Laptops are out. BlackBerries are in. If you haven't heard of or seen the ShowMate yet, the odds are you soon will. In case you didn't know, the Impacta ShowMate is pocket-sized device that weighs less than three ounces that enables mobile professionals to travel with nothing more than a wireless handheld on their hip and a ShowMate in their pocket. Full-featured PowerPoint presentations can...

Thanks Steve! Apple's iPhone to boost BlackBerry sales

Look what just came in on the Bloomberg terminal... "Hats off to Steve'' Jobs, Apple's leader, Research In Motion co-Chief Executive Officer Michael Lazaridis said in an interview yesterday at the CTIA Wireless conference in Orlando, Florida. "He made smartphones cool again. Now everyone wants one. He helped the entire industry." "We complement each other really well," Lazaridis...

FREE BlackBerry WallPaper Maker is happy to announce version 1.0 (still in beta) of it's free BlackBerry Wallpaper Maker! It's easy to use - simply upload any .jpg or .png image off your harddrive (keep it to a megabyte or less), choose the berry you have, choose the file type you want the output image to be (I personally like the .png - you don't lose any image clarity), and then enter the email address of...

BlackBerry Job Board on the way! & will soon be launching a job board for Blackberry professionals.  If your company is looking to hire Blackberry admins, developers, support staff, or sales/marketing staff in the BlackBerry space – we think the CrackBerry audience is an ideal place to search.  If you have immediate positions to fill, contact about posting a job right away so...

Idokorro's new Citrix Presentation Client is a Hit!

I just touched base with the marketing director over at Idokorro to see how the release of their highly anticipated Citrix Presenation Server Client is going. The early results are in and it looks like Idokorro is going to score another slam dunk! The product launched this morning and the application has already received a lot of downloads and a lot of purchases (the numbers impressed me - and...

Research in Motion to Sponsor Formula 1?

This isn't even a rumor because I just made it up. It's Friday afternoon, and I just came across the greatest commercial ever to be made (just released this week) and needed a corresponding story so I had a reason to put it on the site. Below is the Shell/Ferrari commercial that celebrates their 60 year relationship together. They shot the commercial in some of the greatest cities in the world...

Airtel & RIM bring the BlackBerry 8800 to India

The BlackBerry 8800 is making its way around the world in near record time. Airtel and RIM this week announced the introduction of the the BlackBerry 8800 to India. "We are very excited to bring the innovative and feature-rich BlackBerry 8800 to India for our high-end customers,” said Sanjay Kapoor, President, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel. “They will get an opportunity to experience a world...

Beware the BlackBerry Addict in the Office?!

The Nanaimo Daily News published a short blackberry piece in their local paper this morning that I thought made an interesting point - basically that Loose Lips Sink Ships and BlackBerry Addicts have the Loosest Lips of them all. Here are some of the bits by Howard Levitt: ... Employees are using PDAs while driving, walking on the street, at restaurants, bars, and even at the gym. Many... - Tag Line Call for Help!

Having launched less than a month ago, is by all means still a very new site. We've made a great start - thousands of visitors are coming to the site each day, registered membership is steadily climbing, repeat visitors are high, response from the blackberry community has been overwhelmingly postive and word is spreading worldwide. It's just a function of time before every... on TV!

Yesterday was a big day for in the media!  A quick shout out and thanks to news reporter Jon Hendricks of CTV who stopped by our office to do a piece on He was in the office for about an hour interviewing and getting clips of the Crack Team at work. The segment aired on the evening news and was awesome!  Much thanks also to Heather Haverstein of...

Justice League lookout! Here comes the Crack League!

It looks like the Crack Team is growing in size and super hero abilities...  In the Blogs, Jack Benney is going to be contributing to the site a few times a week. Jack brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team from the IT/blackberry admin fields. Jack had to go through a myriad of grueling tests in order to make the cut, and he passed them all with flying colors (he did have a...

Need a Vacation from your BlackBerry? Here's Your Chance! is giving blackberry users the chance to win a CrackBerry Rehab vacation and lots of other great prizes in the Confess Your BlackBerry Addiction & Win Giveaway! Free to Enter. Lots of Chances to Win. No Strings Attached. Click Here for Full Contest Details...  First time to Click here for the Hello & Grand Tour...

RIM and AT&T announce RED BlackBerry Pearl

Last week rumors emerged that a new BlackBerry Pearl would soon be released. Today, those rumors were confirmed with an annoucement by RIM & AT&T that a new red hot BlackBerry Pearl will soon be hitting the market. "The BlackBerry Pearl is a powerful and feature-rich phone and yet it is also amazingly small, elegant and easy-to-use," said Mike Woodward, executive director, mobile...

Why wait for the iPhone? Get an iBerry today!!!

I'm a creature of habit. I get into my routines and don't like to mess with them. Wake up, Check Email, Exercise, Check Email, Eat Breakfast, Check Email, Shower, Check Email, yada, yada, yada. When it comes to my blackberry device, I'm not one to change the wallpaper, theme, or ringtone very often. For me to even attempt to change things up, it needs to be something that I REALLY like. And,... on Manitoba's SuperStation CJOB

Thanks to Richard Cloutier over at CJOB for having me on his radio show this morning.  We had a grand ole time talking about  If you head over to the Audio Vault , you can listen to the show. Choose the March 7th, 10am segment.  The piece is about 5 minutes in length, and starts 35:15 into the live replay feed.

Hurry Hard!!!! Curling for your BlackBerry

For all those BlackBerry-abusing Curling Fans out there (and yes we know you are mainly in Canada, and mainly in Winnipeg at that!), this week marks the 2007 Tim Horton's Brier, which this year is being played at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario (not that far away from RIM's headquarters!). In honor of the occassion I thought I would bring everyone's attention to a game that's been on...