Articles by Crackberry Kevin Fitness Challenge - Get Fit, Raise Money for Charity, and Spread the word!

In my ongoing quest to maintain a healthy balance between CrackBerry addiction and other parts of my life, I have named 2007 to be my Year of Fitness. So far I have been doing pretty well - in the cold winter months I managed to exercise regularly at the gym and 98.6% of the time have even been able to pass up the Golden Arches in favor of healthy homecooked eats.

But now that spring is sprung and summer is nearly here I figure it's time for me to kick it up a notch and get outdoors and enjoy mother nature as much as possible.

And it seems my 2007 Summer of Fitness is off to a good start - I took my first outdoor jog this past Sunday by entering into the Winnipeg Iron Cops Half Marathon relay. Along with another blackberry-using friend, we each ran 6.5 miles (half of a half marathon). In addition to raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society, we also managed to raise some awareness by finishing 2nd place! Check out the Results - notice the team named!?! The crowd loved our team name and our 2nd place award was presented by the city's police chief, who was very interested (a little too interested maybe?!) to learn what was all about.

Spreading the word, being healthy, and raising money for Charity - it seems like a no brainer to me.

Which means it's time for a FITNESS CHALLENGE.

Are you entering any fundraising fitness events in the next few months? Can you enter under a team name?

If so, I challenge you to enter your team name as "". Let's show the world that BlackBerry Addicts not only love their devices, but love helping others out as well.

I've started a new CrackBerry FITNESS CHALLENGE thread in the CrackBerry Forums. Go there for more details on the challenge and use it to take up the challenge and keep us posted on the results. Can you fundraise for your event online? Get the link up on this thread and the CrackBerry community will help you out! Finish in the top 3 in your event? I will definitely be sending you some BlackBerry goodies to celebrate!

Get Fit, Help Out, Spread the name. Are you up for the Challenge?

Pimp My Berry Winner Announcement

May 1st is here and members of know what that means... it's time to announce the winner of the Pimp My Berry early bird draw for the Confess Your BlackBerry Addiction and WIN Giveaway (now that's a mouthful).

And the winner of $500USD to spend in the Store is..........


Member rwmutton will be contacted by yours truly to hook up the shopping spree in the Store

And for those who didn't win, there is still hope! On June 1st the Confess your BlackBerry Addiction and Win Giveaway will come to a close with our grand prize draw for $2,000 (to put towards either BlackBerry merchandise or a CrackBerry Rehab vacation from your BlackBerry).

To enter, all you have to do is be a registered member of Not yet a member? Click Here Now!  

Congrats rwmutton! Be sure to Spend it All in One Place!

Pimp My Berry! Win a $500 Shopping Spree in the Store this Tuesday, May 1st!

May 1st is approaching, and that means we will be drawing another early bird winner for the Confess your BlackBerry Addiction and WIN Giveaway .

The May 1st Draw is called "Pimp My Berry!" and the prize is a $500 shopping spree in the Store. You pick out the accessories and software you want, and the Crack Team picks up the tab. How sweet is that?

What's it take to enter? All you have to do is become a registered member of If you're already a member, don't worry, your name is in the hat. And if you're not a member, click here to register - it's free and will only take a minute of your time.

You have until midnight April 30th to get registered to win!  The Winner will be announced during the day on May 1st. Good Luck!

BlackBerry 8800 Themes now Available!

BlackBerry 8800 Themes are now available in the CrackBerry Store!

BBTC's popular iBerry theme is available in Black, Blue, and Clownfish designs.

If you haven't yet seen's review of the iBerry 8700 Theme, you will want to check that out. The 8800 Theme has all the same goodness.

More 8800 themes from BBTC are on the way, and in addition to themes we have a whole range of wallpapers and ringtone packs available in the CrackBerry store. Click here to check them out!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the BlackBerry Mom - part 1 - Pink Cases!

With Mother's Day JUST around corner (for those who have forgot it's coming up on Sunday, May 13th), it is time to start thinking Gifts for Mom. While the beauty of flowers as a gift cannot be disputed for the "typical" mom, I'd argue a blackberry use'n and abuse'n mother would MUCH prefer something for her blackberry that's PINK.

The good news for those thinking about buying a pink blackberry accessory for mom is that there is no shortage out there. The bad news? You may have a tough decision ahead of you to just pick out one item (so buy many items and let her rotate them!).

For part one of Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the BlackBerry Mom we'll start with 5 PINK Cases:

Name: Naztech Boa H5
Description: The Naztech Boa case for the blackberry combines beauty that mom is going to love with functionality by utilizing superior materials and workmanship.
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry 7100g, BlackBerry 7100i, BlackBerry 7100r, BlackBerry 7100t, BlackBerry 7105t, BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7130
Big Photo: Click Here
Cost: $24.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

Name: Naztech Sport Pouch Case
Description: Whether mom is skiing the slopes, riding the trail, running at the gym, or jogging down to the coffee shop, the Naztech Sport line will provide her with maximum protection for her blackberry.
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry 7100g, BlackBerry 7100i, BlackBerry 7100r, BlackBerry 7100t, BlackBerry 7105t, BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7130e, BlackBerry Pearl 8100
Big Photo: Click Here
Cost: $34.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

Name: BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Skin
Description: The rubberized exterior guarantees mom a sure grip, protecting all corners of her Pearl against bumps and scratches. It will also help prevent mom's berry from sliding across her car's dashboard or other slick or angled surfaces. And it's PINK!
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry Pearl 8100
Cost: $9.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

Name: BlackBerry Leather Pouch
Description: If your mom is the practical type, this handy and well-designed case will keep her berry protected at all times. It guards against slips, scratches, and wear and tear, so she can pop it in her briefcase or pocket without thinking twice.
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry 7210, BlackBerry 7230, BlackBerry 7250, BlackBerry 7270, BlackBerry 7280, BlackBerry 7290
Cost: $19.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

Name: Naztech Caimen 5A
Description: The exact crocodile pattern has been etched on premium quality skins resulting in a surface that requires an expert to tell the difference between the genuine crocodile skin leather and the faux crocodile leather. Feel free to tell your mom it cost 5x more than you paid - she'll never know and we won't tell!
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7130e
Cost: $34.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

Is your Mom sporting an 8700? Check out the Mobi Products Crystal Case in Pink!

Does your mom Destroy BlackBerries? She might need an Otterbox - check out our review!

Stay Tuned for more Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the BlackBerry Mom. Next up - Pink Headsets!

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition coming to Sprint

Our friends at Sprint have set up a website for the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition to let us know it will be available in July. Such a tease!

Talk about the 8830 Sprint site in the CrackBerry forums!

Verizon/BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

Following yesterday's RIM/Verizon announcement of the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, we're pleased to show you an image of this sweet-looking device. I can't wait to get my hands on one!

Talk about the 8830 in the CrackBerry Forums WAP Site Gets Even Better! has been online now for nearly two months (seems like we have been around forever doesn't it?) and while we have accomplished a lot on our way to establishing the #1 site for BlackBerry users on the web, the Crack Team still has a lot of items left to check off on the To Do list.

But I'm happy to announce we checked one more item off the list yesterday with further improvents to the BlackBerry-friendly version of When you visit on your berry, you can now view all of the news and blog posts that are featured on the main website (in either text-only or with-image versions). 

This improvement follows last week's long-awaited addition of the WAP friendly version of the CrackBerry forums. Add these recent improvents to our existing berry-friendly store (that features tons of software downloads (with lots of free trials!)) and our massive link directory (that features hundreds of links to all the best mobile sites for viewing on your berry), and is the only url you need to remember and the first place to go when firing up your mobile browser (actually, if you just type in it should redirect you to the wap site, but incase it ever doesn't, you know the full url).

And if you don't like typing in URLS, you can download our Desktop Launcher from the wap site so you're never more than one click away from us.

Stay tuned for further Happy Gilmore said to Shooter McGavin, "We've Only Just Begun".

Confessions of a Young CrackBerry Addict

The following was posted in the CrackBerry Forums in the Confess Your BlackBerry Addiction thread by a young member of community. I thought it would make a nice post to get the weekend started. In fact, I think I'm going to get a new blog category created on this site called "CrackBerry Confessions" and we'll post some of the best stories we hear in the forums to it regularly.

Reasons I'm a CrackBerry
by member Businessceo1

I have a million reasons why I'm a CrackBerry, this is just a start: 

  • I was on my blackberry all through Church
  • I'm on it at work, between food orders (KFC)
  • I was Suspended from school for refusing to give it to teacher, after being caught using it during her Spanish class.
  • I fall asleep with it in my hands
    • and end up falling asleep much later because of it
  •  I find women blackberry users extremely attractive
  • I tend to have more respect for people who have blackberries
  • I'm in love with the LED light (Green or Red)
  • It has become my 7th finger, even when off
  • Longest distance without it was to the bathroom from my bedroom
  • I get mad, and ready to fight when some asks "is it a game?" or says "that thing"
  • It takes me twice as long to eat, because I won't put it down

Any of these sounds like you? I'm not 100% sure what a 7th finger is (I thought I had 10 to begin with??), but you definitely can't argue with his finding women blackberry users to be extremely attractive!! Anyways, I thought that was pretty good for a young CrackBerry Addict who still has so many years ahead of him to further fuel his BlackBerry addiction.

And speaking of BlackBerry Addictions, if you haven't registered yet for our Confess Your BlackBerry Addiction and WIN Giveaway , you had better get on it. You still have three big chances to win. May 1st we are drawing for the "Pimp my Berry" prize, which is $500 credit in the store which you can put towards software and accessories to take your Berry to the next level. And on June 1st we are having our Grand Prize Draw, the winner of which will receive $2,000 towards either "Getting Some Rehab" (a weekend vacation to getaway from your BlackBerry) or "Getting a Fix" (put that cash towards Berry stuff!).

To get in on the draw, all you have to do is become a Registered Member of Once you're a member, you can give yourself an additional chance to win by telling us your best CrackBerry Addiction story. We have a panel of judges who are going to go through the confessions on June 1st and the best Confession will get a "special" prize (trust us, it will be good!).

Have a great weekend! 

JOB FLASH: BlackBerry Engineer wanted at AeroPrise, Inc.

AeroPrise Inc., based out of Mountain View, California, is seeking a BlackBerry Engineer to join their company. AeroPrise is an emerging leader in the HOT sector of enterprise wireless. Click Here for Full Job Details.

Have a BlackBerry job to fulfill? Post it now on the Job Board

R.I.M. Steps Forward with Reason for BlackBerry Failure

It looks like the Men with BlackBerries have finally come forward and offered an explanation for the Great BlackBerry Outage of 2007.

The cause? It was the installation of an insufficiently tested piece of software that set off a chain reaction through RIM's systems which quickly escalated into leaving five million BlackBerry users in North America without wireless email and web applications. Talk about forcing CrackBerry Addicts to quit cold turkey!

As earlier reported, the problem did indeed develop at RIM's network operations center which processes every e-mail message that travels to or from every BlackBerry in North America.

RIM said that the defective software was intended to improve the operation of the BlackBerry handling system’s cache. RIM did not believe the upgrade would turn into the mess that unfolded. Instead of improving operations, the upgrade “triggered a compounding series of interaction errors” between the cache and the database that is used to track operations. I would hate to be the guy who flipped the switch that made this all happen. (Note: if anybody at RIM is out of a job over this, be sure to send us an email - we'd gladly hire you to report/write for!).

It seems things then went from bad to worse. When the company determined that the database and the cache were not functioning properly, it attempted to switch to a backup system, by activating a "failover process" which of course then failed. "The failover process did not fully perform to R.I.M.’s expectations and therefore caused further delay in restoring service."
While RIM now says the system "continues to operate normally," it also noted that the company had not yet completed its analysis of the failure or fully developed a way to avoid it in the future.

"Proper analysis can take several days or longer and RIM’s commitment is to provide the most accurate and complete information possible in such situations." The company did confirm that the fault was not related to "core software infrastructure," hardware, a security breach or a lack of capacity.

I've already forgiven the Men with BlackBerries for the little hiccup in service. I'm just glad to have my BlackBerry up and running. But comes on Boys, lets make sure it doesn't happen again! 

North America Service Update from RIM

Here's a screen capture of RIM's North America Service Update that went out to BlackBerry Customers. We used our cleverness to make sure we stay on RIM's good side - we are not republishing the announcement, we are merely linking to a picture sent to us by a member that may contain some words of interest for our loyal and growing readership. 

Image courtesy of

Massive BlackBerry System Failure

Updated: Since approximately 7:15pm EST last night, reports have been coming in that Research in Motion is suffering a major outage all over the United States. Initial reports thought the problem was with local carriers, but as the issue has begun to unfold it is becoming clear that the problem lies within RIM's data network.

In addition to U.S. carriers, Rogers in Canada has been affected as well. In some cases users  are reporting they cannot send/receive email, access BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, or access the web or their service books. BlackBerry messaging seems to still be working, and some users seem to be exceptions to the rule with service still working (though be it slowly or erraticly). I can't even access the WAP site - what a shame!

Thanks to Harvey who got this news to me right away and is staying glued to the story over at his site with updates:

Update, 11:22 pm, EST: There are scattered reports that some users are able to receive mail.

Update, 11:44 pm, EST: Reports indicate that all users of North American based Blackberry Enterprise servers are being affected. This includes users accessing North American BES servers internationally. RIM currently has no estimate on when they will be back online.

Update 12:23 am, EST: Some users claim that email has resumed.

Update 12:48 am, EST: Users who have spoken with RIM tech support are saying that this event started at 7:15 pm, EST. A few T-Mobile users are experiencing an intermittent resumption of email.

Update 2:35 am, EST: WNBC has picked up the story. According to them, “Officials said the problem would carry into the morning. For the moment, RIM officials recommend all who depend on their blackberry as a major way of communication should make some back-up plans.”

Update 7:00 am, EST: System remains down for most users.

Update 9:41am, EST: Some users are reporting that powering the device on and off will get messages flowing. Service still out for most of the United States with sporadic exceptions.

Update 10:15am, EST: CNN Money Reports RIM's email is back up, though some users may experience a delay in receiving messages as the backlog of emails is pushed through. A statement from the RIM said: "A service interruption occurred Tuesday night that affected BlackBerry in North America. E-mail delivery was delayed or intermittent during the service interruption. Root cause is currently under review, but service for most customers was restored overnight and RIM is closely monitoring systems in order to maintain normal service levels," the statement said.

We got on the story within minutes of the issue occuring, which has now been picked up everywhere. Be sure to report your status and talk more more about the BlackBerry System Failure in the forums. Were you affected? Are you back up running yet? History is being made with this one! 

Who is Mobilizing with BlackBerry? Free Video Case Study

Something free to get your Friday started right... in its partnership with TradePub is pleased to offer a Free Video Case Study entitled "Who is Mobilizing with BlackBerry?".

This short video highlights BlackBerry customers in government and SMB using the wireless capabilities of BlackBerry for more than just email applications (and no, they are not using it to play in online poker tournaments!). In this video you will see how "mobility" is being redefined by BlackBerry, including:

  • Where the BlackBerry solution is being used
  • Types of BlackBerry device users
  • Types of applications being used
  • Size of deployments

If you have BlackBerries in your organization you will want to watch this video. You might just unlock some ideas to take things to the next level!

Watch the Video Here!

Image Courtesy of I just started playing with a Nintendo Wii this week. The addiction is already starting - between CrackBerry Addiction and Wii Addiction I'm in serious trouble! Be sure to have a Great Wiikend!

YouTube Videos On Your BlackBerry

Thanks to the BlackBerry Web Video Generator you can now download and view YouTube clips right on your BlackBerry Pearl or BlackBerry 8800.

The software automatically downloads, converts, and optimizes the videos for play on your berry. The software is easy to install, easy to use, and only costs $20. If you pick it up from the store, use the discount code "SPRING10" and you'll save yourself 10%.

Need a good video to test it out on? Go for the CrackBerry anthem by Jack Benney!!

Vodafone BlackBerry 8300 Spotted!

This came up in the forums yesterday - it seems photos of a BlackBerry 8300 have been spotted on flickr! I guess this means our European Blackberry Addict friends may just be lucky enough to be using 8300s by summer!

Thanks Mr. M for taking the photos - see his 8300 collection here.

A BlackBerry Smartphone You Can't be Without?!

If you're a regular visitor to the site, you probably noticed last week that we made some changes to our main menu. In addition to the cool forums widget at the top right hand corner of the site that pulls the latest action in the forums, we've also introduced two new content areas - Job Board and Publications.

You'll be hearing more about the job board in the days ahead, but today I wanted to highlight our partnership with TradePub, which offers visitors and members the ability to subscribe for FREE to receive Trade Magazine Publications and Technical Whitepaper downloads. The offering is HUGE and covers a wide range of fields, so I guarantee you will find something relevant and worth reading in here. Please do check it out.

And in the meantime, for the BlackBerry Addicts out there, may I recommend checking out the on demand Web Cast Review of the BlackBerry 8800 entitled "A BlackBerry Smartphone You Can't be Without"

Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our Early Bird Winners in the "Confess your BlackBerry Addiction and WIN Giveaway". Member mousie won the "Give Me a Taste" prize of $250USD to spend in the store. Our "Fridays in March"winners each pick up $30USD to spend in the store as well!

We still have two HUGE prizes to giveaway, so if you are not in the contest yet, get CRACK'n. All you have to do is become a registered member of (it's free, and only takes a minute). May 1st we are drawing for the "Pimp my Berry!" prize of $500 spending cash in the store. And on June 1st we have the GRAND PRIZE DRAW of $2,000USD. The money can either go to "Getting a Fix" ($2,000 worth of BlackBerry stuff) or "Getting Some Rehab" ($2,000 towards a Vacation from your BlackBerry getaway).

Check out a picture of the winning ballots after the jump. 

All of the winners are being contacted today, and have 5 days to claim their prize. Any unclaimed prizes will be drawn again. As we get more information on the winner's and the prizes they pick we will update it in the forums.

Congratulations again to the Winners! 

Aliph's Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

This surfaced in the CrackBerry forums late last week, but if you haven't it seen it yet, what you are now looking at is Aliph's new "Jawbone" bluetooth headset. It is VERY cool (unless of course you're a hater of bluetooth headsets in general - then they'll always look strange to you and you'll nevre see the beauty!).

Lots of pictures and a review of the Jawbone can be found at

I've been working on a review of Motorola's H700 headset, which I bought a month ago. The H700 is a slick, smooth operating device, but seeing this almost makes me want to trade up!

Windows Live Search BETA available for BlackBerry

Windows released a BETA version of its Windows Live Search application for BlackBerries this week. Many Windows Mobile users have claimed Live Search as being even better than Google, but I don't think that can be said for the BlackBerry beta version just yet. I downloaded it, but my patience ran out fast when trying to use it (too S L O W). Granted it is still in Beta, so I'll uninstall the app for now and wait for the full release before I make my real judgement call.

At this time, the Live Search app can be downloaded for the United States and the United Kingdom (what - no Canada?!), and most versions of the Berry are supported. 

On your BlackBerry, head to and give it a try.

Your thoughts?