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Order a BlackBerry Priv from CrackBerry Canada and score a free accessory bundle of your choice!

Upgrade yourself to the BlackBerry Priv and take home an accessory bundle to keep it charged and protected at no additional cost.

You heard right, folks. The CrackBerry Canada Store has a bunch of BlackBerry Privs up for grabs right now for the standard price of 899.99 CAD, only this time, you get to choose from 3 bundles that include a protective case and charger for free — making this a pretty awesome value. Let's take a closer look at each bundle and what exactly is included.

Sweet Valentine's Day gifts for the tech lover in your life

Set your significant other up with some awesome tech gifts this Valentine's Day that expand beyond the traditional cards and candy.

Looking for a fun way to surprise the tech lover in your life this Valentine's Day? We're here to help with our unique gift guide that encompasses everything from smart mood lighting and key finders to fitness trackers and amazing speakers.

Great last-minute tech gifts under $50

Time's running out and money is tight, so here are some great last-minute tech gifts up for grabs at reasonable prices!

Whether you've been putting off the struggles of holiday shopping or you just need some amazing stocking stuffers that won't cost an arm and a leg, we're here to help. Even on a budget there are some exciting gifts to consider this year and we've selected 8 of our favorites for just under $50. If you're still in the spirit of doing some research, feel free to check out our extensive 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for a complete breakdown of the best gifts in every category.

Picture perfect holiday gifts for the photographer

Need help finding gifts for the aspiring photographer in your life? We've highlighted a handful that will ensure they never miss that perfect shot.

Taking amazing quality photos and video is easier than ever with the cameras found on today's high end smartphones. There are devices available beyond the stock smartphone shooter that meet the needs for every photographer, whether they be a professional or ameteur. It's up to you to choose what suits your skills. For even more gift ideas for the holiday season, feel free to check out our extensive 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

Tap into the Force with these 12 great Star Wars gifts for the Jedi in your life

Need help finding the perfect Star Wars gift for the holidays? Let's see what the Galaxy has in store for you.

With all the excitement surrounding The Force Awakens many of us are doing our very best to steer clear of spoilers while staying pumped about the latest addition to the Star Wars Saga. Staying in the spirit of things we've highlighted 12 Star Wars gifts worth checking out that are sure to put a smile on the face of that special someone in your life. Go ahead and dive in and may the force be with you!

Top 10 holiday gifts for the movie nut

Make how you watch your favorite movies and TV shows better than ever before with these great gifts for the movie nut.

There's been talk of this being the golden age of television, but it's also a golden time for those that love movies. Not necessarily because there are great movies out there (there are, no doubt), but because it's never been easier to watch our favorite TV shows and movies. Combine large high-resolution screens on smartphones, speedy LTE connections, and services that stream our entertainment straight from the cloud, the options are nearly limitless. Check out some of our favorite products that can make your entertainment experience comfortable for everyone on the couch or find more amazing gifts in our extensive 2015 Holiday Gift Guide that expand beyond the home theater setup.

The best music gifts to amp up the holiday season

Need help finding gifts that provide amazing audio? Check out what's hot this holiday season and surprise the music guru in your life.

With so much music available right at our fingertips there's never been a better time to listen to our favorite artists and songs from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Amazing quality audio isn't as easy to come by, however, especially when you're trying to sift through thousands of portable speakers and headphones to find what sounds best and fits comfortably. We've highlighted a handful of products that are definitely worth considering as a gift for yourself or even your fellow audiophile. And, if your search expands beyond the realm of audio, check out our extensive 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for plenty more exciting gifts for the holiday season.

The best gifts for kids this holiday season

Sometimes Santa needs a little help picking out the best gifts for those on his nice list. Don't fret — we've got you covered.

No one's more excited about the holidays than our kids, and with all the amazing toys to choose from the selection can become overwhelming. We've narrowed down some cool gifts to consider this year that will be a hit with any kid for the holidays. And, if you need help shopping for other friends and family members feel free to check out our extensive 2015 Holiday Gift Guide that covers our absolute favorite gadgets.

Lights, cameras, thermostats — The top home automation gifts for this holiday season

Give the gift of home automation this holiday season with any of these excellent options that will switch your home into smart mode.

Need some gift ideas for that special someone who's all about automating their home? Whether it's a smart thermostat, camera, door lock, or light bulbs, this comprehensive guide highlights some great products to consider that are user-friendly and fun to use. If you're interested in checking out some of our top picks that expand beyond the home automator, check out our extensive 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Gamer

Need to find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life? This helpful guide should point you in all the right directions.

Gaming is no longer the TV-tethered experience that it once was. Now mobile gaming and the latest gen consoles rock amazing technology and high-end graphics to enjoy whether you're a part-time gamer or an adventure addict. This year there are plenty of exciting gaming gifts worth checking out for that special someone, so go ahead and dive right in to see what's hot this holiday season. If you're interested in checking out some of our top gifts that expand beyond gaming, check out our extensive 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

CrackBerry's Huge Holiday Sale: 25% off accessories through December 2

Skip the mayhem of shopping for accessories in person, pour yourself some eggnog and enjoy your holiday shopping experience with us here at CrackBerry.

Shopping during the holidays can be hectic; and this year we've decided to make it easier than ever to pick up the perfect gift for that special someone. We're combining Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday into one huge sale where you can save 25% on all accessories available at ShopCrackBerry. There's an incredible selection of items to consider for popular devices including the BlackBerry Classic, Z30, Passport, Priv, and many more.

ShopCrackBerry now has BlackBerry Priv accessories up for pre-order!

Ready to accessorize your new BlackBerry Priv? We've got cases, chargers, and plenty more right here at ShopCrackBerry!

Last week we announced that CrackBerry Canada had BlackBerry Priv accessories up for grabs and now our US store, ShopCrackBerry has everything you need for your new device. All accessories are backed by a 60-day warranty and there's free shipping on orders over $50 within the continental US. Let's get a closer look at what's available.

BlackBerry Priv accessories are now available at CrackBerry Canada

Sync pods, chargers, hard cases, and flip cases — it's all here for your BlackBerry Priv at CrackBerry Canada.

Planning on scooping up a BlackBerry Priv? Check out these OEM Priv accessories available at CrackBerry Canada including flip cases, hard cases, sync pods, and more. Everything's backed by a 60-day warranty and there's free shipping on most orders over CAD 50. Let's take a peek at what's available, shall we?

Save $15 when you pre-order the Trident Aegis Case for BlackBerry Classic

Here's how you can score the new BlackBerry Classic Aegis Case for only $19.99 — that's 15 bucks off the retail price!

The fine folks over at Trident are offering our loyal readers a chance to save $15 when you pre-order the heavy duty Aegis Case for BlackBerry Classic from ShopCrackBerry. How protective is it? For starters, it meets military standards and packs both a shock absorbent TPU layer with a smooth polycarbonate exterior shell that are both degradable, compostable, and recyclable. It's got port plugs to keep out dirt and other debris, too.

Save 43% today on this durable belt clip holster for the AT&T Passport

This spring clip holster keeps your device clipped in tight, no matter the hustle and bustle. Just snap it to your belt, pants or bag and pop in your device. The top spring clip is extremely tough and provides quick-release access when you need to answer a call, text or email. Yours today for only $16.95!

Save 33% today on this leather holster for the BlackBerry Classic

Featuring a secure magnetic closure, this leather holster from Turtleback keeps your BlackBerry Classic safe from scratches and impacts while conveniently at your side. The rear belt clip is fixed to the case and is great for any belt or simply on your pocket. Get yours on sale today for just $23.95!

Save over 50% today on this 2-pack of screen protectors for BlackBerry Q10

Truprotection has utilized the highest grade materials and cutting-edge technology to create a screen film worthy of protecting your BlackBerry Q10. Equipped with a high-gloss crystal finish, specially formulated for the display, installation is simple with an innovative static cling adhesive and a precise die-cut fit. Yours today for only $8.95!

Save 45% today on this hard case and holster for BlackBerry Z30

Both the durable hard case and holster of this Amzer combo feature an easy-grip texture that helps keep drops to a minimum. There's complete access to the ports and buttons while the cover is worn, and the belt clip rotates for a convenient fit for any situation. Get yours today for only $9.95!

Get a BlackBerry Classic Sync Pod on sale today for just $19.95!

Designed to compliment your office desk, nightstand or even kitchen counter, this sync pod is small in size but easy to manage. Including a BlackBerry micro-USB cable that plugs into the back of the pod, you can sync up to your laptop, desktop PC or use it with your existing USB wall adapter. And, with its removable tray, it even works with most cases for the Classic.

Save 33% today on this leather holster for BlackBerry Passport

This beautifully crafted leather case is made specifically for your BlackBerry Passport and features a secure magnetic closure and a fixed belt clip on the back. The interior sports a soft lining that ensures the body and display of your Passport stays protected from scuffs and scratches. Get yours on the cheap today — only $23.95!