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Articles by Bla1Ze

Ascarii-Get Your BlackBerry In Gear!

Elecite/eVeek launched this new theme a little while back now, but I just had it get it up in the blogs... those who like car-styled themes will really appreciate this one. Ascarii is styled in red and black colors and looks great, especially on a Bold (Rogers Bolds have red keys) and the chrome in the theme matches that of the frets between the rows of keys on the keyboard as well. You can...

Bla1ze's Picks! BlackBerry Media Roundup 024

2008 is long gone folks! 2009 is off to a great start for all of us around here at CrackBerry. Lots of stuff is planned for the CrackBerry Nation in the coming months as the community keeps growing. One thing I have noticed in the past year is that many more BlackBerry users are starting to utilize the media functionality of their devices and columns such as this one are gonna be used to help...

The Funny Side Of Obama's BlackBerry Predicament!

Ronen over at BerryReview noticed this, but everyone knows of President Elect Obama's predicament with him wanting to keep his BlackBerry (who could blame him?) throughout his presidency. It just seems as though those pesky advisors of his are still going after him about getting rid of the device he loves so dear, even going so far as to try and force him to use some crazy Windows Mobile...

T-mobile 8900 Pricing And Launch Date for Biz Customers!

The T-Mobile 8900 saga continues as the day of February 11th may seem miles away for those who have waited this long for the device to show up. Now we have heard on many occasions that business customers are going to get an early launch of this device on January 19th. But what we have not heard is any sort of indication on pricing for said business customers, untill now that is.Corporate...

Introducing DroidBerry for the BlackBerry Bold

Now this is some awesome stuff we got going on here! Jason Calhoun dropped by the forums yesterday to let the CrackBerry Nation know about his hottest new theme for the BlackBerry Bold. I have to say I’m blown away by this one - the time he spent on DroidBerry really shows. Styled of course after the Android mobile operating system, this theme looks sharp, with 5 homescreen icons that are...

Get Tiltris Game, Free For BlackBerry Storm!

Time to show all you Storm owners out there some love of course! found this interesting game floating around on GetJar. As seen in the video it's basically Tetris with a twist, quite literally. Tiltris makes use of the Storm's built in accelerometer and looks like it will have you twisting, turning and ...umm... in my case, cussing in no time. You can grab the download from...

BeamReader For BlackBerry Moves Out Of Beta!

I got an email yesterday letting me know BeamReader has now moved out of beta. SLG Mobile (formerly BeamBerry Solutions), which recently was a part of the BlackBerry Cool 15 and got offers from the BlackBerry Partners Fund has released version 1.0 of their amazing PDF reader application. What sets this apart from other PDF applications is its great ability to render PDF files directly on...

Have any of you out there ever found yourself copy and pasting URLs or phone numbers directly from BlackBerry Messenger and either inputting them in your web browser or adding them to your contacts? I know I have for sure and often wondered why they were not converted to hyperlinks and creating menu items for phone functionality. Well, long time friend of CrackBerry, Stinsonddog has the...

BlackBerry On Fido Getting Closer!

Sure we have seen it before, we've even seen the BlackBerry roadmap for Fido most recently, but it seems that day is getting closer and closer now. According to BGR the parent company of Fido, being Rogers wireless has finally given in to user demand and are now getting ready to launch their BlackBerry devices and are currently in the process of getting all their CSR's trained up on their...

Poynt Now Available For Curve 8900 And Pearl Flip 8220!

We have covered this great application before, even giving it a thorough review to let you all know what it's about. Personally, I have no qualms in saying this is one of my favorite applications for my BlackBerry. After having got my 8900 though I was rather disappointed Poynt didn't work on it. No worries though, as Poynt has now been updated to accomodate BlackBerry Curve 8900 and...

Colorware Now Ready For Your Storms!

It was only a matter of time before this option became available and for some maybe it took too long. But yesterday's word that ColorWare should bring a smile to all you Storm owners faces if you are down with some serious customization of your device. ColorWare is now able to take your Storm to the next level by adding your selected splash of color, be it Cobalt Blue or Ferrari Red or as...

BlackBerry Theme Central's Blowout Sale!!

WooHoo! I love these kinds of posts. Got an email from Shayne today from BlackBerry Theme Central, letting me know of a big sale they got going on for all of their themes. Bold, Curve, Pearl whatever,all on sale for the next 2 weeks for only $2 a pop!! That's a deal no one can refuse really, especially with all the new themes BlackBerry Theme Central has been turning out. Everyone is bound to...

XBerry Live for Blackberry!

I know for a fact a lot of BlackBerry addicts out there are also hardcore gamers, whether it be Xbox, PS3, Wii or PC games such as WoW (yeah, I went there!). This application is for all you Xbox Live fans that wanna keep track of it all on the go. With XBerry Live! You have all the access you want to Xbox live stats, online status, gamer pictures, avatars, latest games, achievements, and more...

New Ice Blue Theme For Your Bold From Visto Themes!

So the holidays are now over and I'm sure some of you out there got shiny new Bolds for Christmas. No better way to give it some love then to grab a nice new theme from Visto Themes. Corey has released "Ice Blue" this time around and with the unique stylings on this one it's sure to please. The icons look great and really stand out on the white background and have great transitions when...

Curve 8900 Replica Theme - For 83xx/88xx 4.3/4.5!

Sure the BlackBerry Curve 8900 has been launched in a few countries already. But for those of you who are not interested in importing the device from another country but are still patiently waiting with your BlackBerry Curve 83XX or 88XX devices in hand, CrackBerry forums member tom1l21 has just the fix for you all! His Curve 8900 replica theme willl either increase your want for the next gen...

SlingPlayer Mobile Beta for BlackBerry Finally Available!

After a fairly lengthy wait for its release, it has finally arrived and now the fun begins for all you SlingBox owners out there. Provided you have one of the supported devices and a SlingBox you can now take advantage of a free 30 day trial of Sling Mobile for BlackBerry and if ya dig it enough you can get all the service you want for $29.99. A quick look through the forums shows a lot of...

Yahoo!Go Updated For Your Bold!

I'm positive some of you out there use this application for a great deal of things and I'm pretty glad myself to see that it has been updated for the BlackBerry Bold. Yahoo!Go is what I would refer to as an "integration application" as it wants to be your one stop shop for everything and pulls it off quite nicely after many upgrades to how it functions. Boasting what Yahoo calls "widgets"...

Storm 9520 And 3G Pearl 8200 Flip Heading To Rogers!

Well isn't this a nice little piece of information to wake up to on Christmas morning. Seems that while we were all sleeping, Clearskies08 was leaving us all a nice present from our friendly neighborhood Rogers/Fido reps upcoming handset presentation. That's right folks, what you are seeing above is a pic of the 9520 Storm which will soon be available on Rogers in Canada. This device will...

Track Santa Via Your BlackBerry!!

Continuing a tradition that started in 1955 when a Colorado Springs newspaper mistakingly printed NORAD's phone number in an ad and a child called the number asking the whereabouts of Santa Clause, NORAD will once again be tracking Santa for all of us patiently waiting for the big guy to arrive. Things will be a little bit different this year though as NORAD and Google have teamed up to bring...

New Cross Bar Extreme And Platinum Series Themes!

CrossBar Extreme   Platinum Series Not one, but two (three if you include the versions lol) sweet new themes have been released by JC Designs - recently for the Bold. The first one being CrossBar eXtreme (video) which is an amazing theme that has a whopping 19 user customizable icons for the homescreen. Seriously, I can't think of any reason while using this theme...