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Planned Outages For BIS 2.7 Upgrade Tonight!

BlackBerry Internet Service 2.7 will be rolling out 6/26 11 PM- 6/27 3 AM throughout the US, Canada and finally the Americas. Customers will not have access to their BIS accounts during the 4 hour maintenance window which will bring new features and services to BlackBerry devices, although this upgrade when looking at the changes list is rather incremental and appears to be more of a maintenance release then an actual upgrade.

[ Dataoutages / Yester18 ]

Bplay $0.99 Cent Themes And Games Sale!!

bPlay has an awesome sale going on at the moment where select themes and games are currently on sale for $0.99 cents. bPlay offers a lot of great themes and games and you may find that some of you favorites are now on sale be sure to check it out as the sale ends 11:59 ET on June 28th. Read on for the full list of themes and games on sale.

Wallpaper Changer 1.0 Launch And Contest!

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy of Wallpaper Changer... 100 Free Copies to be Won!

CrackBerry forums member Shao128 has just released version 1.0 of his wallpaper changer appllication which can change your device's wallpaper at timed intervals using whatever wallpapers you assign. Great for those who like to keep things fresh looking on their device! The app requires OS 4.7, so works on the Storm and will work on devices like the 9630 (if you for some reason happen to have one) and should work with other devices as 5.0 rolls out.

In honor of its launch Shao128 has cut the price down to $1.99 from the $2.99 original price (no coupon required) up until July 1st and to give you all some love back he has also set us up with 100 free copies to be given away to the CrackBerry Nation. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post for your chance to win. Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST. Remember  - OS 4.7 minimum OS is required for this one folks!

Elecite BlackBerry Theme Blowout Sale!

Been holding out on a sexy new theme because of the cost? Well in honor of the upcoming fourth of July Elecite is having a blow out sale on all themes. Grab one theme, get another for free just by using coupon code 241 at checkout. That's it... as simple as it can be! So what are ya waiting for? Head on over to Elecite and get your theme on. Valid through the 25th and 26th only folks.

RealPlayer SP Beta Converts Video for BlackBerry

While attending WES this year one of the vendors in the Solution Showcase was indeed Real Media. When I went to go check them out I was given a great demo on a BlackBerry Storm of an (at the time) unreleased application which allowed you to easily and quickly take high quality videos from the internet (Youtube, Yahoo etc) and automatically convert and transfer them to your BlackBerry all within one or two clicks. I of course was impressed with the quality of these videos as often times "one click" solutions do not do a great job.

Here we are a few months later and the application shown to me is now ready for download in a beta form, but I'm sure it's much more polished than that. RealPlayer  SP and it's premium paid version RealPlayer SP Plus are great options for those who wish to have their favorite internet videos on the go. With support for multiple mobile devices (not just BlackBerry) this could be a multi-purpose tool for you too have. Currently only supported by Windows users however, Real Media has stated Mac Versions are on the way.

[ BBCool ]

Freddy Falling Now Avail. On 83xx Series Devices

A little while back Kevin checked out a game from Lone Dwarf games, the awesome Freddy Falling. When first introduced it was only available for the BlackBerry Storm. Good news - I'm pleased to say it is now also available for the BlackBerry Curve (4.5). More good news - Freddy Falling is currently on sale for only $1.99 up until June 30th (no coupon required). Be sure to check it out if you have a Storm or BlackBerry Curve (4.5) because the game is super addictive.

Yatca - Updated With New Features

Everyone has their favorite Twitter application they like to use and Yatca is one of the ones I'm seeing more and more of on my Twitter stream, so many of you all out there may be interested in knowing that Yatca has indeed been updated. For those of you who have never used Yatca before, it's never too late to try it out.

While Yatca has received many bug fixes since its initial launch the developers have been listening to user demands as well and putting them into action. The updated list of features this time around is extensive. Some key things stick out, such as the ability to mark/unmark favorites within the app, geotagging of your uploaded pictures and the best feature in my opinion is the ability to "pause" tweets from going to your BlackBerry which is great when at your PC using Twitter - you'll no longer get tweets on your PC and on your BlackBerry at the same time -- awesome. I have a feeling we'll see that function pop up into other twitter clients in no time. Check out the new Yatca today if you are running 4.6+ OS.

BlueBerry Pie, Strawberry Cake Yummy Themes

Zach The Zman hit me up on Twitter the other day to let me know about two new themes he had in the works. As with all of Zach's work I was excited to see what he had in store for us all and I'm happy to report back that his new themes, sound and look yummy.

BlueBerry Pie and StrawBerry Cake are two nice themes you really don't wanna miss out on and are available for all devices. Four customizable homescreen icons and today screen integration top these themes off for sure. Be sure to check out the videos for each as well to see them in action. Both are available for $5/ each.

The iPhone 3GS - Now With More Old Features!

Ahh, the new iPhone 3GS seems to have had a little bit of an identity crisis with its launch. First it was the iPhone 3G S, now Apple is scrambling to fix their branding all to say iPhone 3GS and while RIM plays name games with the BlackBerry loyalists with codenames such as Niagara, Onyx, Driftwood, etc. they at least (not yet anyways!) launch a product then scramble to correct their own branding of said product.

In any event here is a little poke at the new "iPhone 3GS" from CollegeHumor. Big thanks to all who sent this one in. Now what I wanna know is, who out there gets their "Wicky-Wicky" on? Don't lie, we won't judge you, promise!

Poynt Now AvailableTo UK Users

A few days ago we got a nice little email from the good folks over at Poynt. They brought us some great news for all those living in the UK. Poynt has been localized for UK residents and is now available fo download via their site. You can search local businesses, people and check movie times even view movie trailers all from your device and many more great features such as restaurant reservations from your device are planned in the months ahead.

Other features of this great application include:

  • GPS functionality has been optimized to provide faster accurate locates.
  • Cell-site locates allow Poynt to quickly access a user’s general location while awaiting a GPS lock.
  • Poynt is fully integrated with both BlackBerry Maps and Google Maps.
  • Poynt integrates with Gokivo Navigator to provide turn-by-turn voice navigation.
  • Users can add frequently accessed listings to their BlackBerry Contact List, providing convenience for future lookups

You can visit on your BlackBerry's web browser to download the latest copy.

BBFileScout 1.0 Released

We had a look at BBFileScout before here on CrackBerry and I have been using it ever since. The application to me really is one of those "must have" apps that a power user needs. Aside from being a great file explorer for your device, the multiple functions built-in are great, being able to zip/unzip files directly on device and email them is great, being able to create playlists, edit file attributes, search and do so much more is great.

It hands-down beats RIM's built-in file explorer, and good news-- BBFileScount has been updated to version 1.0 and is now no longer a beta application, so go grab it today. It's donationware, so really it costs you exactly what you think the app is worth to you but be fair folks, this really is a great application. If you use it, donate, and hopefully more great apps will get made this way. And if you haven't figured it out yet... yes, I think BBFileScount is GREAT. :)

Professional Precision Plus Today Theme

A lot of people like the original themes that actually come default on their BlackBerry devices but wish they had just a little more, such as a today plus section. Sadly, RIM decided to leave the today plus versions of themes off of their newer devices so that leaves us relying on professional theme designers such a Hedone Hawker over at Hedone designs to fill the void we all now have.

Hedone has just completed his latest Precision Today Plus theme, which stays true to the original themes but adds that awesome today section that everyone wants. You can grab this theme for $1.99 from the Shop CrackBerry Store today and is available for 8900, 9000, and Storm devices.

New Tweeteev Twitter App Coming Soon?

In the slew of Twitter applications that have been launched so far, a new challenger appears--Kind of. Tweeteev is not set for launch as of yet but a rather omnious website and sign up page has been set up and is now accepting email addresses to let users know when it is available. The above screen shot is all we have to go on for now although the sneak peek sure does look interesting that's for sure. Check it out and sign up if getting in on another Twitter application is your thing.

[ G Style Magazine

Microsoft Bringing Bing To Mobiles?

Bing has been unwrapped for a while now and so far has done quite well for it's self up against Google. But it wouldn't be Microsoft if they didn't have some mobile aspirations for Bing considering Windows Mobile is still a big seller in the mobile world.

IStartedSomething [via] has given up some pics of what is reported to be the mobile Bing client for Windows devices, hopefully to replace Live Search. But the mobile versions are said to not be stopping with Windows Mobile and will indeed be moving into BlackBerry and Verizons BREW enabled devices as well. Windows Live search on BlackBerry is kind of cool, a lot of people I know use it, so Bing on BlackBerry is not such a stretch by any means, would you all use it?

[ WMExperts ]

MediaFly Beta For BlackBerry!

Here is an interesting new beta application for BlackBerry devices that was brought to my attention by the lovely Alli Flowers. This application has long been available on the iPhone but this time around MediaFly has put their efforts towards BlackBerry development and for a beta application I walked away quite impressed.

Using the MediaFly website you can find a ton of Podcasts readily available to subscribe to as well as add your own just in case it's not listed. Once subscribed all podcasts chosen will sync up with your device and then become available there to listen to on the go. Very cool and very promising as far as podcast applications on BlackBerry go, this one is off to a great start. 

Being a beta application I did run into a few issues with it, nothing that hasn't happened with a lot of other applications, but it refuses to play podcasts unless your APN is set correctly -- not a big deal at all. Be sure to check it out and remember if you do have other issues arise, send feedback, beta applications only get better if users send feedback.

Later Dude- Call Back Reminder Application

FabianMH is at work again. His last awesome application was Force Radio On and this time around he has rolled out "Later Dude", a great little utility application which allows you to set a reminder with notes into your calendar to call someone back just in case you forget, I personally have a bad habit of forgetting to call people back (yes, I have an ex wife) at times so this is perfect for me.

Support for all devices is included with this one and be sure to check out the instructions for after installation, while simple the application will not work correctly unless followed.

Thesaurus Applications For BlackBerry

Just the other day while engaged in some interesting conversation on BlackBerry Messenger with a close friend I found myself a little short on words. At which point I began thinking that having a built in device thesauraus would be a great idea for RIM to add into their OS.

Now while the thought of a built in Thesaurus may be a good one, there are many options already available as third party applications for BlackBerry devices, most of which come with free trials to allow you to decide which may be the best for you. Some store the files directly to your SD Card while others can utilize your device memory, personally I would go with one that utilizes your SD Card as we all know device memory is short on some BlackBerry devices. I'm still currently testing some out for my own personal use but if you find yourself short on words at times, you may wanna check out the selection as well.

BlackBerry Messenger On Your Desktop?

The applications pictured above all have one thing in common except one. They all have desktop applications available for install. So, I have to ask, how many of you all out there would like to see an application developed for your desktop that would allow you to use your BlackBerry Messenger on your desktop? Think about it. There have been a lot of times while sitting at my PC where I have spent more time talking on my BlackBerry Messenger then actually utilizing my PC, which is right there in front of me.

Official OS Releases From AT&T And Rogers

More and more we are seeing OS updates come faster from certain carriers, more so from the larger carriers which in all reality could be a good trend to get into as they typically are very slack in this department. This time around Rogers and AT&T have released some updates for specific devices. Check out the list below:

[ BlackBerryRocks! ]

Network Selection for AT&T Bold Now On OS

This is a rather interesting find by kav in the CrackBerry forums. Previously any OS you installed on AT&T BlackBerry Bolds never "unlocked" the network selection mode option on those devices, but with the release of on CSL that option is now available to all AT&T Bold owners.

Some of you may be asking why this is so important. Well, for those who may be in a not so hot area for 3G can now set their device to a 2G setting in turn saving your battery life, allowing better call quality and having applications even run better. Having your device working in an area that has weak 3G causes the device to constantly be searching for a better 3G signal even though it may never find it when their is a perfectly fine 2G signal that it could attach too. In short, it causes less stress on your device, it's a good option to have.