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Articles by Bla1Ze

Pageonce Now Offers Up Reduced Pricing!

I love Pageonce, I really do. I gave you all the heads up on this great application before and thought we should take another look at it because their latest announcement is about the cost of Pageonce, which some of you out there felt was a little on the high side for what they were offering. Set aside any of your previous thoughts on Pageonce due to its pricing because Pageonce is now...

Vayyoo's vPost, Sheds Whole New Light On Email!

This Crackberry nation, is something I have been waiting a long time for. Ever since it debuted over at BlackBerryCool I have wanted, neigh NEEDED is a better word in this case. Back then though it was basically still under the testing phases in which BlackBerryCool made good use of it to bring their readers all the news from CTIA direct from the showroom floor. vPost, is a on device...

BlackBerry Master Control Program Updated!

We've covered this amazing application before here on the CrackBerry blogs. So when I realized there was a fresh new update out for it I felt compelled to inform you all about it as this update brings a lot of nice changes with it. My favorite being the fact that it now plays nice with Windows 7 Beta, lol..funny a beta that plays nice with a beta, sweet! Check out the changes below and be...

RIM Updates All IM Applications!

RIM has quietly released updates for all their instant messaging clients to version 2.1.42. I find this rather funny since it seems like only a few weeks ago that they had updated them to 2.1.41 but as always seems to be the case with RIM application releases, their was no change log provided, nor any real announcement for it either. Now hopefully there are some changes within these...

Streamline Your Storm, Bold And 8900!

Ohhh yeahh! I have been looking for the perfect theme for my Storm, nothing to flashy, just a nice, organized, functional theme to set the device off. And Boom, Jason Calhoun reaches out to me to let me know he has made Streamline available for Storm, Bold and 8900 series devices so I loaded each version on to their aforementioned models and had a look, instant love for this theme all...

That's What She Said Application Now Available!

Having just gotten my BlackBerry Storm 2 days ago I have been going through and testing applications like crazy to see what would work as expected and what I quite possibly may need to find alternatives for, so far, so good not many apps out there that I will need to "replace" so to speak, Awesome!  This application though, is strictly for the laughs. I was crusing the CrackBerry forums...

QuickLaunch Now Available For Bold And Curve 8900!

One of my favorite applications on my Storm has gotten a nice little update over the past few days, QuickLaunch which has got to be one of the best applications out there now has included support for the Bold and Curve 8900, seriously if you have not had a chance to check QuickLaunch out, what are you waiting for? It will make your life so much easier and really should be a core...

Get In On The WES '09 Early Bird Discounts!

Planning on heading to WES '09? Crackberry will be there to take in all the news that RIM has to offer and considering WES is one of the biggest shows for RIM, allowing them to shine at their fullest, it's gonna be a blast. A lot of anticipation has been built up for this show and well, has been since '08's show shut down. Now is the time if you are wanting to get in on the action as you'...

Bold OS Leaked Online!

Seems the beta's just keep on coming these days (BerryReview spotted this one), not that I'm complaining as it shows RIM is working towards fixing everything to the way it should be but having a Storm, Bold and 8900 I'm keeping busy just having to update them, I think RIM really just needs to lay into it and give us all "The One", the one OS to rule them all, lmao! What do ya's say?...

Schlage Wants To Keep You Secure And Give You A Berry!

We have covered the Schlage LiNK here at CrackBerry before back when CES was under way - in case you need a refresher on what it does the video above gives many examples of the great uses for it. But it doesn't stop there... be sure to check out all the uses at the Schlage LiNK product tour site. This is one tool which I would absolutely LOVE to have in my house, not just for the safety...

Speed Test Your BlackBerry Storm's Internet Connection!

Now we all know of Wireless carriers claims for their networks, wether it be the claim to be the "fastest 3G network" out there or heck even now they been using "the largest 3G network" in the world. Ever want to know just how fast it really is though? I know I have for sure. And just like I test my home internet connection, BlackBerry Storm and iPhone users can now test their WiFi and...

BeeJiveIM One Week Sale!

This is one heck of a deal BeeJiveIM has going on here. We have covered BeeJiveIM on many occasions here at CrackBerry but for those of you out there who may still be unfamiliar with this messaging application, here is a quick run down of functionality: It's a great application that allows you to stay connected to all of your instant messaging buddies simultaneously on AIM, MSN/...

Rogers On Demand TV And Music Service For the Bold!

Ahhhh, Rogers... the Canadian carrier Canadians love to hate. It has been a while since we picked on Rogers, maybe it's because for a while there they actually lowered their prices for BlackBerry and yes, even Windows Mobile and iPhone users or.. maybe it's because they were kind enough to not waste anytime in launching the BlackBerry Curve 8900 that we cut them some slack. Whatever it was it'...

Some Serious BlackBerry Bling!

Sure, Lebron James has his gold ColorWare BlackBerry and I've wondered about the dynamics of a solid gold Bold and how it could really kill the device's reception but umm... How about diamonds? Think they would fare better on a device without sacrificing reception and performance? Engadget got a little hands-on time with some diamond encrusted Bolds down at Mobile World Congress which make...

Plazmic 4.7 CDK Shows Up!

* Update from Kevin: WARNING - Got word that the version of the 4.7 CDK floating around is actually a fairly early beta compared to what will ultimately get released, which means the themes created off this version could have some very unfriendly impact on the devices installed to. In you wind up with a bricked Berry, remember these instructions. * Yup! That's right, it's time to get your...

Visual VoiceMail On AT&T Coming Sooner Then Later?

Sure, we have all seen the pictures and read the forums information surrounding Visual Voicemail on BlackBerry devices other than the Storm. At this point it's not a maybe of it is coming but more of a when is it coming situation. BGR posted a sceeenshot from the AT&T online account system and users were also filling the CrackBerry email address full of information about BlackBerry...

Sale On 8900 And 8220 Replica Themes!

We mentioned these themes before on the CrackBerry blogs which have been a hit with the community, pushing their way up the best sellers list in the CrackBerry App Store. That however, is not going to stop us from letting you all know about an awesome sale Tom has going on for these great replica themes. Just in case any of you out there were contemplating either of these choices but...

T-Mobile's BlackBerry Curve 8900 For $149.99!

Been itching to pick up a brand new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900? Engadget brings up the news that now seems to be a perfect time to snatch one up, as you can see from the image above. Captured from the Best Buy system (which could explain the crazy no contract price, Best Buy's system is strange) looks like those of you who have been holding off on this purchase are now the lucky ones....

Official 8830 WE 4.5 OS Released!

Finally, the wait is over for all you 8830 World Edition owners out there that have been hanging on patiently (perhaps not so patiently?) for an official release of the 4.5 OS. Bell Mobility has answered the ultimate question of "When, will 4.5 be available for my device?." Right now as a matter of fact, you can head on over to their download site and grab right from the RIM servers...

Verizon's Snowy Surprise, Hilarious Video!

Now this is just hilarious! The Boy Genius posted on this video today that was put out by Verizon Wireless back in early January but somehow didn't make the tech blogs sooner. It's the first time I saw it though and it's awesome! Definite competition for the recent T-Mobile ad we just saw the other day. Verizon got their "network" together for an impromptu commercial and to an extent scare...