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Articles by Zach Gilbert

N.O.V.A 3 review for the BlackBerry Z10: It's about to get messy

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, try and say that three times fast, it’s almost a tongue twister. Well at least Gameloft was nice enough to shorten it down to N.O.V.A in their latest title on the BlackBerry Z10, Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 or N.O.V.A 3 for short. N.O.V.A 3 is a first person shooter that takes you to a time in the future to when the people of earth are no longer fighting their...

TimmyME for the BlackBerry Z10 is the coffee lovers companion

TimmyMe for the BlackBerry Z10

If you’ve ever been (or live) in Canada I'm sure you have come to the realization that we LOVE coffee, mainly Tim Hortons, and we like it a lot! So when Tim Hortons brought their famous TimmyME application to the BlackBerry Z10 I’m sure there was a collective sigh of relief from Canadians. The application has a ton of features available, some are simple like contacting Tim Hortons. While other...

BlackBerry goes high-tech on their YouTube ad for the BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry had said on many accounts that with the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 they would be increasing their marketing efforts like never before. Today I received an email from a CrackBerry reader showing a style of advertising that I've personally never seen. The ad was for the BlackBerry Z10 and was featured on the YouTube homepage, nothing crazy here, but wait. The advertisement was...

If music and your BlackBerry smartphone go hand in hand like peanut butter and jam, then you will want to continue reading and check out why this Built For BlackBerry app should be on your BlackBerry Z10. CrackBerry Nation, today I would like to introduce you to Nobex Radio on BlackBerry 10. Now, I know that some of you will be saying that Nobex Radio isn't anything new, and I know it isn't,...

SCUBA dive deeper and safer with The Dive Plan for the BlackBerry Z10

SCUBA, Self contained underwater breathing apparatus. Most people will connect the acronym SCUBA to exploring the underwater world with tanks of air strapped upon your back. While this is essentially what SCUBA diving is, there is a lot of work involved with making this a reality. Being a SCUBA diver myself I am quite aware of all the planning needed when you're diving, and more so when you...

Keep the village fires at bay in Sprinkle for the BlackBerry Z10

What do you get when you combine a small village, blue droplets of water, fire, and a BlackBerry Z10? Well, you get a very addictive video game. Sprinkle is a game that relies on the physics of water, and the users skills to put out fires. Continue reading for the full rundown of how Sprinkle will flood itself into your home and on to your BlackBerry smartphone. One of my all time favorite...

Get ready Canadians, because for many of you Family Day is here. For those who do not live in Canada, Family Day is a holiday designed to give you time to be with your loved ones. While many Canadians use this as a day to turn off their BlackBerry smartphones, there may be a way to harness the BlackBerry power for good. Continue reading to find a few apps that will help you maximize your time...

Plants Vs Zombies creeps its way onto the BlackBerry Z10

If you’ve been hitting the refresh button over and over again waiting for some of the classic games to make their way onto the BlackBerry Z10, you can now stop. Electronic Arts has brought another of their hit titles to the new platform. Plants Vs Zombies is now available for download. If you’ve never played Plants Vs Zombies on the BlackBerry PlayBook, or another platform, you’ll want to...

BlackBerry Workspace demoed on iOS and Android devices

A few days ago at the BlackBerry Enterprise Forum one of the key announcements made by BlackBerry was the introduction of the Workspace for iOS and Android devices. One of the coolest factors to this option for those using the Blackberry Enterprise Service 10, is that you can deploy corporate applications to all the handhelds that are associated with the BES 10 server. Take a look at the video...

Shark Dash swims its way onto the BlackBerry Z10

Back at BlackBerry Jams America, BlackBerry took to the stage with some of the big gun developers that they are working with on BlackBerry 10. One of the development houses that came on stage was Gameloft. Now, we’ve seen Gameloft support the BlackBerry PlayBook, so it wasn’t too far of a stretch to find out that they would be supporting BlackBerry 10 as well. Now, Gameloft has released Shark...

Battle good vs evil in Anomaly Warzone Earth HD for the BlackBerry Z10

11 Bit Studios has had a proven track record for providing visually appealing games that are also mentally challenging. Prior to the launch of BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10, 11 Bit Studios has published games onto the iOS and Android platform, but that’s all changing. Today, I want to introduce everyone to Anomaly Warzone Earth for the BlackBerry Z10. Anomaly Warzone Earth is, in my...

How to disable music updates from BBM contacts on BlackBerry 10

If you’ve been a BlackBerry user you’ll know that there is a feature in BBM that allows you to update your BBM status with what music you’re listing to. The feature of showing people what you’re listening to is popular amongst BlackBerry users, more so that there was an outrage when BlackBerry removed it in the first versions on BBM that had BBM social integration. Continue reading to see...

How to enable music shortcuts on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone

One thing that BlackBerry users have come to love over the years of owning a BlackBerry smartphone is the ability to control music with the volume keys. Almost from day one, on a BlackBerry smartphone you’ve been able to skip tracks or go back a track using the volume up and down keys. With the introduction of BlackBerry 10  and the increased focus on media, one would expect this feature to be...

BlackBerry Q10 walkthrough with Jeff Gadway [video]

CrackBerry readers looking to get a closer look at the new BlackBerry Q10 can now get a good nights sleep. We pulled aside BlackBerry Senior Product Manager Jeff Gadway to get a one-on-one walkthrough of the first QWERTY device powered by BlackBerry 10. I must say that this device feels frickin' amazing in the hands, I may have to rock two BlackBerry 10 devices in the coming months. One...

BlackBerry introduces work spaces for iOS and Android

It’s widely known that BlackBerry has offered the best in class handheld corporate security on their handheld devices, but today that is changing. At the BlackBerry Enterprise Forum for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry introduced the workspace feature found on the Blackberry 10 platform for iOS and Android. The new feature of the BlackBerry enterprise service will allow IT admins to push a secure...

Rogers opens pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10

If you haven’t pre-ordered the new BlackBerry Z10 because you've been holding out for the BlackBerry Q10, then the wait is now over. Rogers has added the all new QWERTY BlackBerry device to their pre-ordering system. As far as we know, Rogers is the first carrier in the world to put the Q10 up for pre-order. The most we've heard from BlackBerry is that the Q10 is coming out in April, but...

BlackBerry offers yet another sneak peek at their Super Bowl ad

BlackBerry has been giving us little hints at to what they are going to air during their first ever Super Bowl advertisement. This one seems to be a half man, half elephant. We're not sure what expect here, but based on the teasers it's not feeling like your standard BlackBerry device product feature commercial. What we do know is that we won't have to wait much longer to find out. Kickoff...

T-Mobile confirms they will carry the all new BlackBerry Z10

On the heels of today's introduction to the BlackBerry Z10 T-Mobile has opened up a signup page for the new device. The signup page will allow you to be notified when the new device is ready for preorder, as well as offer launch date information. Currently BlackBerry has stated that American carriers will start selling the all touch device in March of 2013. CrackBerry Nation, if T-Mobile is...

There you have it Canada, BlackBerry has announced the Canadian carriers for the launch of the all new BlackBerry 10 powered, BlackBerry Z10. All the major Canadian carriers including Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Koodo, Fido, Sasktel and many others have confirmed that they will have the BlackBerry Z10 available on February 5th. If you’re looking to get a head start most of these carriers will also be...

TuneIn Radio makes its way onto BlackBerry 10

Something we get asked a lot at CrackBerry is what apps will be making their way onto BlackBerry 10, from Instagram and Skype, all the way to TuneIn Radio. Well CrackBerry Nation sleeping just became a little easier as TuneIn Radio will be there at launch. TuneIn Radio is an application that allows its users to stream and listen to over 70,000 live radio stations. BlackBerry users have been...