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Articles by James Richardson

For a limited time Enpass Password Manager gets a 50% price reduction


Once again, one of my most reliable apps, Enpass Password Manager, is on sale - with 50% off, for a limited time. We've featured Enpass before and although many BlackBerry 10 users may well use the native BlackBerry Password Keeper, Enpass has a bunch of additional features and is way superior if you ask me. For starters, you can choose to back up Enpass to a few cloud storage applications...

Impress your sweetheart with the BBM In Love Sticker Pack - available now


If you're feeling in the slightest bit romantic this weekend why not pick up the 'BBM In Love' Sticker Pack that I spotted in the BBM Shop this morning. As usual, this one may have shown up prior to today for some users, as strangely it seems a little hit and miss depending on region, but here in the UK it's now sitting in the shop loud and proud. As you'll see from the screenshot below, the...


If you're one of the folk that chooses to use BeMaps 10 Pro - with Google Maps, rather than the native BlackBerry Maps that comes pre-installed on all BlackBerry 10 smartphones, you'll be pleased to know that an update has rolled out and it's packed full of new options as you'll see below. I don't mind admitting that I tend to use the native Maps app when it comes to navigating in my car,...

Test the old grey matter with Brain Coach - free and pro versions available


Even if your initial thoughts are that playing Brain Coach is not your thing, you may well be surprised. We've seen one or two BlackBerry 10 games that are designed to test your brain, and this one does it better than the others I've previously tried. And just to confirm the quality of Brain Coach, it comes from Inspiro Software - if you're into fitness, you may well use his very popular app...

Disney Pixar's 'Cars' BBM Stickers drive onto the scene


For you BBM Sticker fans that are partial to a good movie, I'm pretty sure you'll appreciate the latest offering to hit the BBM Shop from Disney Pixar (which I spotted over the weekend) - this time from the popular 2006 release 'Cars'. Understandably, if you're of an age where animated kids films are of no interest then that's fine, but if like me you regularly have to endure new releases...

Check out PAC-MAN 256 on BlackBerry 10

He's a lovable chap is Pac-Man. I'm old enough to remember when he was first around and many, many, many years later he's still giving us some gaming pleasure. Luckily we can now do this on BlackBerry 10 smartphones rather than a 100 kilo machine like in the 'good old days'. Anyway, that's enough about me. Pac-Man 256 comes to us from the same developer who created Crossy Road a short...

More improvements with the latest Whatsapp offering in the Beta Zone


It was only yesterday that we saw BBM get updated over in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. That's been swiftly followed by Whatsapp, which is offering up a nice selection of improvements and fixes to make using the app a little more flawless. Now I know that many of you BlackBerry 10 users are not fans of Whatsapp, but as with any app, there's always going to be lovers and haters. Although BBM is...


Every so often I find myself heading over to the UK carriers and retailers websites - more than often to see who's 'not' selling BlackBerry 10 devices. Today I ended up with Carphone Warehouse who historically have been pretty loyal to BlackBerry. I was quite surprised when I hit up the BlackBerry Passport page as the two color options were not quite what I was expecting - Black or the new...

Once again Amazon offer up Cut the Rope: Time Travel as their free app of the day


As the post title suggest, Amazon have offered Cut the Rope: Time Travel for free before. That was back in April this year, so if you missed the opportunity to download it then, you may want to take a look now? Although us BlackBerry 10 users can get our own fix of Cut the Rope in BlackBerry World, you won't find the Time Travel version there. For us it's Android or nothing and considering...

Third party Instagram app Inst10 updates once again to resolve errors


Over the weekend another update rolled out for Inst10, the third party BlackBerry 10 Instagram app, which users will want to download as it now uses the latest Instagram API. This will resolve any errors that the previous version was throwing your way. If you've not tried Inst10 before I can assure you it's a little gem and you should test it out. I actually prefer using it to the official...

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition hitting the Middle East on Monday 31st August


For you folk in the Middle East that have been waiting to pick up the beautiful BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, the wait is very nearly over. The word on the street is that the device is now available to pre-order from carrier Axiom for SAR 1,999 and will be available on Monday, 31st August, 2015. Although I'm far from an expert on Axiom Telecom, I believe that they deal in United Arab...


Unless you're in the UK this won't be of interest, so feel free to move on. But if you're on either the Orange or T-Mobile network I think this one will be right up your street. EE have released a specific app for Orange and T-Mobile users which is slightly different from the already existing 'EE' one in BlackBerry World. Confused? I'll explain..... Although both Orange and T-Mobile come...

BlackBerry 10 users choose BlackBerry World over the Android alternatives

BlackBerry 10 users choose BlackBerry World over the Android alternatives

Last week we ran a poll where we asked "Where do you go first to look for apps? BlackBerry World or an Android store?" To be honest I was expecting the results to be an even mix for various reasons, but how wrong I was, as you'll see below. Roaring into the lead with nearly 83% of the votes was BlackBerry World. Considering all the fuss that was made by us BlackBerry 10 users prior to having...

Emberify offers up 500 free copies each of Reminder Now and Inbox Zero


We've already seen one app giveaway this week, which featured QuickPost, but it's time for another - thanks to BlackBerry 10 app developer Emberify. As the post title explains, Emberify is giving away 500 copies of both Reminder Now and Inbox Zero - both great handy tools to have to make you even more productive on the go. If you've missed our previous coverage of the two apps, here's a...

Once again, Chimpact features as Amazons free app of the day


Just a quick heads up for you BlackBerry 10 gamers out there that haven't tried Chimpact before - today I'd urge you to grab it for free from Amazon. Chimpact featured as Amazons free app of the day just a few months ago, so if you missed it then, you'll be pleased to see it's back today. The aim of Chimpact is to control one of three monkeys who you must guide through the jungle canopy...

BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 Graphite launches in India


In terms of recent BlackBerry 10 device news this one is slightly less exciting compared to the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition and the blurry cam image we saw of the alleged BlackBerry Venice slider. However, if you are a resident of India and have been waiting to pick up the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 Graphite, you'll be able to in the next few days - If you are wealthy enough!...


The mobile market is so app orientated that it's probably the most important feature that consumers take into consideration when picking an operating system. As a BlackBerry 10 user I hope I can speak for most of us when I say that the OS and hardware are more important to me. Sure, apps are still have a place, but they are down the list of important features that I need on my smartphone....

Avoid oversleeping with this quick BlackBerry 10 alarm snooze tip


This may not be the most exciting topic in the world, but for you folk that rely on your BlackBerry as your alarm clock, this is a jolly handy tip to keep in mind. When it comes to snoozing my alarm, I'm an expert. What I mean by this is that I could hit that snooze tab over and over - there's just a real sweet feeling knowing that you can stay snuggled up in bed for a few more minutes....

Skyward - Download from an Android source and not BlackBerry World


It's pretty unheard of that we steer people away from downloading an application/game from BlackBerry World, but in this case I thought that it was well worth doing exactly that. Let me explain..... Like many BlackBerry 10 users, one of my morning rituals is to jump into BlackBerry World and see what's new. And top of the 'New Arrivals' list was a game called Skyward. Although the...

'The Incredibles' stickers arrive in the BBM Shop


Once again Disney have released a rather swish looking Sticker Pack into the BBM Shop. You'll now find the hit movie 'The Incredibles' in the stickers list and I would imagine that this one may well be rather popular. As you would expect, you get a bunch of characters from the animated movie, complete with various expressions/sayings that you can include in your BBM chats with friends. I'm...