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iGrann and iGrann Pro updates available through BlackBerry Beta Zone

Third party Instagram app iGrann has been available through BlackBerry Beta Zone for some time already and we saw iGrann Pro appear before the holiday. While still available through BlackBerry World, the Beta Zone version is there for testing purposes before the final update hits the masses. Up until recently, it was the free version of iGrann that was available. Taking a trip into Beta Zone, you wil now find that the Pro version is also available for testing.

Here's a sneak peek into the upcoming SketchBook app for BlackBerry 10

There's a pretty slick new app coming to BlackBerry 10 in the new year. I've had a little test and it runs smoothly and allows you to be creative. It's called SketchBook and that's just what it is. It has been beautifully design. It's really slick and like I said, runs very smoothly, especially on the BlackBerry Passport. It comes from ReFocus Tech, the developer that brought you ARKick, Hues, Pastry Push and many more.

Looking for some wallpapers for your phone? Check out Wallpaper++

Are you looking for some wallpapers to customise your BlackBerry 10 smartphone? You might want to check out Wallpaper++. It's packed with more than 1000 wallpapers for you to browse. It's a simple app that gives you access to a variety of wallpapers in your hand. It's quick and easy to use too.

QtHelex apps go on sale for the holidays

Get yourself a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone? How about just looking for new apps to download? Why not get yourself some new apps at a discounted price. Developer QtHelex has put their apps up for sale during the holidays. If you have fancied getting a copy of any of them before but never took the dive, maybe now is the time.

Third party Vine app Whine receives a holiday update

Looking for a little holiday treat? If you're a Vine user, here's one for you. Third party app, Whine, has had an update pushed today. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look inside BlackBerry World for the update. The update brings a new features including enhanced video playback and double tap to like a Vine. If you are a Whine user be sure to get the update.

1000 free copies of ClipMan Clipboard Manager up for grabs!

'Tis the season of giving and that is what developers are doing. We've just had one giveaway today and here's another one for you. Just one app this time but this one's a good one, that many people rely on including me -- ClipMan Clipboard Manager. Most people have probably downloaded this app but if you haven't already, now is your chance.

Get yourself some free apps with the S4BB Holiday giveaway

It's that time of year. Holiday season. If you're looking for some free gifts, there are some apps you can avail for free from S4BB. They're giving away 10 apps, 2,200 copies of each. All worth $100,000. I use a few of their apps and like many of their offerings. If you've been wanting to give these apps a download, now is your chance. The promo runs until December 26th or until all copies run out.

Here's a list of the free apps included in this promo.

To get yourself a free copy of any of these apps, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open up BlackBerry World
  2. Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem
  4. A list of the all the free apps will show, just tap on any app you wish to download for free

Merry Christmas!

Avoid disturbing others while typing on your physical keyboard device with Silent Keys

I am a physical keyboard device user, first and foremost, though I did enjoy using the BlackBerry Z30 for a while, until going back to the BlackBerry Q10 and now the BlackBerry Passport. The only problem with a physical keyboard is the noise it makes. I like the noise, don't get my wrong. That clicky sound and tactile feedback is why I love it but there are just some situations where that clicky sound isn't appropriate. Like when you're in a very quiet class and you want to send a BBM or Tweet, it can be quite distracting. That's when Silent Keys comes in handy.

ReadItNow! adds support for BlackBullet and more in the latest update

It wasn't too long ago that we saw an update to this app but ReadItNow! has had another updated pushed through to BlackBerry World. This latest update brings us to v6.9.5 and adds a few new features as well as your regular improvements and fixes. This app is one of my top 5 apps and if you don't know what it does, it's a third party Pocket app. Pocket is a read it later service where you can save articles for later reading or even offline reading and it is free to sign up for an account.

Exterminate bugs in this fun game PESTS - 500 free copies up for grabs

Looking for a fun game to play over the weekend? How about a game called PESTS. In the game you have to exterminate flies using peas, bug zappers, fireballs, even lawnmowers. The more bugs you kill the higher your score, simple as. You do have tasks to complete too, just to make the game a bit more interesting. During game play, there are power ups to collect. There are different coloured power ups that drop down which represent the different ammunition you can collect. Just don't try to collect the black small one, that's one you must avoid.

1000 free copies of 3Words available

It's promo time! If you're looking for an interesting app to download, you may want to try out 3Words. 3Words is a third party client for the what3words service. Until this app made its way to my inbox, I had never heard of the service before but it's a pretty neat one. The service is all about making addresses simpler. Instead of a big long address, it assigns three words to a 3mx3m square on a map. So, if you wanted to give directions to someone all they need is three words, plus of course the 3Words app to find the destination.

Whine gets updated to v3.2 bringing notifications

If you're a Whine app user, you may have noticed an update available. Whine is a Vine third party client for BlackBerry 10 and is a pretty nice app. This update takes us to v3.2 and brings some nice new features, including the ability to add people as favorites, so when they make an update, you can be notified about it. However, you do need to have the app open in order to be notified. The developer will work on bringing Hub integration and headless function to the app soon enough.

Introducing Swirl - Swarm client for BlackBerry 10

Back in May 2014, Foursquare decided to split its app into two by introducing the Swarm app iOS and Android, as well as Windows Phone. Unfortunately, no Swarm app made its way to the BlackBerry platform. We could still check-in with the native Foursquare anyway.

However, Swarm and Foursquare serve different purposes. Foursquare is your regular check-in app, whereas Swarm is more of a way to gather people for a meet up. It ties in with your Foursquare contacts but presents those nearby you first, wherever you may be. There's also ways to collect stickers, as you did in the early days of Foursquare.

Since no native Swarm app came to BlackBerry 10, the developer community came in to fill the void. And so we have a third party client in the form of Swirl. This app had a brief run in open beta via the CrackBerry forums and has now made its way to BlackBerry World.

Swirl Features

  • Log in with your Foursquare ID
  • Check into venues around you
  • See where your friends are in relation to your position
  • See recent check in of your friends
  • View user and venue profiles
  • Get in contact with your friends via all registered channels

Swirl is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and it has an introductory price of $0.99. Also, it does seem to be for BlackBerry OS 10.3 only.

I'm a big Foursquare user but never really looked into Swarm or even tried the Android port. I'll be giving it a run and see how it performs. Check back in a few days for a full review. I'll compare it to the Android port as well.

Learn more / Download Swirl for BlackBerry 10

Get more with BlackBullet as it goes headless and connects with Pushbullet servers

BlackBullet is an app that has been around for a while in BlackBerry World, in beta, no less and is a pretty nice third party Pushbullet client for BlackBerry 10. We've announced it and also done up a review on it. As I've said, it's an app currently labelled with beta status but has got a lot to offer and does receive regular updates.

QuickPost 2.0 hits BlackBerry World with a new design and a bucket load of new features

One of my favorite BlackBerry 10 apps has just received a big update. QuickPost is an app I use daily. It's an app that let's you "Type once, post everywhere". You can post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BBM Channels, BBM Groups, WhatsApp and even update your BBM status without having to type things out repeatedly. Its creators has been busy the past few months working on v2.0. It has been completely redesigned and there are tonnes of new features to try out.

BBM beta update brings D and R notifications for sent pictures and more

If you have been lucky enough to be a part of the limited BBM beta program through BlackBerry Beta Zone, you may have noticed that there is an update available. It wasn't too long ago that we saw an update roll out, either. There's a few new features in this build, all pretty much welcome I think.

New BBM beta features

  • See when a contact has received and viewed your sent pictures – picture transfers now support Ds and Rs!
  • Double-take Timed Messages! Timed pictures and messages can now be viewed multiple times until the timer expires.
  • Looking for quicker access to Stickers? Tapping on the smiley face will take you to the first sticker pack in your picker for quicker access.

I like that we can now view timed messages multiple times. I have often let my finger slip and not completely read a message, with time left over, so is is definitely a good addition.

It should be noted that if you update, you may lose you existing chats. It didn't happen with me but please be aware this can happen.

Most people have been receiving an email about the update, if you have you've probably opened up Beta Zone to check for the update already. If you haven't received an email, you can check Beta Zone to see if you have the beta update available. Please note, it does seem to be a limited beta update, as has been the case for some time now.

BBM update rolls out in BlackBerry World - brings new BBM shop features

It's Monday! What better time to roll out an app update? BlackBerry has done just that by pushing out an update to BBM in BlackBerry World. No features added this time around. Instead a new section within the BBM Shop has been added. There is an app section where apps are recommended. You can tap the app icon to find out more details of the app. From there, you can open up BlackBerry World to go ahead and download the app, if it's something you want.

Download BurgerCopter free today!

If you're looking for some discounts or even free stuff today, maybe you'll want to check out BurgerCopter. We looked at BurgerCopter back in October. It's a game where you have to navigate a burger upwards through various obstacles that include hammers and beams. You also have to avoid hitting the edges too.

Hands-on with the OEM BlackBerry Passport Leather Flip Case

I've been partial to the Leather Flip cases for BlackBerry 10 devices. I've bought them for every BlackBerry 10 smartphone I've owned except for the BlackBerry Q10. When photos of the BlackBerry Passport flip case emerged, I knew it was a case I wanted to get once I owned a Passport. I finally managed to get my hands on one and I've been putting it through everyday use. Will I be keeping it as my primary case? Read on to find out.

One developer, three apps, 1000 free copies each. Download now!

It's Black Friday, in certain parts of the world and that means it's sale time. There are a bunch of apps available for sale but I'm highlighting three apps here. Three apps from one developer. We've looked at these apps before here on the CrackBerry blogs, so they won't be new to you. And I use one of them quite frequently.