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TinyPlanet lets you turn your landscape photos into a sphere - 1000 free copies available

There are plenty of photo editors around to let you add effects to your photos. There's a native photo editor on BlackBerry 10, while there are lots of apps to be found in BlackBerry World. Usually, they let you add filter effects, stickers and text, amongst other things. However, this app, TinyPlanet, offers to turn your landscape or panoramic shots into spheres that look like tiny planets. Hence the name for the app.

Whine has been discounted to $0.99 during the month of March

Want to get your Vine on but haven't downloaded Whine yet? Well, maybe now is the time. Third party BlackBerry 10 client, Whine has had it's price slashed down from $2.99 to $0.99. This sale will last throughout the month of March. It's definitely worth getting if you prefer native apps to Android ports. It runs smoothly and has everything you need to get you Vine on and more.

QuickPost has 1000 free copies available to download

If you have been wanting to check out QuickPost, perhaps now is the time to jump on it. The developer is looking to give away 1000 free copies. To give as many people a chance to get a copy, availability will be staggered over the next few hours. 1000 free copies will be given away but the developer will start off with 250 copies. In the next couple of hours, another 250 copies will be added each hour. If you don't get one during the first batch, keep checking back.

How to add more notification Profiles to Quick Settings in BlackBerry 10.3.1

In previous BlackBerry 10 OS builds, before OS 10.3.1, tapping on the Notification icon in Quick Settings would toggle between Normal and the last used notification Profile. In OS 10.3.1 it just toggles between Normal and Silent. However, you now have the option to add more Profiles to the Quick Settings menu and each time you tap on the Notification icon it will scroll through those Profiles. This is a nice little addition as I sometimes like to use Silent or Vibrate depending on where I am.

Take to-do lists to another level with SmartList10 for BlackBerry 10

There are many list-taking apps to be found in BlackBerry World, most offer very similar features and in the end whichever app you choose is down to your preference. One developer wanted to create a list-taking app and in order to stand out he decided to add a few unique features not found elsewhere.

Evernote updated in BlackBerry Beta Zone - You can now see notebooks shared with you

Evernote users, this one is for you. Evernote for BlackBerry 10 will now give you access to notebooks that have been shared with you. This has been something I have been wanting since the beginning and now it's here. In beta form, at the very least. There is one caveat though, you cannot edit the content of those notebooks -- yet.

How to change the color of your virtual keyboard on BlackBerry 10.3.1

The big update for BlackBerry 10 smartphones started rolling out on February 19th, 2015. It brings a lot of new features such as endless folders, Quick Settings from anywhere, more icons on the homescreen, BlackBerry Blend and much, much more. We've know about a lot of the new features for a long time now and as always there's lots to discover.

Mobile Phones Direct now has the red BlackBerry Passport available on contract

If you're in the U.K. and have been wanting to get your hands on the red BlackBerry Passport, your current options are SIM free from Clove or Amazon. However, not everyone can afford to fork out on a SIM free device. Now you don't have to. Mobile Phones Direct now has the red BlackBerry Passport available on contract.

Hands-on with Tilt v2 for BlackBerry 10

Towards the end of January we saw a big update to Tilt for BlackBerry 10. There were a bucket load of new features to see. Some people still wonder what the app is all about, so we're going to go hands-on with the app to show you how it works.

Tilt is based on the Tilt UI that was showcased by BlackBerry Sweden way back in October 2013. You can head on over to that article and check out the original video. They made the sample code available to developers shortly after that and then in February 2014, Tilt became available in BlackBerry World.

QuickPost v2.1 released with a whole host of new features

One of my most used apps has just been updated -- QuickPost. It brings a bunch of new features and new pricing for pro features. There's a handful of new design changes, such as being able to choose which accounts to show. If you don't share to certain social media sites, you can hide those. You can also now use the native photo editing tools when you want to upload a photo. Handy little addition.

BlackBullet beta updated with Pushbullet subscription support and more

If you are using Pushbullet third party client BlackBullet, you'll be happy to know that it has received another update. It is still labelled beta but the app is coming along nicely. Since our last update post there have been some tweaks and additions. One of which is support for Subscriptions (Channels) as well as improved CrackBerry News integration and Talk2Watch integration.

Talk2Watch Pro updated with caller ID support and access to the Pebble appstore

If you're a Pebble smartwatch owner, you'll probably be using the Talk2Watch app with your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to make use of it. While a couple of other third party apps came before it, Talk2Watch was the one with the most features available. Today, a long awaited updated has come to the pro version and it brings a really nice bunch of new features.

One of the biggest additions is the Pebble appstore. At the moment, in order to update your Pebble watch firmware or install watch apps and faces, you would need to install the Pebble app Android port. No need anymore. You have access to the official appstore. The developer went out to Pebble HQ to attend one of the developer events and was given access to it. He also works close with the Pebble team, so the app is recognized by Pebble.

The other feature that people have been waiting is caller ID. Due to API limitations, this could not be implemented before but with BlackBerry OS 10.3, BlackBerry made APIs available for the phone app and caller ID is now available with Talk2Watch Pro.

Full Talk2Watch Pro v30.0.1.6 changelog


  • App store integration
  • Install watchfaces and firmware updates
  • Execute javascript watchfaces/-apps (not all will work but many of them)
  • App bank, app locker
  • Sports mode is working again


  • caller id
  • send sms/emails from the watch



  • Account filter
  • Notification time is the same as on the BlackBerry


  • Account filter working again
  • 'Mark as read' function


  • Feed


  • Group messages cannot be read anymore with 10.3.1

There is also support for Javascript and you can install files by going to Scripts Page -> Open Scripts Repository -> Share to T2W. The developer has also included a User Manual within the app, so if you need to find out how things work, give it a little read.

I have been using the updated version for a while and I love that you can now manage your apps and watch faces directly within Talk2Watch Pro. One thing to note about BBM messages is that you can longer see the content of BBM group messages. This seems to have been closed off by BlackBerry in OS 10.3.1. But you can still assign a group name so you can see which group is chatting.

Another thing to note with this update is that it is only available to those who are running OS 10.3 and above. This is due to the caller ID API, which is 10.3 and above only. If you're running a lower OS, you just won't see the update but can continue to use Talk2Watch Pro in its current form.

Talk2Watch Pro is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $4.99. In my opinion, it is worth all the features and a must for Pebble smartwatch owners on BlackBerry 10. Of course, if you've already purchased the app, updates are free. If you have any questions or feedback for the developer you can reach him on Twitter -- @ben-sliwa

Learn more / Download Talk2Watch Pro from BlackBerry World

Use this Spigen Magnetic Clip to keep your OEM Leather Flip Case closed

You may recall, back in December, I reviewed the OEM Leather Flip case for the BlackBerry Passport. It was not a case I was going to use again as I wasn't happy with it. The case was made with good quality but it was just a bit stiff that it didn't close properly and that was my main gripe. Even the fact that the case required you to stick it onto your Passport with adhesive didn't put me off. It was just that it didn't close. I tried to loosen it up. It helped to close it a bit further but if I opened the flip all the way to the back, to use the device, then it would just make it sit more open again.

Tilt sees a huge update to v2.2 bringing a bucket load of new features

There has been some confusion lately over the Tilt app for BlackBerry 10. For some clarification, there were two Tilt apps available in BlackBerry World -- Tilt and Tilt Now. However, Tilt Now has now gone from BlackBerry World. Tilt was the first version was released back in February 2014. This is the version that has been updated today. It's a big update with a whole load of new features.

1000 free copies of Stickers++ up for grabs

We first posted an article about the Stickers++ app back in November 2014. The has a vast collection of stickers to use with other instant messaging apps, not just BBM. Such as WhatsApp or Viber. You can even use them in email messages. There are over 1000 stickers available, divided into many categories so you can find the one you're looking for.

The Amzer Pudding TPU case is a slim profile skin case for your BlackBerry Passport

Leather flip cases are all good and well for some people. However, we all have different tastes and I have skin case for review for those who like such cases. I tried the OEM Hard Shell for the BlackBerry Passport but since that only really covers up the corners of the device, I decided to look elsewhere. That's when I came across the Amzer Pudding TPU case.

ReadItNow! updated to bring Hub Browser support, new themes and more

For those who use ReadItNow! this is for you. The app has received another update. An update with quite a lot of new features too, as well as fixes, which are always welcome. I really love to see developers constantly update and improve their apps and taking on user feedback. ReadItNow! is one of my most used apps and so I am very thankful to see it constantly updated.

If you don't know already, ReadItNow! is a third party Pocket client for BlackBerry 10. It is a read it later service that I make use of daily. This version brings a handful of new features including better control over font size and line height, so you can customize things the way you want. The ReadItNow! has also partnered with the developer of Hub Browser which means you can open articles via the Hub Browser app. You can change this back via the Settings within the ReadItNow! app.

The Stilgut Leather Flip Case is an elegant way to carry your BlackBerry Passport

I'm quite partial to leather flip cases on my BlackBerry 10 smartphones, ever since I got a red one for the BlackBerry Z10. Back in November 2014, I reviewed the OEM leather flip case for the BlackBerry Passport and while it was pretty good quality and well made, there were more negatives for me and so I looked around for an alternative leather flip case. Many had suggested the Stilgut Leather flip case, so I decided to give it a try. 

BlackBullet updated with new icons and other tweaks

For anyone who uses the third party Pushbullet client, BlackBullet, this is for you. Currently still in beta, the developer has been steadily working on the app, pushing updates and improving the app. There has beena couple since our last article on BlackBullet and now there's another one that has been pushed out.

SketchBook now available in BlackBerry World

Let me start by greeting you all a Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great one and brought in the new year in your own special way. 

Before the new year, we brought you a sneak peek into an upcoming app called SketchBook, for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. A lovely sketchbook app that runs pretty smoothly and great for those who love to sketch. I've already used to doodle a few things. I've used it with my finger and also a plain old stylus. Note that if you rest your palm on the screen, it will leave a mark.