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Messenger for Facebook beta update lets you search and filter friends and also adds Active Frame support

On other mobile platforms, chatting via Facebook on your smartphone means you need another app. On BlackBerry 10, the native Facebook app still allows you to chat to your Facebook friends, however, there are some who like to keep their chat separate and this can be done with Messenger for Facebook by Nemory Studios. It has recently gone through a new and improved revamp and was made available through BlackBerry Beta Zone for people to test out and give feedback on. Nemory Studios has been busy, it seems and it has been updated with some more features.

Messenger for Facebook is now at v5.0.400 and here are the new additions:

  • Added Like Button in Chats
  • Added Active Frame Support
  • Added ability to search/filter Friends
  • Added ability to Copy Chats to Clipboard
  • Fixed Logout then Login
  • Fixed Blank Authentication Page
  • Fixed Pixelated Tabs
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Note that this update is still within Beta Zone, if you do install it and find some bugs, give some feedback via the Beta Zone app. This will help iron out any issues so that it can be rolled out to everyone through BlackBerry World sooner, rather than later. To install the update, just load up the BlackBerry Beta Zone and look for the Messenger update.

If you don't have a BlackBerry Beta Zone account, you can sign up for one for free, then download the BlackBerry Beta Zone app from BlackBerry World. Please note, BlackBerry Beta Zone isn't available in all regions.

Sign up for a BlackBerry Beta Zone account
Download BlackBerry Beta Zone app

How to transfer files using Wi-Fi Direct on BlackBerry 10

Wi-Fi Direct isn't a new feature to BlackBerry 10, in fact it has been available since OS 10.2 but we haven't actually shown it in action here to CrackBerry yet, so there's no time like the present to do so. After all, you might be new to the BlackBerry 10 OS and didn't realise this was something you could do. I've actually started using it more as I recently got hold of a BlackBerry Leap and usually I use NFC to transfer photos and files between my devices but since the Leap does not have NFC, I've had to find other ways and W-iFi Direct was the next best thing.

Latest version of Hub2Watch brings hidden options and dynamically changing watchfaces

If you're a Pebble user you may have come across Hub2Watch, an app we have covered here before. It's more of an extension to the Talk2Watch Pro -- the third party Pebble watch client. Hub2Watch catches all accounts in the Hub and can notify you when you have a message. Which is great as it can notify you of messages that Talk2Watch Pro can't let you know of. However, you can't see the contents of the message, it's just a notification if which account has a message unread and how many unread messages there are within that account. You can check out our hands-on review of Hub2Watch to see it in action.

The Leather Flex Shell Case doubles as a sturdy desk stand for the BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry has updated their Transform shell cases for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and they are now called Flex shell cases. So called because the back can flex outward to form a stand. There was a Transform shell for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30, both different in design and now the Flex shell is a pretty nice update to the design. I was very fond of the Transform shell case for the Z10. It was one of the first cases I used on my Z10 and one that stuck around for a long while. The shell cases have always been of minimal design and minimal protection but they're made by BlackBerry so I always give them a go. I wasn't too fond of the Z30 Transform shell. It was a nice case but not too great when it came to using it as a kickstand. And that's where the new Flex shell comes in with it's new and improved design.

Carry around your BlackBerry Classic the old school way with the OEM Leather pouch

Remember the days when you would find a leather pouch inside the box of your brand new BlackBerry smartphone? I do and I miss it somewhat. But at the very least you can still purchase an OEM leather pouch for your beloved BlackBerry smartphone. So, no doubt there would be one available for the BlackBerry Classic. It actually would have been nice to see one included with the BlackBerry Classic, seeing as it's a nodd to the legacy line of devices. Alas, there isn't but we'll take a quick look at it in case you want to pick one up.

Edit photos, create sketches and more with Snap2Share

There are lots of photo editing apps to be found in BlackBerry World. We've looked at a few here on already. The latest one I've come across combines a few features of individual apps while adding extra options. Instead of having an app that just allows you to create sketches and doodles and having another app for photo editing. Snap2Share combines both into one app. Follow on as we take an in-depth look at the app.

WhereIs...? updated with theme options and other additional features

It has been a while since we have seen an update to WhereIs...? It's an app that comes from one of my favorite developers. WhereIs...? is an app that lets you discover places to eat at or visit. Handy for when you are in unfamiliar places but also great even for places you know. The first time I used it I discovered a restaurant in my local town that I didn't know existed. You can search via venue type such as food, night spots, shops etc.

Hands-on with the newest features of Work Wide v1.3

One of my most used app on BlackBerry 10 recently received an update and today we take a closer look at the newest features. If you didn't know already, [Work Wide is an app that allows you to have two apps on the screen side-by-side. You can take a look at our original review to see how the app works. WorkWide was initially made for the BlackBerry Passport due to its nice wide screen but the developer did eventually make it available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Smartlist10 updated with sync feature and more

We reviewed Smartlist10 back in February 2015 and it is my favorite list taking app so far. Mainly for the fact that you can tick things off the list while the app is minimized, due to the fact that it has an interactive Active Frame. You can scroll through the list either by tilting the device or using the volume keys, you would set this option in the app settings. The developer, AgeTDev, has been working on the app and has released a few updates since our review, and it has now reached v2.0.

Protect your BlackBerry Passport without hiding its beauty with the Ringke Fusion Case

The BlackBerry Passport is a beautiful and unique device. That's what I think, anyway. I have a tried a few cases already and use them on and off because sometimes you just want to show the Passport off in all its glory. However, I have dropped my Passport a few times so I do want a case to protect it. That's when I came across the Ringke Fusion case. The case is see-through, so it doesn't cover up the logo on the back and you can still protect your device from bumps. 

A handful of QtHelex apps go on sale for Easter

We all love to save a bit here and there and if you're looking to pick up some apps, why not look at this selection from QtHelex? They've brought us apps such as ClipMan Clipboard Manager, BlackBullet, Battery and System Analyzer and more. We've looked at these apps before and the developer puts a lot into the apps and engages with users too.

Monitor your data usage with the native data monitor function in BlackBerry 10.3.1

The latest BlackBerry 10 OS update to 10.3.1 brought many new features and imnprovements. One new feature is the addtion of data monitoring. Before BlackBerry 10.3.1 you had to make use of apps in order to track your data usage, while those apps still exist, you now have a native option. Most will say it now renders those apps obsolete but it really depends on the features and choice is always good.

Quick Launch updates to v2 - brings customization options and more

It has only been one month since Quick Launch released and now here we have version 2 being pushed out. If you have any apps or functions you carry out multiple times a day, Quick Launch is a great tool to let you do that quickly without having to navigate to it. Simply press and hold the volume key and you have a bunch of shortcuts to hand. This latest update brings a handful of new features.

Hands-on with Hub2Watch - get all Hub notifications on your Pebble smartwatch

If you're a Pebble smartwatch user, Hub2Watch is an app you'll want to get. It was released recently and goes hand-in-hand with Talk2Watch Pro. While Talk2Watch is by far the best third party Pebble app we have for BlackBerry 10, there are still some limitations in terms of notifications and Hub2Watch helps to bring more notifications to your wrist. Follow on as we go hands-on with Hub2Watch.

Toysoft Development apps go on sale for a limited period of time

We've already seen one developer make all their apps free today and here's another developer putting a handful of their apps on sale. So, if you're looking for some new apps to download, today has started well in terms of grabbing yourself a bargain. We've featured some of the apps on the list today, apps such as Quick Launch, Power Tools and Shortcut Creator.

BLOB offers addictively challenging games for you to play - 7000 free copies up for grabs

If you're looking for a game just like Flappy Bird and more, check out BLOB. BLOB offers 8 different types of game play. You can even think of it like 8 games in 1. All games a very challenging but as we know with these games, that can often make them quite addictive. In each game you collect gems. Gems let you unlock other different colored BLOBs to use. The default BLOB color is green. Other BLOB colos are red, blue, yellow, even some with a headband.

Set app icons just where you want them with these apps

After one of my accessory review posts, there were plenty of questions on how I managed to have two rows of icons along the bottom of the Home screen. We've actually looked at a few apps that give you this functionality but I thought I would round them up here and you can choose whichever one tickles your fancy. Take your pick.

1000 free copies of Stickers++ available for download

Looking for more stickers to use on BlackBerry 10? How about being able to share them with other messaging apps besides BBM? Stickers++ allows you to do that. We've written about his app before and they developer has also previously done a free giveaway. And now the developers is ready to give another batch of 1000 free copies away.

Hub2Watch brings Hub notifications to your Pebble smartwatch

The Pebble smartwatch isn't officially supported by BlackBerry themselves, but we do have a pretty awesome third party client in the form of Talk2Watch. The developer of Talk2Watch has an API available for developers to tap into it to bring their app notifications to your wrist.

One developer, Roger Leblanc, has made use of that tool and has brought a few apps to BlackBerry World already, his latest app is Hub2Watch. Hub2Watch brings all Hub accounts to your wrist. So, whichever accounts you have within the Hub, this app can notify of them.

Inst10 out of beta and now available from BlackBerry World

After a short stint in BlackBerry Beta Zone and a few name changes, third party Instagram client Inst10 has made its way to BlackBerry World. It's a fully featured client with a lot of extras too. The app will take a freemium style model. To give you a feel of all the pro features, there is a 7-day trial available.

If you have been trying out the app whilst in beta, you'll agree with me that it's a pretty good Instagram client. You're going to hear people ask why do we need it when we already have iGrann. But isn't life better with options? I welcome more variations, it keeps developers on their toes.