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You can now set reminders and scheduled e-mails in the latest update to Email++

One of my Top 10 apps on BlackBerry 10 is Email++ and has recently been updated. It was actually an app I first used on legacy BlackBerry smartphones and was glad that eventually made its way to BlackBerry 10. We wrote a full review of the app when it was first released and it has seen some updates since then. This latest update brings some new features as well as bug fixes.

Getting started with the Pebble Time on BlackBerry 10

The Pebble Time has been rolling out to those who backed the Kickstarter and recently became available to pre-order. I got mine and I've been enjoying it a lot. We know that Talk2Watch Pro has been updated to support the Pebble Time and the update came just about the time my watch shipped. I'll be going through the types of notifications can get with the Pebble Time on BlackBerry 10, so if it's a watch you've been thinking about getting, continue reading on for a hands-on look at how it works.

BlackBerry Blend v1.2 update now available

BlackBerry Blend v1.2 has been available for Beta Zone users for some time and in early June it was announced that it would be available to everyone soon enough. Today, an update to Blend has arrived for BlackBerry 10, Android as well as iOS. It brings with it a new Dashboard design and UI, as well as the ability to reply to BBM and SMS messages directly from notification pop-ups.

CascaRun Pro brings Pebble integration with the help of Talk2Watch Pro

I am very glad for our native BlackBerry 10 developers, bringing us third party clients as well as great original apps. It's also nice to see collaboration between native developers to help enhance our native experience. Today, we see a collaboration between the developers of CascaRun and Talk2Watch Pro to bring new features to those who use a Pebble smartwatch.

SmartList10 on sale during the month of July

If you're into taking lists, a great list taking app is SmartList10, an app we have reviewed here before. It features an interactive Active Frame meaning you can tick things off your list while the app is minimized in an Active Frame, which is a pretty neat thing. It's called SmartList10 as it has some pretty smart ways for you to add items to your list, such as being able to just copy something like an ingredients list from the browser and paste it into SmartList10 and it will create a list out of that.

BlackBerry pushes out a bug fix update for BBM

On Friday 26th, BBM was updated for BlackBerry, iOS and Android. A lot of people ran into issues with the update and today we see an update pushed out to fix those issues. If you have been having some problems with BBM since the update, it would be wise to update to this latest version.

ProtectMe aims to give you an extra layer of protection on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone

A well known BlackBerry developer has just released an app in BlackBerry World today. CellNinja, who has brought us apps such as Hub2Watch and more, has released ProtectMe. It's a security app that adds an extra layer of protection above what BlackBerry Protect offers. It can do things such as lock your device if a connected Bluetooth device gets disconnected or if the Wi-Fi or any other network connection is turned off. The point being if you lost your device and someone tried to turn of the mobile network, your device would automatically become locked.

Manage your passwords with KeePassB Password Manager - 100 free copies up for grabs

BlackBerry offers a native app for saving passwords called Password Keeper but we love options and on alternative third party app comes in the form of KeePassB Password Manager. It is a native BlackBerry 10 app that uses the open source password manager KeePass. Like all password managers, you just need one master password that then allows you to access all your other passwords, allowing you to use complex passwords for your accounts.

A look at the updated Privacy and Control BBM features

Yesterday, an update to BBM rolled out for BlackBerry, Android and iOS. The version had been running in BlackBerry Beta Zone for a while and now it is rolling out to everyone. There are a handful of new features to be found in this latest update from Private Chat to the ability to quote messages. We're going to be taking a closer look at these new features.

You can now tag articles in the latest version of ReadItNow!

If you're a Pocket user, you've probably already heard of ReadItNow! It's a third party client we've featured a few times here in the CrackBerry blog. It's one of my first top 5 apps installed whenever I get a new device or carry out a clean install on my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. This latest update brings us to v7.0 and with it comes some new additions. As well as your usual bug squashing fixes.

Check out E.X.O. a new platform game for BlackBerry 10

Looking for a new game to play to kill time? You should check out E.X.O. Recently released, E.X.O. is a platformer where you have to avoid obstacles and shoot enemies to complete each level. The BlackBerry World description says it's challenging and I am finding that it is. I can't even get past the first level. But maybe that's because I'm not that good at these types of games.

PushProtect aims to snap a picture of the culprit when your phone is stolen

When it comes to securing your BlackBerry smartphone when it is lost or stolen, we have BlackBerry Protect which allows us to remotely wipe, lock or make the device beep. You can also locate where it is using GPS. How about adding the ability to take a snapshot of the person who may have stolen your precious BlackBerry smartphone? That's what PushProtect aims to do, and we take a look at how the app works and how useful it would be.

Get yourself a free copy of CascaRun Pro only for today

For those who want a native sports tracking app on BlackBerry 10 will probably have already heard of CascaRun Pro. We've looked at the app before and it's my go-to app for sports tracking right now. I was an Endomondo user before but you can't beat a native app experience, in my opinion. With the summer season now here, I'm sure you're all getting your workout fix. How about a free copy of CascaRun Pro thrown in there too?

For today (June 25) only, you will be able to download CascaRun Pro for free. There are unlimited copies, but the free giveaway will only run today, so if it's an app you've been wanting to try out, don't miss out, download it now. Follow the instructions below to get yourself a free copy.

  1. Open up BlackBerry World
  2. Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem
  3. Enter promo code CCRBB10S215
  4. Tap the green FREE icon to download

CascaRun Pro is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. It usually costs $4.99. If you miss out on the free giveaway, use the link below to purchase yourself a copy.

Learn more / Download CascaRun Pro from BlackBerry World

The BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch is a professional way to carry around your BlackBerry Leap

The BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch is available to buy for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the BlackBerry Leap version is no exception. I got my hands on one and took it for a spin for a while. One of the benefits of using the Leather Pouch is that your device is protect on the go but you can still use it in its naked form. Continue reading to see what I think of the BlackBerry Leap Leather Pouch.

The BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch for the BlackBerry Leap is no different in design to other leather pouches available. You have the signature red thread on the right side, BlackBerry logo on the front and BlackBerry embossed name on the back. What is different on the Leap version compared to the BlackBerry Z30 version or even the Classic version is the way the pieces are sewn together. I'm no seamstress and don't know technical term for it but I the Leap version has an edge to it. See photo(s). It is also a lot lighter that other leather pouches and feels a bit more flimsy, for lack of a better word. I say flimsy because when there is no device inserted, you can squeeze at the sides and it bends easily, with other OEM leather pouches, you can't do this due to there being some sort of padding inside them. It is also due to the fact that there is no sleep magnet to be found either. Which is a first for BlackBerry OEM leather pouches, though it is because the BlackBerry Leap itself has no sleep sensor to begin with. Therefore there is no point in the case having a sleep magnet.

As usual the front piece of the pouch does not cover the device up to the top so you can see the LED notification at a glance. The sides are also free for you to be able to take your device out. You can slip the Leap in and out very easily and it can go in both ways too -- front facing or back facing. Though you'd probably want to insert it front facing so you can see the LED notification.

BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch has always been a nice way to carry around your BlackBerry device and you can go wrong with using one. They're elegant and professional looking.

You can buy a BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch for the BlackBerry Leap from Shop CrackBerry for $29.99 - currently on sale.

Buy Now

Talk2Watch Pro updated to support the Pebble Time

Pebble smartwatch owners with BlackBerry 10 smartphones know that the go-to app to make the most of it is Talk2Watch, specifically the Pro version which has seen a substantial update since it was first released. We even have access to the Pebble app store from within the app, therefore eliminating the need to install the Android Pebble app. When the Pebble Time was announced, many people asked if Talk2Watch would support it. The developer promised nothing but quietly worked away to try to bring support for the updated Pebble Time.

Tune your instrument on the go with Chromatic Tuner

One for musicians, particularly those who played stringed instruments, though the app description does say that you can use it to tune any instrument. Chromatic Tuner is just that, a chromatic tuner that you can have on you all the time on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. I tend to tune by ear but sometimes it's nice to let a tuner do the work for you. Join me as we take a closer look at Chromatic Tuner.

White BlackBerry Classic unboxing!

We've got our hands on a white BlackBerry Classic and we thought we'd follow tradition and give it an unboxing video. Freshly delivered, I set up the video and went through an unboxing of the white BlackBerry Classic, so we can get a closer look. The BlackBerry Classic in white is currently only available in certain countries right now, such as the U.K., UAE, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. We're still waiting for the blue and bronze versions to release, too. I'd definitely like to get my hands on a blue Classic.

QuickPost update now adds Remember app support - 500 free copies up for grabs

One of the first five apps I download when I get a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone (or when I carry out a clean install) is QuickPost and it has just received an update. The update brings a new app to share to along with the usual bug fix here and there. The latest update brings up to v2.3 and nice to see these kind of apps constantly improved upon.

Messenger for Facebook out of beta and available from BlackBerry World

We have only just seen an update to the beta build but it seems it was stable enough that a release has just been made to the masses and the app is now available from BlackBerry World. The version is the newly revamped and updated UI build that went through BlackBerry Beta Zone. While, the native Facebook app still does Facebook chat, I've been trying this out and it's pretty sleek and fast and may give it a go full time. There's a Lite version and a Pro version, just like there was with the previous builds.

This OEM Soft Shell Case gives you slim and sleek protection for the BlackBerry Classic

The last BlackBerry OEM Soft Shell Case I had was for my BlackBerry Q10 and when I got the BlackBerry Classic I just had to get a Soft Shell Case for it too. They have a slim profile, adding no bulk at all and it gives you sufficient protection. These are the types of cases I go for as I have small hands and don't want to add too much bulk.