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Turn videos into GIFs, merge videos, extract audio and more with Penzus MMT

If you're looking for a multimedia app, Penzus MMT (Multimedia Tool) is a good app to get. It's a powerful, professional tool and there's quite a list of things you can do with this app. There have been a few times it has proven useful for me recently. You can create GIFs from multiple photos or even from a video. You can then share them on social media sites, including BBM Channels. You can also extract audio from a video file or even reduce a file size.

Ambient Details from Wikipedia updated with action bar options and bug fixes

This app was released not too long ago and we did a quick write up on it but that doesn't stop the developer from releasing an updated version with some new features as well as the regular bug fixes and improvements. For those who may have missed our article, Ambient Details from Wikipedia is an app that uses your location to pull information from Wikipedia and can tell you more about a place of interest.

Learn more about a point of interest with Ambient Details from Wikipedia

Out and about visiting historical sites? Or maybe you're just in an area where you have found a few points of interest and what to find out some more information? Ambient Details from Wikipedia may be of help. Using your location, coupled with information in Wikipedia, you can get information about the places around you.

1000 free copies of Proximity Photos available to download

This is an app we've looked at previously and made me discover a little place in my area I didn't know existed. It's a handy little app that allows you to discover points of interest through photos taken by other people. Today, we have some free copies of Proximity Photos up for grabs. 1000 free copies for that matter. So, if you're looking for an app to try out this weekend, here is one for you.

How to make a PayPal payment through BBM

Back in August PayPal integration was introduced through BBM in beta mode. Then at the end of September, BBM went official on all platforms. While PayPal integration was initially only available to those in Canada, it has slowly been rolling out to other regions. What better time to check out how easy it is to send money with PayPal through BBM.

ReadItNow! updated to version 7.7 with a new grid cover theme, fixes and improvements

Looking for a new app this weekend? This is an app that has been regularly updated the past few months, showing a very dedicated developer - which I welcome very much. It's an app I use daily and it really is nice to see it still gets some love from the developer. If you don't know what it is all about, ReadItNow! is a third party Pocket client that allows you to save articles to read later. You can tag articles to find them quickly and they sync to your account so you can access your unread articles whatever device you use.

Read Out adds more language support and squashes bugs in the latest update

Text to Speech app, Read Out has just received an update. It includes some new features and as well bug fixes and improvements. If you use the app, you may have seen the update already but if you haven't just head into BlackBerry World. If you haven't heard about the app or checked it out before, Read Out will read out any text for you, from an lengthy email message to articles through the browser. You also have the option to save the MP3 file to share.

Hub2Watch update includes a new color watchface for Pebble Time users

If you're a Pebbler on BlackBerry 10, you'll know that Talk2Watch Pro is the third party app to give you notifications and all the rest. To enhance the experience a companion app was created by another developer called Hub2Watch. This app could catch all notifications that went into the Hub. You can't see the contents of the messages but it was a nice way to see the unread count for the different accounts you have in the Hub. Hub2Watch has just seen an update and it brings along some new watchfaces with some color options for Pebble Time owners.

Talk2Watch Pro update brings the much awaited headless integration

The Pebble (and Pebble Time) smartwatches are not officially supported on the BlackBerry 10 platform but with the help of a great developer, we have a great third party client in the form of Talk2Watch Pro. While there is a free version (Talk2Watch) to help you get your feet wet, you really want to dive in and get the pro version if you really want to get the most out of your Pebble smartwatch purchase. For a long time, users have been wanting headless integration and it has been something the developer has worked on and has finally figured out a way to add.

Keep track of who owes you money with EvenSteven - 300 free copies available!

Do you ever lend your friends or family members some money? Need a way to track who you have lent money to and how much is due? EvenSteven is an app for you. EvenSteven appeared in one of our weekly app round ups last year (2014) and it was in it's early form at the time. The developer has since made a paid version bringing more functionality and features.The app also works the other way and helps you keep an eye of any money you have borrowed from friends or family.

WhereIs...? updated to v2.0 with lots of new additions

When you're in an unfamiliar place, WhereIs...? is a handy app to use to find a venue to go to, such as restaurants, night spots and more. You can customize the search radius and also what types of venues to look for. It utilizes Foursquare data to find locations and has been very handy for me on a few occasions. WhereIs...? has just been updated to v2.0 with lots of new additions, including a complete re-written user interface. I would expect to see some frequent updates with this app too.

Text editor Helium adds full GIT integration in the latest update

For those who require a text editor on a daily basis, especially while on the move, Helium is one app you can download to get editing. It's a lightweight text editor that supports plenty of file types, such as html, css, javascript, markdown, sml, sql, php, perl and many, many more. Helium stands for Highlight Editor with LIght-weight rUntime environMent. You can have a look at our quick review to see more.

Discover points of interest through pictures with Proximity Photos

There are a handful of apps that one can use to discover local 'tourist' spots or points of interest, usually through the use of your geolocation and a map. How about discovering those places through photos shared by others? That's just what Proximity Photos lets you do. It pulls publicly shared photos through Flickr, as taken by other people and you never know, you might just discover somewhere or something you didn't know existed in your area. As I discovered while using the app.

Themes, history and more have been added to QuickPost v2.4

This app is one of my favorite apps on BlackBerry 10. It makes managing my social media updates a lot easier. The latest update to QuickPost brings us to v2.4 and it gives us themes. Great for those who want a variation of colour. There's also a nice addition of history, which allows you to go back and re-post any updates you have sent previously, the last few anyway. Definitely a great feature for me.

AIS Vessel tracking app Marine Assistant update with weather tab and other fixes

If you're into tracking vessels, you may have checked out Marine Assistant already. We wrote about the last update (v8.0), which led me to use the app regularly to go ship spotting, since I live by the coast. The latest update is v9.0 and it brings an interactive weather map as well as your usual tweaks and bug fixes.

Read Out adds Browsie Browser support, keyboard shortcuts and more in v2.1

Text to speech app Read Out hasn't even been out for more than month yet and it has already seen a bunch of updates to it, showing a very dedicated developer. We had a giveaway over the weekend and with a host of new users to hand, the developer has just pushed an update for the app. It brings the app to v2.1 and adds in some new features, as well as your usual bug fixes and improvements.

CellNinja and QtHelex offer up app bundles through BlackBerry World

A couple of developers have reached out to me wanting to offer app bundles for our readers. They are a couple of developers BlackBerry 10 users are familiar with - CellNinja and QtHelex - who have brought us some great apps like Clipman Clipboard Manager, Hub2Watch, BlackBullet and PocketSafe. Both developers are offering a bunch of apps together for a one-off price.

500 free copies of Read Out available to download

When you're otherwise occupied with your hands but would still like to catch up on some reading, be it emails or articles, you could go about having your phone read it out to you. Read Out is an app that can do this. We did a review on it not too long ago and today the developer is giving away some free copies to readers of CrackBerry, so if it's an app you're interested in, get yourself a free copy today.

ReadItNow! receives a small update with a few new features and improvements

Third party Pocket client - ReadItNow! - has just had a small update pushed out today. This is one of my favourite apps, that I use daily and I'm really glad that it has a very active developer behind it. Update v7.5 sees a few new features included, such as the ability to automate background syncing at pre-defined intervals of your choosing. There are also some improvements thrown in there too.

Metal Pixels is a challenging game that will keep you head banging - 300 free copies available

I don't often play games on my BlackBerry devices, but there are a few I will check out and keep for killing time on the daily commute. The most recent game I have installed is Metal Pixels. If you like challenging games, Metal Pixels may be one to look out for. You're basically a heavy metal dude wielding a guitar and you're out to attack the creatures/animals that come your way.