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QuickPost alternatives for your BlackBerry Priv

QuickPost was one of my most-used apps on BlackBerry 10. As someone who uses a handful of social media sites including BBM Channels, QuickPost is the perfect app to use to update or post something to all my accounts without having to repeatedly type it out. Except that it doesn't exist on Android. When I switched over to the BlackBerry Priv, it was the one app I sorely missed, and so I ventured into Google Play to find an Android alternative.

Get slim, sleek protection for your Priv with the Seidio Surface Case

I haven't used a Seidio case since the old BlackBerry smartphones. I never really felt like picking one up for a BlackBerry 10 model, I kind of didn't want to add bulk to the larger device. However, when I saw one become available for the BlackBerry Priv, I picked one up straight away. I thought I'd give it a try again. If you've been thinking about picking up this case for your Priv, read on and see if it's the case for you.

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on your BlackBerry Priv

The BlackBerry Priv has support for Wi-Fi calling, which means that you can make and receive calls over Wi-Fi, even if you have limited or no mobile network coverage. However, while the Priv supports the feature, your service provider will have to support it too. If you're lucky enough to be with a carrier that supports Wi-Fi calling such as T-Mobile, this tutorial is for you. We'll help to get you going.

Blaq for BlackBerry 10 gains Quote Tweet option, adaptive theme and more

Blaq, one of the popular third party Twitter apps, has just been updated and it consists of a long list of new additions. Blaq hasn't been updated in a while but it did have a stint in BlackBerry Beta Zone where most of the features were put through a beta test. One of the biggest additions is the new Quote Tweet option that Twitter introduced some time ago that allows you to quote the original tweet in your own update for reference.

The BlackBerry Priv Leather Flip case has a handy window to peek into messages

After using the OEM Leather Pouch for the Priv, I thought I'd give the Leather Flip case a try. I've used flip cases before and when BlackBerry released the flip case for the Priv, I knew I had to get one. I was very curious to try it out due to the window on the front flap. However, I've always had a love/hate relationship with flip cases. Would the window help to make me love the Priv Leather Flip case more or would I still be indifferent? Continue reading to find out how my time with the Priv Leather Flip case went.

Send anonymous Valentine messages with the BlackBerry Loves Pebble app

This Valentine's Day, why not send some an anonymous love message? If that's something you want to do and you're also a Pebble user, then count yourself lucky as you can do so with the BlackBerry Loves Pebble app. It comes from the developer of Bridge — a third-party Pebble app for BlackBerry 10 users.

Bridge update brings BBM to Pebble, Vector Smartwatch to BlackBerry 10

Bridge, an app that brings Pebble support to BlackBerry 10 users, now supports BBM notifications and it also a now allows Vector smartwatch. If you haven't heard of Bridge before it is a third party Pebble app for BlackBerry 10 users. The developer has been constantly working in the background to continually improve the app and this update is quite a big one.

Check out Hub10 in Beta Zone for a dark themed Hub

Have you been longing for a dark theme for the Hub on BlackBerry 10? You're not alone. A developer has been working on an app that gives us a dark themed Hub. The app works exactly like the Hub, in the way it looks and even has the triage options that came about in OS 10.3. It still in the early days of development right now but you can check it out through BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Hands-on with Face10, a replacement Facebook app that's actually useful

If you're a Facebook user, you'll know that using the Facebook app for BlackBerry 10 hasn't been a pleasant experience lately, with many resorting to using Facebook through the browser. Now though, we have a third-party option, which dropped into BlackBerry World recently in the form of Face10, after going through a short stint in Beta Zone. In CrackBerry fashion, we're going to take a closer look at the app. If you haven't downloaded yet or if you're on the fence about downloading it, maybe this can help you decide.

How to find, lock or erase your BlackBerry Priv from Android Device Manager

Losing your phone is not really a situation you want to be in but it is something that can happen. If you do find yourself in such a situation you can use Android Device Manager to remotely locate, secure or erase your BlackBerry Priv. The last thing you want is for your data to be accessible. Let's help you make sure your phone is set up for any eventuality.

BBM, BlackBerry Hub, Calendar, Contacts and more updated for the Priv

BlackBerry just pushed a handful of updates to their Google Play apps for the Priv. Most of the updates are for stability improvements and bug fixes though there are some new things added to BBM, which was added in a recent beta update. There's an update to BBM, BlackBerry Hub, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks. Get a rundown of what's new from each app below.

Content Transfer now moves SMS and email accounts to your Priv from other Android phones

BlackBerry has just updated their Content Transfer app for Android — it can now backup and transfer your text messages and email accounts from other Android smartphones to the BlackBerry Priv. It also now supports transferring data from a BlackBerry 7 smartphone, so if you're coming from an older device, you'll also be able to transfer your tasks and email accounts over to the Priv.

How to disable pre-installed apps and delete downloaded apps on the BlackBerry Priv

As you know, the BlackBerry Priv comes pre-installed with a handful of BlackBerry apps, to help ease existing users into the Android world. Some people are loving the apps, such as the Hub while others would rather not use it. If you're part of the latter group, then you'll be happy to know that you can disable the apps. You can disable the use of any of the pre-loaded apps. What about the apps you download from the Google Play store and no longer want? You can delete those, quickly and easily too.

How to change your video settings on the BlackBerry Priv camera

Our smartphones have become an all-in-one device that we carry around every day and it is the device most of us will reach for to take photos and videos. I love to take home videos on my BlackBerry smartphone, as I'm sure many of you do too, and that will continue with my use of the BlackBerry Priv. If you didn't know already, the Priv does 4K video recording but of course other video shooting modes are available too. Here's a quick tutorial on changing the video settings on your Priv.

Text-to-speech app Read Out returns to BlackBerry World

After leaving the BlackBerry World store in December, Read Out has made it's return. As the name suggests, Read out will, well, read text out loud, be it an email, an article or any text you send to the app. It can come in handy when your hands are otherwise occupied and you can't hold your phone, like when you're in the car. After running into bugs with the app, the developer pulled Read Out from BlackBerry World back in December. It has taken a while for the developer to fix the problem, but now Read Out is again available from BlackBerry World.

Plain text file app Editor updated with new replacement and shortcut options

If you regularly work with text files, you may have already come across Editor, an app we have written about before. Editor allows you to create and edit plain text files, and it supports a long list of file types, including CVS, XML, CPP, DOC, TXT, HPP, SQL. It has just received an update that includes some new options, interface tweaks and some bug fixes.

Speed up your BlackBerry 10 browser with Ad Blocker — 250 free copies available!

If you are looking for an ad blocker to use on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone and don't want to resort to using a third-party browser, Ad Blocker for Default Browser is the app you're looking for. While the developer does have a third-party browser that has an ad-blocking feature, he knows that some people prefer using the native browser and so he is catering to them with this app.

BlackBerry Priv now available from Unlocked Mobiles, Vodafone and Mobile Phones Direct

In the UK, Carphone Warehouse had exclusivity in stocking the BlackBerry Priv since its launch in November 2015, outside of Shop BlackBerry. That exclusivity looks has now come to an end and the Priv is now available from online retailers Mobile Phones Direct and Unlocked Mobiles, as well as U.K. carrier, Vodafone.

1000 free copies of QuickPost available to download

QuickPost has long been one of my favorite apps on BlackBerry 10, and something I've sorely missed while I have been using the BlackBerry Priv. QuickPost allows you to Type Once, Post Everywhere. For those who frequently post to multiple social media accounts regularly, this app is great at being able to push out a status update without having to type it out repeatedly. What I love about it most is that it integrates with all native social media apps, including third party versions. So, I can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM Channels, LinkedIn and more, very quickly, all from one app.

How to set up multi-language keyboard support on the BlackBerry Priv

One of the great things about the BlackBerry 10 keyboard is that it supports a multi-language setup that allows you to automatically switch between languages without having to toggle anything. When the BlackBerry Priv launched, the BlackBerry 10 keyboard was also ported over, much to everyone's delight. However, earlier versions of the keyboard did not allow multi-language support. The December (2015) update to the BlackBerry keyboard app has brought this function to the Priv and if you haven't found out how to set it up, read on below to get set up.