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Where to buy the BlackBerry DTEK60 in the UK

The BlackBerry DTEK60 has now been officially announced and is starting to pop up in different places for you to buy. If you're in the UK and you're looking to purchase the BlackBerry DTEK60, we've compiled a list of the places you can currently place an order.

How to change the swipe shortcuts on the BlackBerry DTEK50

If you own a BlackBerry DTEK50, then you'll probably know that there are some swipe gestures that allow you to launch apps from the homescreen. If you weren't aware of that, now you are, and this article will show you how to customize those gestures to your liking.

How to set up the BlackBerry Hub widget on Android

The BlackBerry Hub app for Android has been updated on a regular basis the past few months and with each update, new features are added. In the latest update, the Hub Widget has been added. It allows you to add one of three views to your homescreen. If you also use the BlackBerry Launcher, then you can use the Hub popup widget to see another view, and be on top of your messages.

See the weather, stocks and battery data directly in the Hub with Hubby for BlackBerry 10

Forget having to open different apps in order to check the weather or stocks or to see how much battery percentage you have left, with Hubby you can see all that information straight in the Hub. It's another handy app from BlackBerry 10 developer, CellNinja, who has brought many great apps to the platform.

BlackBerry pushes new features and enhancements to its Hub, Camera and other apps

BlackBerry has updated their apps in Google Play for their Android powered smartphones. As usual, BlackBerry pushes an update for most, if not, all their apps in Google Play and this time around is no different. There are new features added, not just your regular bug fixes and improvements and I'm glad to see that the pinch gesture has made its way to the Hub on Android. Read on to see what has been added to each app.

BBM for BlackBerry 10 has an update available through BlackBerry Beta Zone

If you're using a BlackBerry 10 smartphone and you have a Beta Zone account, then this one is for you. There is a beta update available for BBM. There isn't much to the update, but it's always nice to see app updates come along.

Check out Buno an alternative note-taking app

I've been looking for a new note-taking app since Evernote recently made changes to their services and one app became available not too long ago - Buno. The name is short of Bucket Notes, and while it's simple in nature, it has proved quite useful for my note-taking activities.

Buno has a minimal design, but that can keep you from distraction while taking notes. It makes use of swipe gestures which aides in given it a clean UI. Below is a list of features found in Buno.

Dossier receives an update that includes improvements and fixes

Dossier is an app primarily aimed at business users, and it has just received an update. It is brought to us by Tundra Core Studios, and the update mainly focuses on fixes and improvements. If you've not heard of Dossier before, it's a business-oriented app that lets you store contact and client information securely.

Hub Browser updated with a new design, swipe gestures, private browsing and more

Hub Browser is a handy app that lets you open articles from within the Hub allowing you to be a bit more productive and efficient in the way you work on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. It doesn't just work from within the Hub either, it can work via other apps too, wherever you get sent a link, you can open it via Hub Browser so you don't have to leave the app you're in. When you're done reading the article, just swipe back and you're back in the app you were in.

Android Marshmallow Beta 7 released for BlackBerry Priv owners

The Android Marshmallow beta updates are still coming and today a new beta update has been released for the BlackBerry Priv. This is now the seventh beta update to be released and as has been the case with previous roll outs, it is not available for all users.

This time around the update is being rolled out to ShopBlackBerry, Amazon and T-Mobile US Priv devices with model number STV100-1, Canadian carrier and Asia-Pacific variants with model number STV100-3 and EMEA variants will model number STV100-4. The list below shows which models have received which beta build.

Charger Alert updated to v3.3 bringing more customization options and improvements

Charger Alert is an app that notifies you when your battery reaches a certain percentage, and someone unplugs your charger while you're charging your phone or when your phone exceeds 35 degrees C. It has recently received an update to v3.3, and it brings some new customization options as well as some improvements and fixes.

Manage your screenshots with Screen Snapp for BlackBerry 10

Taking a screenshot on a BlackBerry 10 smartphone is quick and easy, just press and hold the volume keys together for 3 seconds and a toast notification usually pops up to let you know a screenshot has been taken. By default, your screenshots get saved in Device->Camera folder.

However, we normally take a screenshot of something because we want to share it and so the default process becomes a bit cumbersome as we then have to go into the camera folder, get the screenshot and then share it. An app like Screen Snapp aims to make the process easier by lessening the steps needed to share a screenshot.

Don't miss your favorite TV show with the help of Kalendar

If you still like to watch TV shows as and when they are aired, then this is an app you'll probably want to check out. Kalendar makes it easier for you to track your favorite TV shows, upcoming movies, even major tournaments, and events. You even have the ability to sync the information with your calendar to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Stop unwanted calls with an updated Call Blockr

Nuisance calls can get very annoying, especially late at night. To prevent those unwanted calls you need an app like Call Blockr. With it you can set your phone to only receive calls from your contacts, make a blacklist of numbers to block or only allow whitelisted listed numbers to call you. There is even the ability to schedule when you want to block calls.

How to enable the swipe to type feature on the BlackBerry Priv keyboard

Now that the BlackBerry Keyboard app for Priv has reached version 2.0, one of the standout features has been the new swipe to type option. It's a feature already available through other keyboard apps on Android and but it's a welcome feature to the BlackBerry Keyboard for the Priv, over and above the usual flick typing that BlackBerry users love. If you're looking to learn how to use it, check out the instructions and video.

Priv apps updated in the Google Play Store - Keyboard, Services and more!

A new batch of updates to the BlackBerry Priv apps, such as BlackBerry Services, BlackBerry Device Search, and the BlackBerry Keyboard have now started to arrive on the Google Play Store. For the most part, the noted changes include the typical bug fixes and improvements, but it's also clear Android Marshmallow is on BlackBerry's mind as well as several of the apps have improved support for that now included.

Get networking functions from the palm of your hand with Network Tools

Are you looking for a professional networking app? Look no further than Network Tools. Whether you're a professional network administrator or system programmer, or even a individual consumer, Network Tools can offer you something. You can perform a 'Whois' search on domains, perform a DNS query and more. Each function of the app has been designed to work and complement one another and with the BlackBerry UI, it's very user-friendly.

Rad Timer is the app you need if you want interval timer function

The weather is getting warmer, and that means I'm going to be stepping up my fitness regime, which also means it will include some high-intensity interval training, amongst other things. That will also require me to get a timer app that allows for intervals. For that, I downloaded Rad Timer, and I think you should too.

How to change the icon pack on the BlackBerry Launcher on your Priv

BlackBerry 10 didn't give us many options in terms of themes and visual customization as we got with BlackBerry OS and it was something that I missed, as I'm sure a lot of others missed too. If you've moved to the BlackBerry Priv, however, you should know that Android supports theming options and there are plenty of icon packs and launchers you can try out to give your Priv the look you want.

March Madness Giveaway lets you score some great apps from BlackBerry World for free

If you're looking to add a few new apps to your collection, you may want to head to BlackBerry World and check out the March Madness giveaway. This giveaway brings 11 paid apps down to the free price point, and there are some great choices here. There may be one you want, but why not get them all?