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Articles by Crackberry Kevin

BlackBerry KEYone Review - Pushes All The Right Buttons

BlackBerry KEYone Review - Pushes All The Right Buttons

Ironically, it took not BlackBerry to make a BlackBerry Smartphone that pushes all the right buttons. The KEYone by BlackBerry Mobile (TCL) merges the best of the classic BlackBerry experience with Android Nougat in a package that is undeniably and distinctly BlackBerry. The quick take The KEYone got me out of CrackBerry retirement and using a BlackBerry Smartphone again (and loving it!). I...

From the Editor's Desk: USA A-OK

After a fun weekend in NYC, the CrackBerry World Tour continues in the USA this week with Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago about to feel some KEYone love! Hey CrackBerry! As I type this it's just after midnight and I'm lying in bed in my hotel room in NYC about to go to sleep. I need to catch some quality ZZzz's because tomorrow kicks off a world wind tour of CrackBerry...

Become a KEYone Delta Tester for BlackBerry Mobile Europe (UK/Germany/France)

Update: The KEYone Delta Tester application period is now closed. We had a GREAT response with hundreds of individuals applying. BlackBerry Mobile will be reaching to all those selected to participate in the program. Thanks for applying! The European Quality team for BlackBerry Mobile is looking for a total of 30 Delta Testers -- 10 each from the United Kingdom, Germany, and France -- to take...

RSVP Now for CrackBerry Meetups in Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago!

The KEYone fun continues as our CrackBerry Meetup Tour turns south to the USA with our Eastern tour, kicking off in Boston on Monday, June 19th and following up with Washington, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago! Update: Friday, June 16th - If you haven't RSVP'd yet for our US CrackBerry Meetups, get on it! We'll be in Boston on Monday and then fun continues from there! As we continue to celebrate...

As promised, here's CrackBerry Kevin's first attempt at a BlackBerry KEYone durability test video. Drop tests, stomp tests and more! Watch to the end of the video for a chance to win a KEYone!! Recording a BlackBerry KEYone Drop Test video was one of the many ideas on my to videos to do list. After JerryRigEverything posted a video last week and the KEYone failed his bend test with the...

Ouch. The BlackBerry KEYone made it into JerryRigEverything's test chambers, where it was passing the scratch and burn test with ease. It didn't fare well in the bend test though... Update - 2:30pm, Saturday, June 10th: So the KEYone Drop Test and Durability video is coming soon, but in the meantime BB Mobile has released a statement about the limited number of defective KEYones with display...

CrackBerry Podcast: Covfefe

There's only one word that describes that can accurately describe the last week here on CrackBerrry... Covfefe! On this episode we talk about the North American launch of the BlackBerry KEYone (the good and the bad) and answer many questions! Traveling to Taipei last week for Computex was on my travel agenda for the better part of a year, long before I knew May 31st would be the date the...

The Perfect Amount of Swank... the BlackBerry KEYone launch event in Toronto [Video]

BlackBerry Mobile hosted a swanky KEYone launch party last week in Toronto. The Hazelton Hotel venue was transformed from restaurant/lounge into a proper modern event space complete with thoughtful engagement areas where guests could explore demo devices, partake in bourbon tasting, have KEYone notebooks and luggage tags monogrammed and even take home hand-rolled cigars as a memento. An area...

From the Editor's Desk: The Final Countdown to KEYone in North America

Hello, CrackBerry Nation! For those of you in North America, we're into the FINAL COUNTDOWN leading up to the May 31st availability of the BlackBerry KEYone. I've been having some fun on Instagram this week drawing the countdown out using KEYones. That number 8 is a work of art, don't you think? And no, those are not all my personal KEYones - they're the demo units I use at for our CrackBerry...

CrackBerry Podcast: Making Memories w/ MrMobile & More!

MrMobile joins Bla1ze and CrackBerry Kevin for a casual chat and to confess his crush for the BlackBerry KEYone. It's been a crazy few weeks and the craziness isn't about to slow down. After two weeks on the road for our Canadian CrackBerry KEYone Meetup Tour, I've barely unpacked and I'm off again to the airport, this time for the long flight to Taipei, Taiwan, for Computex 2017. Before...

CrackBerry Asks: Do you need the Convenience Key?

One of the features on the new BlackBerry KEYone that made a return is the programmable Convenience Key. This is the button on the lower right-hand edge of the phone, which you can program on the KEYone to take actions, such as opening an app. For many years the Convenience Key was a staple BlackBerry feature, and then it got phased out and we were all forced to get used to it not being there...

BlackBerry KEYone Coming Soon Pages Come to Canada's Bell, Bell MTS and SaskTel

May 31st is right around the corner, and some carriers are getting a head start on the BlackBerry KEYone Less than a week ago, Rogers made the BlackBerry KEYone available for pre-order to business users and now some other Canadian carriers are ramping up for the launch as well. Bell, Bell MTS and SaskTel have all put up "coming soon" pages a few days head of the KEYone's official May 31st on...

BlackBerry KEYone now available for pre-order from Rogers in Canada!

May 18th is here and Rogers is first in line, allowing Canadians to pre-order the BlackBerry KEYone with an availability date of May 31st Today, Canadian carrier Rogers has officially rolled out pre-orders for the Android-powered BlackBerry KEYone for Consumers, Small Business and Enterprise Customers with an availability date of May 31st. If you're a Rogers customer and have been waiting for...

RSVP now for our Ottawa, Montreal & Waterloo/Kitchener BlackBerry KEYone Meetups!

The CrackBerry Meetup Canada tour continues. Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal were a great success. Next up is Waterloo/Kitchener. RSVP Now! The CrackBerry Meetup Canada tour continues. Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal were a great success and the grand finale of the Canada tour takes place in BlackBerry's hometown of Kitchener/Waterloo on Thursday, May 18th! Be sure to hit...

BlackBerry KEYone Podcast, featuring Android Central, MrMobile, CrackBerry Kevin & Bla1ze! [Must Listen Show!]

Hosted by Android Central, this is a must-listen round table discussion on the new BlackBerry KEYone! With embargoes lifting on BlackBerry KEYone reviews, the Android Central podcast duo of Daniel Bader and Jerry Hildenbrand needed some reinforcements to dive into the new BlackBerry KEYone, so they called CrackBerry Kevin and Bla1ze of the CrackBerry team and MrMobile himself, Michael...

MrMobile's BlackBerry KEYone Review Video is Worth Watching

MrMobile's BlackBerry KEYone Review Video is Worth Watching

If you're not yet subscribed to MrMobile on YouTube, you're missing out. Since launching his channel a couple months shy of a year ago, Michael Fisher has emerged as one of the top tech reviewers on YouTube, with videos that are as much works of art as they are informative. With the BlackBerry KEYone review embargoes lifting this morning, the internet is starting to fill up with reviews of...

RSVP now for CrackBerry Meetups in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal & Waterloo!

It's time to continue the CrackBerry Meetup Tour! The Canadian cities of Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal are next on the list before we turn south and visit the USA! Update: Reminder that the Calgary Meetup is this Friday and Vancouver is this Saturday. And we've added a Kitchener/Waterloo Meetup for Thursday, May 18th! As promised, it's time to bring the CrackBerry Meetup fun to more...

The BlackBerry #KEYone is #WorthTheWait Giveaway! [Winners Announced]

The BlackBerry #KEYone is #WorthTheWait Giveaway! [Winners Announced]

I know, I know... waiting is HARD and so many of you want your new BlackBerry KEYone NOOOOOW! To pass the time in true CrackBerry fashion, we're giving away chance to win not one, but THREE IOU's for a KEYone courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin! WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Eduard P. (@epertinez), Jean H. (Sigewif), Chris R. (Gelatinous). Congrats!! Update: May 1st, 2017 - Thanks for participating in our...

CrackBerry Podcast - Regroup

Bla1ze is back from vacation, CBK is (mainly) back to health, and Adam Zeis is out of CrackBerry retirement! The trio regroups on this episode to talk BlackBerry UK Launch, North American availability and more! We fired up the CrackBerry Podcast machine Sunday evening to catch up on the BlackBerry news of the week, which was dominated by the BlackBerry KEYone which began it's global...

BlackBerry KEYone Unboxing Video Roundup

BlackBerry KEYone Unboxing Video Roundup

The BlackBerry KEYone was officially launched in the UK yesterday at Selfridges. The cozy rooftop venue was the perfect place to celebrate bringing the KEYone to the region. I wanted to be there in person and was booked to do so, but had to cancel my flight last minute (getting sick is the worst!). That said, I still managed to get a CBK-certified KEYone unboxing up for your viewing pleasure....