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Formula 1: 2014 Bahrain GP recap

It was the second race in just as many weeks on the Formula 1 circuit, but that didn't stop the BlackBerry-sponsored Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg from strutting their stuff. From practice through qualifying, it was clear that the two were out to continue their epic 2014 run — holding down the 1 and 2 positions for the race start on Sunday.

More BlackBerry Z3 hands-on photos turn up

We've already grabbed some camera time with the BlackBerry Z3 during MWC, but it seems like it's popping up more and more as the release gets closer. As such, a new set of BlackBerry Z3 photos have turned up online. These aren't the greatest shots, but they do again give us another look at the upcoming Z3. Nothing new to be seen for the most part, but for those of you who are anxiously waiting on one of these, it's always fun to see more new photos.

BlackBerry Z3 shown off with Z10 and Z30

We haven't seen much of the BlackBerry Z3 in the flesh just yet, but with it due out in the next few weeks, it will certainly be getting much more time in the spotlight. An image has turned up today however that shows of the Z3 next to the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Z30.

BBM gets another boost on the charts thanks to BBM Stickers

The first part of BBM's new monetization strategy looks to already be off to a good start. The latest update to BBM included BBM Stickers — essentially larger emoticons — that come in packs of 20 to 25. Some of the packs are free while others sell for $1.99. Currently there are only a few sets available, but BBM will look to add many more in the coming weeks.

Dropped beloved BlackBerry leads to UK girl getting stuck in a drain

Just how far would you go to get your BlackBerry back? At times many of us have left them behind in a cab or at a restaurant, or maybe even dropped it in the toilet. But has it ever been dropped somewhere that made you think twice about trying to get it back?

The BBM team wants to hear your ideas for BBM Stickers

The new BBM Stickers are hot off the presses on BlackBerry, Android and iOS Currently there are only a few packs available for download, but we hope to see many more in the coming weeks. Many of you have been asking if there is any way to submit your own ideas for stickers, and rest assured, the BBM team is listening.

Low-end BlackBerry Kopi shown from all angles

We've seen the BlackBerry Kopi more than a few times now, but only in some quick & dirty photos. Today a new batch has turned up however that shows off every angle of the unreleased Kopi. We get the best look that we've had thus far and who knows, they may just leave you actually wanting one.

Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a pair of Blue Tiger SoundTRAX headphones

I am all about having a solid set of headphones when I'm on the road. I don't travel often, but when I do I want to bury myself in some good tunes and go about my business. Alternatively, having a good pair of earbuds at the ready is key for me as well — be it listening to a podcast on my BlackBerry or maybe just some quick video editing when I'm out in public, I like to have a pair in my bag so they're there when I need them.

Thankfully you don't have to look any further than ShopCrackBerry to fit all of your on-the-go listening needs. We have a great selection of wired & wireless headphones for immersive music listening, and also some great earbuds for those toned down moments. Whatever your needs may be, we've got something to help you out.

Keep reading to see the latest in ear ware for your BlackBerry, and keep reading for your chance to win a pair of Blue Tiger SoundTRAX.

BBM 2.1 now available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices

As expected, the latest version of BBM will begin rolling out today across BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices. BBM 2.1 brings with it BBM Stickers as well as some new features like pictures in multi-person chats and larger file transfers of up to 16MB.

The stickers will be available in both free and paid packs through the integrated BBM Shop. Packs will contain between 20-25 stickers and will be for brands like Shaun the Sheep and WWE.

Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix Recap

Sitting in the pole spot in Malaysia for the second straight race, Lewis Hamilton had much higher hopes for even finishing the race this time. He has a 100% finish rate in Malaysia though, and once things got going it was clear he wasn't going to let that number change.

Want BBM Stickers right now? Here's how to get them

The next update for BBM is right around the corner (as in days away). It will bring along some new features including sponsored BBM Channels content as well as BBM Stickers. If you just can't hold out for the official update to arrive though, a leaked version is available now that gives you plenty of sticker-loving fun.

Three new high-end BlackBerry devices on the horizon, BBM for desktops getting a 'serious look'

In speaking with Reuters, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that within the next 18 months, he plans to introduce high-end devices that cater to the "keyboard aficionados." BlackBerry has at least three different devices in the works and that "the focus is going to be very keyboard centric."

Press Release: BlackBerry Reports Fourth Quarter and Year-End Results for Fiscal 2014

The report is in — BlackBerry has dropped their fourth quarter results. They're reporting a balance of $2.7B at the end of the quarter (compared to $3.2B last quarter), with an adjusted Q4 gross margin of 43%, up from 34% in the prior quarter. Approximately 3.4 million devices were sold to end users in the fourth quarter, of which around 2.3 million were BlackBerry 7 devices.

CrackBerry Asks: Would you want a Dot View case for your BlackBerry?

Yesterday we saw all kinds of HTC One (M8) news floating around the web. Even though we're all BlackBerry lovers at heart, it's okay to sneak a look at the latest and greatest in the Android world. While I can't say that I'll be running out to pick one up anytime soon, I am a bit jealous of one thing — that Dot View case.

Accessory Roundup - Enter to win an external charger for your device!

One of my favorite accessories for all of my BlackBerry devices is a good spare or external battery. In the case of the BlackBerry Q10 or BlackBerry Z10, the battery charger bundle is both an external and spare battery. You can charge up a spare to use in the device, or simply plug in the microUSB to use it as an external charger.

The tBlackBerry Z30 doesn't have this luxury however since there is no removable battery. While either of the battery charger bundles can work as an external battery for the Z30 to give it some extra juice, the BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB is packing a ton of juice that will keep your Z30 juiced up on the go when you need it the most.

You can check out our full selection of spare batteries and external chargers at There is one available for nearly every device, so no matter what you're using you should be able to find the one you need.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen lays down the law for leakers

Leaks are nothing new in the BlackBerry world — they've been around forever and are just part of the game. Sure, they've slowed down a lot in the last few years, but every now and then we'll see an unreleased device, image or OS show up with some juicy new info to feed the rumor mill.

Until now, BlackBerry hasn't really made any public gestures against leaks or the leakers. CEO John Chen took to the blogs today however to change that and let everyone know exactly where he stands. When it comes to leaks of unreleased products — Chen says "we must take strong action."

Secure Work Space on iOS and Android gets FIPS 140-2 certified

BlackBerry has kicked up the security not only on their own devices, but also on Android and iOS. They've announced today that Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is now Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 certified.

FIPS 140-2 is a huge certification when it comes to government spaces, and now security conscious organizations in US and Canada can safely deploy Secure Work Space in these environments. This security extends to both data-at-rest and data-in-transit for iOS and Android devices, meaning that all data is secure while within the enterprise.

BBM update coming soon across all platforms — Will bring BBM Stickers, sponsored channels, larger file size limit and more

A few weeks back, BlackBerry introduced BBM Stickers in beta form. Things have been moving along and the beta was very well received, so starting next week a new version of BBM will hit all platforms (BlackBerry, iOS and Android) that will include BBM Stickers, sponsored BBM Channels and other new features. The BBM team is going full-steam ahead to keep parity on all the platforms and to keep adding new & upgraded features across the board.

BlackBerry moves one step closer to shutting down Typo

The battle between BlackBerry and the look alike iPhone accessory, Typo , has been going on for a few weeks now. BlackBerry is suing Typo and claims that their iPhone keyboard accessory infringes on multiple BlackBerry patents — and also looks a lot like the BlackBerry Q10 keyboard. Things in the case have been a bit back and forth with nothing showing a clear winner on either end.

BlackBerry is one step closer to a win today however as U.S. District Judge William H. Orrick has said it does not appear that two of the three patents in question in the case are invalid, as Typo claims. “If the consumer can look at this and say this product is ripping off BlackBerry and knows it’s not a BlackBerry product, how does that make a difference in my analysis?” Orrick said. Orrick will be issuing a ruling on BlackBerry's request to block the sale of the Typo "promptly."

The White House begins testing Samsung and LG phones - or are they?

According to the Wall Street Journal, The White House is starting to test devices other than BlackBerry — namely Samsung and LG. The tests are still in the early stages and any implementation is still "months away" however. Neither Samsung nor LG commented on the rumor, but a Defense Department spokesman said that The White House "is piloting and using a variety of mobile devices".