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Articles by Adam Zeis

Verizon Wireless Nationwide Messaging Data Only Plans

In what seems to be a never ending line of "new plans", Verizon Wireless introduced their new Nationwide Messaging plans which are geared towards users who just don't seem to eat up their voice minutes (much like myself).  The plans are available for most handsets including PDAs and BlackBerry devices.  The new plans include unlimited text, IM, picture and video messaging, and offer per-minute...

Tiny Twitter Gives You More Twang For Your Tweets

If TwitterBerry doesn't seem to give you enough control of your Twittering, along comes Tiny Twitter. Tiny Twitter adds to the functionality of TwitterBerry, allowing you to change  fonts, update intervals, the overall user interface and giving you a scrolling "Tweet" line along the bottom with your latest updates.  If you are a big twitter fan like myself, its definitely one to check out. ...

Corey Visto Chrono Theme Available for All Devices

In his seemingly never-ending line of awesome BlackBerry themes, Corey Visto has just released his latest creation, Chrono. Available in Today, Icon and Zen styles for all BlackBerry smartphones (Curve, 88xx, 8700, Pearl, 7100), Chrono is a clean and sleek theme. It holds the same icons as the popular BB Droid and H2O themes, but adds some banner and background tweaks to make it really...

How to Download and Install Ringtones on your BlackBerry

One of the most common questions upon getting a new BlackBerry device is “How do I download and install ringtones.”  Well here is a step-by-step lesson that will take you from the start to finish of downloading your own ringtones and editing your profiles for your device. We've focused the tutorial around's Awesome FREE Ringtone Gallery. I hope to make it easier to understand the...

Bluepulse - New Mobile Social Network

For those of you that just can't seem to get enough Myspace, and are starting to grow tired of the Facebook app on your Blackberry, look no further.  Bluepulse introduces a new social networking site designed for mobile use.  Self dubbed "The worlds first trusted mobile network" - Bluepulse is an odd combination of Myspace Mobile, Facebook, Twitter and all the other sites you can't seem to...

Add Water to the Mix - New Visto H2O Theme

Just a few weeks after releasing my new favorite theme BB Droid, Corey Visto has one-upped himself and dropped his newest theme - H2O.  Essentially the same layout as BB Droid, the theme has been tweaked with a new color scheme that is lighter and brighter than its predecessor.  If you weren't quite sure on the greens of BB Droid and blue is more your thing, check out H2O. H2O is available for...

Cortado Connect Offers Free BlackBerry Storage

Online storage has been around for years. We always had multiple options to upload files to a server for secure storage and backup when needed. Now Cortado Connect has teamed with to offer 1GB of online storage for BIS Blackberry users.  All you need to do is register for a account. A quick download of their simple app lets you easily transfer music, photos, documents and...

Crossbar Theme = Cool!

No you can't create one with Plazmic just yet.  The new Crossbar theme is one of a kind (for now).  The first "Middle Zen" theme to grace a Blackberry desktop, the Crossbar is definitely one to check out.  Boasting 7 home screen icons (the most of any Zen theme) and docked messages, calendar and call log icons, it actually scrolls (carousel style) as opposed to just moving to highlight each...

U.S. Carriers - Food for Thought

For some, the BlackBerry carrier decision is easy - you get handed a BlackBerry by your company and use whatever carrier they tell you to use. For the consumer, the choice can be sometimes be equally easy - only one carrier actually provides good coverage in your area. For others, the decision is more difficult and comes down to the details - price, available phones, customer service,...

MLB Throws BlackBerry Users a Curve

In previous years baseball fans were graced with the ease of the Desktop Shortcut that place an icon to MLB Mobile on your Blackberry's home screen.  This year Major League Baseball has done one better and created shortcuts for each teams individual mobile pages.  Much in the fashion of the old shortcut, the new shortcuts take you to mobile-optimized sites to deliver scores, stats,...

Movidity Expands Video Solutions for BlackBerry

Movidity's has been around for a few months now, and they seem to finally have the kinks worked out to support Blackberry devices (Press Release after the jump). A YouTube of sorts for mobile devices, allows users to upload and stream multimedia content on cell phone, PDAs, BlackBerrys and other supported devices. totes itself at "The worlds first and only cross-...

Corey Visto BB Droid Theme

In my endless pursuit for the perfect theme for my 8830, I stumbled across BB Droid.  Modeled after Google Android, the theme is bright and bold and definitely worth my six bucks.  Corey Visto has had a few previous themes that I've been a fan of, but this one tops my list. The simplicity is amazing. The title bar simply shows a battery and signal meter, date, time and usage icons (bluetooth...

GrandCentral - FREE!!! (for a bit anyway)

For those of you that have been scouring the planet for a Grandcentral invite, look no further. For now (and who knows how much longer) you can sign up for your very own Grandcentral account with no strings attached - and no invite required. Head over to before it's too late. I'm not sure where this popped up from (it looks like our bud Ronen...

GoogHelper - Instant Web Searches on Your BlackBerry

Search Faster With GoogHelper!  How many times have you struggled through icons and bookmarks simply to search the web via Google?  Search your Gmail?  Or maybe find a book on Amazon?  Or even search Wikipedia?  Stocks, maps, software - its all just a click away - literally - with GoogHelper.  GoogHelper In Action  The application's main goal is to cut down on the time and effort it...

Palm Tries to Exploit 'The Outage'

Nothing like making the most of a bad situation.  Only that isn't really the case.  More like trying to salvage some sort of customer base from a competitors misfortune.  A quick browse of Palm's website today totes "palm smartphones include voice, e-mail, text, Web, calendar and contacts.  And most importantly - uptime". Nothing like trying to capitalize off someone else's mistake. Granted...

Alcatel-Lucent to Offer Prepaid Options to Carriers

Alcatel-Lucent announced yesterday they will be offering prepaid options to carriers customized for the Blackberry platform.  The plan will be hosted by the company and integrate with a carriers existing network.  The option will charge users based on email volume, so users will essentially only pay for what they use.  Those who don't want to spring for expensive email and data plans will now...

My Take on the Latest RIM Outage

Outage, failure, interruption, chaos, near death experience - call it what you will, but its all we've heard about all week.  For Blackberry users, Monday left us feeling like a toddler with no Spongebob.  Thought of "Why! Why?" and "What in the world is going on!" flowed through our heads.  We cried to each other, and to those who could have cared less, and waited it out (as we had no other...

nuTsie Mobile Music Coming To Blackberry?

Melodeo, Inc. today announced they will be distributing their nuTsie mobile music service in the next few months to Blackberry smartphones - namely the Pearl and Curve.  nuTsie is a mobile/online music service where users can listen to their iTunes music and playlists on their smartphone, PC or other mobile phone. users can also find and listen to new music by searching and browsing...

WebMessenger Goes Free!

WebMessenger Inc. today announced they will free up their WebMessenger Mobile IM clients, as well as free business-class IM service for mobile professionals who use BlackBerry, MS Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Palm PDAs and smartphones. The free IM service provides single client access to AIM, Google, MSN, Skype, and Yahoo. The service provides messaging needs for business professionals within...

BlackBerry Web Shortcuts Hands On

How many times have you opened your browser, gone through your bookmarks, waited for your page to load and thought "Hey, I wish there was an easier way."  Well there is.  A great app that has been around for quite some time - Blackberry Web Shortcuts. The recently updated app lets you create up to ten shortcuts in icon form to place on your device's home page as you please - much in the...