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BlackBerry Passport available at Amazon for $599

If picking up new devices from ShopBlackBerry isn't your thing, Amazon has you covered. The shiny new BlackBerry Passport is now available for $599. Amazon lists the Passport as a pre-order item with availability of September 25th, so Prime users should be able to land a new device by the weekend if all goes well.

The factory unlocked device should work across most carriers, so you won't have to wait for your provider to offer the Passport before you can get your hands on one. As a quick refresh, here's what the Passport has to offer:

  • 3450 mAh battery, up to 25 hours of mixed use
  • Touch-enabled QWERTY keyboard
  • Wide Touchscreen 4.5inch Display
  • More ways to access Apps with the Amazon AppStore
  • BlackBerry Blend - the power of BlackBerry on your computer or tablet

Don't forget you can grab some brand new Passport accessories from CrackBerry Canada too so your new device doesn't have to go naked!

Thanks Henrick!

Your Passport to Adventure... Kevin's BlackBerry Passport Review!

Today is a BIG day for BlackBerry. The long-awaited BlackBerry Passport is finally here, and there's lots to talk about. While we won't be able to match the wit and showmanship of BlackBerry CEO John Chen on stage, we'll still be firing up a special edition CrackBerry podcast today to talk all things Passport. Be sure to read Bla1ze's CrackBerry BlackBerry Passport review, and while you're doing that, you can listen and watch CrackBerry Founder Kevin Michaluk give his review of the BlackBerry Passport.

BlackBerry invites you to work wide with Passport promo video

BlackBerry invites you to work wide with the all new BlackBerry Passport. In their latest promo, BlackBerry is showing off the Passport and some of it's best features — from the innovative touch-enabled keyboard, to the expansive square touch screen.

If this spot doesn't get your BlackBerry blood pumping, I don't know what will. Check it out and let us know what you think!!

BlackBerry Passport now available for $599

As expected, the BlackBerry Passport is now available for purchase online from ShopBlackBerry for $599. It looks that there are no restrictions on the device and it will be an unlocked model, so if you've been waiting to get your hands on the biggest BlackBerry yet — here's your chance.

BlackBerry promo shows the company is still all about serious business

Coming out strong at today's Passport event, BlackBerry showed off an awesome new video that shows their all about serious business. The runs at just over 2:30 so it's not quite cut for TV, but it's BlackBerry through and through.

Connectedly: Smartwatch Buyers Guide

Smartwatches are starting to become more and more mainstream, so we understand if it's hard for you to decide which one is the right device for you. There is currently a huge variety of devices on the market, and plenty more are on the way. Some have been around for a while now, and others are the new kids on the block — but don't worry — we're here to help you sort out which smartwatch is the right one for you.

BlackBerry may be exploring wearables

BlackBerry soon be diving into the wearables spaces, according to John Sims, President of Enterprise at BlackBerry. During interviews at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas, Sims said of BlackBerry, "We're doing internal research on different wearables." Which means that you could soon see a BlackBerry device on your wrist as well as in your hand.

BlackBerry P'9983 'Khan' gets the blurry photo treatment

While we've already seen the highly-anticipated BlackBerry P'9983 "Khan" in various renders and photos, some more images have turned up today that reaffirm the device is real — even if the images are as fuzzy as can be.

The best Wi-Fi routers you can buy right now

Let's face it, routers are now a big part of our daily lives. Whether for your connected home or just at the office, jumping on a Wi-Fi connection is a necessity most days, especially if you want to keep the mobile data usage on your smartphone low. Most everyone has an internet plan of some sort, and while the router that comes from your internet provider will get you online, it's not necessarily the best option overall. But just what router is the best router? We've compared the top 5 Wi-Fi routers so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

Typo 2 resurrects the iPhone keyboard case, looks a bit less like a BlackBerry

As if the original Typo keyboard wasn't enough, a new version of everyone's favorite iPhone accessory is now available for pre-order. The $99 Typo 2 — while very similar to it's older brother — has been remastered and redesigned with some new features, hoping to steer clear of any lawsuits this time around.

Hands-on with Secusmart voice encryption on BlackBerry 10

Earlier today, BlackBerry announced the acquisition of Secusmart — a company that provides high-security voice and data encryption and anti-eavesdropping solutions for organizations and enterprises. The addition of Secusmart will bring this encryption to BlackBerry devices, allowing users to make totally encrypted voice calls from their mobile devices.

BlackBerry Z5 'C-Series' gets shown off once again

Some new images of the BlackBerry C-series (cafe, americano, cappuccino) have shown up online, once again giving us an awesome look at the device from all angles. It was just a few days ago that we got a hi-res look at the C-series, but here are even more photos for those of you that are into that kind of thing.

BBM arriving on Windows Phone in July

On this mornings BlackBerry earnings call, CEO John Chen dropped word that BBM for Windows Phone will be arriving in July. We already knew that is was coming, but now we know for sure that in just a few weeks Windows Phone users will be able to get in on the BBM action as well.

BlackBerry shutting down music and video stores on July 21st

In addition to the big announcement today that the Amazon App Store will be coming to BlackBerry 10 later this year, BlackBerry also dropped word that they'll be shutting down their music and video stores on July 21st. Any media that you've already purchased (including music, movies and TV shows) will continue to be available, you just won't be able to purchase new content.

BlackBerry launches BBM Protected, the first solution of the eBBM Suite

We've been hearing about BBM Protected and the eBBM Suite for quite some time now, and today BlackBerry has finally pulled the trigger. BBM Protected is the first part of eBBM to launch and will bring a new level of security to BBM users. eBBM works within the existing BBM application, but adds another layer for enterprises that require the utmost security.

I switched from BlackBerry 10 to BlackBerry 7 and survived!

As I'm sure most of you already know, last weekend Kevin, James and I headed to Montreal to check out the Canadian Grand Prix — and we had an amazing time. I drove up from New Jersey with a friend of mine, but it wasn't until the day before that it dawned on me that I wouldn't have any phone service once hitting the Canadian border. Since I rarely leave the country I don't carry an international plan on my phone, and on AT&T (like most carriers) you pay quite a bit for not a whole lot in return. So I decided to forego data service on my main SIM and instead brought along my trusty BlackBerry Bold 9930. Why you ask? The short version is that is has Verizon service which I don't pay for, hence free roaming in Canada.

Get in the World Cup spirit with these BBM sticker packs

It's World Cup time, and what better way to show your support than by taunting your friends with some BBM Stickers. New to the BBM Shop are some great World Cup sticker packs for various countries — all available for just $1.99. Sadly there aren't packs for every country that will be competing in the tournament, but there are a select few that get things started on the right foot. Whether more are on the way we're not quite sure.

Follow the World Cup in Brazil with these great apps for BlackBerry

The World Cup kicks off today and that means the everyone will get a bit of soccer fever for the next few weeks. If you can't manage to watch the games during the day, there are still plenty of ways to keep up with the action, right from your BlackBerry. There are no "official" BlackBerry 10 apps for following the World Cup, but there are still a few that will do a damn good job of keeping you in the loop throughout the World Cup. Let's take a look at some of our favorites.

BlackBerry announces three-year deal with EnStream for secure financial transactions

BlackBerry has announced today a three-year agreement with EnStream, a mobile payments venture collectively owned by Bell, Rogers and TELUS. Through the agreement, EnStream will use the BlackBerry infrastructure to enable banks like RBC, TD and CIBC to "securely provision sensitive payment card credentials into any smartphone capable of near field communication."

Mobile payments are big for BlackBerry, both thanks to NFC-enabled devices as well as proven security on handsets, so this is a great announcement for both EnStream and BlackBerry as more and more financial institutions and retailers adopt transactions over NFC.

Skype for BlackBerry update brings cloud based chats and other improvements

It's been a bit since we've seen Skype get an update, but today a new version has landed that brings along some new features and improvements. It's still a bit wonky at times — as most of Skype's apps are — but it's certainly come a long way. New in this version you'll find cloud based chats, updated registration flow, performance improvements and various other bug fixes.