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How to enable Touch to back on the BlackBerry Motion

One thing that BlackBerry Motion users may have a hard time adjusting too is the physical home button. The dual-purpose button serves not only a fingerprint sensor for the Motion but also as the home button navigation. If you're having trouble adjusting to having to use a physical home button again — not to worry. You can easily enable Touch to back and then simply tap on the home button to go back.

BlackBerry and Qualcomm team up in next-generation connected vehicles

BlackBerry and Qualcomm are teaming up on in-vehicle platforms for the next generation of connected cars.

Announced today. the partnership will utilize Qualcomm hardware and BlackBerry's QNX software on various systems including digital instrument clusters, virtual cockpit controllers, and infotainment systems. The cost-effective agreement will offer high-performance systems to help make vehicles safer and more connected, well into the future.

BlackBerry and Qualcomm Extend Strategic Relationship to Deliver Automotive Platforms for Next Generation Vehicles

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 7, 2017) - BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB)(TSX:BB) and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM), today announced a strategic collaboration to develop and produce cutting-edge automotive platforms for the next generation of connected vehicles. As a part of the non-exclusive relationship, the companies have agreed to optimize select Qualcomm Technologies' hardware platforms with BlackBerry's QNX software for use in virtual cockpit controllers (VCC), telematics, including eCall and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology, electronic control gateways, digital instrument clusters and infotainment systems. Additionally, BlackBerry and Qualcomm Technologies have agreed to optimize BlackBerry over-the-air (OTA) software and BlackBerry Secure Credential Management (SCM) Services for use with select Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ modems, supporting both companies' commitment to offer high performance automotive platforms quickly and cost-effectively.

"BlackBerry and Qualcomm Technologies have had a long-standing relationship for over a decade, collaborating on technologies that have revolutionized the way people live and work," said Sandeep Chennakeshu, President of BlackBerry Technology Solutions. "Today's announcement elevates our relationship as we aim to accelerate the delivery of the next generation platforms that connected vehicles will rely upon."

"As innovation in the automotive industry accelerates it becomes necessary for industry leaders to work together to deliver leading-edge technology platforms that help to make vehicles safer, more connected, and increasingly autonomous," said Patrick Little, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "Today we're building on our longstanding relationship with BlackBerry to develop automotive platforms that will accelerate the industry toward a more connected future."

How to change the ringtone on the BlackBerry Motion

Want to customize your BlackBerry Motion? Start by changing the ringtone!

One of the beautiful things about Android is the top-to-bottom customizations. You can tweak nearly anything on an Android device — the BlackBerry Motion being no exception. If you want to ease your way into customizing your device, you can start by changing up the ringtone.

How to Change the Ringtone on the BlackBerry Motion

  • Swipe down from the top of the home screen and tap the gear icon to access your settings.
  • Tap Sound, then tap Phone ringtone
  • You can scroll through the available ringtones and choose one you like. Once selected, tap OK to set it.

Done and done! Your custom ringtone is now set and will sound for any incoming calls. You can change this as you see fit so you always keep it fresh! Pro Tip: Use your favorite MP3 as a ringtone by moving it to the Ringtones folder using the Files application.

Where to buy the BlackBerry KEYone

Not sure where you can buy a BlackBerry KEYone right now? We've got you covered!

The BlackBerry KEYone is now on sale across many parts of the world and continues to be rolled out to new areas. We've been keeping a list of all the carriers and retailers offering the KEYone, be it the original silver variant or the Black Edition, so if you're curious as to where you can buy the KEYone right now you've come to the right place!

BlackBerry KEYone

United States

United Kingdom





Czech Republic







Axiom Telecom

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition







United Kingdom

Check out the first videos of the special edition BlackBerry KEYone!

It's limited and special and black and totally HOT!

In case you missed it, a new version of the BlackBerry KEYone has been revealed — but you won't be able to get your hands on it just yet. It's a limited edition all-black version of the KEYone, or as it's officially known, the Limited Edition KEYone Mercury Black Device by BlackBerry made by Optiemus Infracom. As the name would lead you to believe, it's the BlackBerry KEYone only it's totally blacked out — and it looks amazing. But the fun doesn't stop there.

Best Music Apps for the BlackBerry KEYone

When it comes to music on your BlackBerry KEYone, you have plenty of options. Here are some of our favorites!

If you're a new Android user or convert from another platform, seeking out a great music player for the BlackBerry KEYone can be a very daunting task. There are literally hundreds of different music apps available on Android — from simple MP3 players to more advanced streaming apps that include not only music, but also podcasts, radio, and much more.

Finding one on your own is a tall order, so we've done the hard work and rounded up what we think are the best available for the BlackBerry KEYone. Here are our top picks for music apps for the BlackBerry KEYone:

Streaming Services

Streaming services are not just apps for playing music, but rather services that charge a monthly fee. These services give you access to millions of songs, essentially replacing your entire CD/MP3/Cassette collection. These services are nothing new, but some are still hesitant to try them. If you're a music fan and want to get the most bang for your buck, these services will give you all you need and then some!

Google Play Music

This is a staple on Android — obviously — and just keeps getting better. You'll have to pay a monthly fee to use the service, but you'll get access to a slew of music, radio stations, podcasts and more. The app lets you stream to your heart's content and also download tracks for offline playing. A single-user account is $9.99 a month, with a family plan available for up to six users for $14.99 a month.

Download Google Play Music

Apple Music

Though many people think this one is just for iOS — Apple Music isn't just for Apple devices. It's very similar to Google Play Music though, offering streaming from a huge library of artists, as well as exclusive Apple Music radio stations. If you're an iTunes user (or were in the past) Apple Music also lets you stream any of your iTunes content without a hitch. Plans are $9.99 a month for single users or $14.99 for a family plan.

Download Apple Music


Spotify is perhaps one of the most well-known stream services there is — and for good reason. It's been around for quite some time and is still one of the best in the biz. Spotify gives you access to an expansive library of artists and can sync your locally-stored music. You can use Spotify for free if you don't mind some ads, while premium accounts for single users or family are $9.99 or $14.99 respectively.

Download Spotify

Music Players

If you don't want to go all-in with a streaming service, that's cool too. There are plenty of players that let you stream from other sources or just play your MP3 collection. There are literally hundreds of music applications for Android, but here are the ones that are better than most.


Phonograph is a no-frills music player with just the right amount of features for most users. Though it's still in beta form, it's already pulled in loads of Android users with its simple Material Design layout and simple controls. Phonograph has all the standard fare — playlists, widgets, lock screen controls and more. Best of all it's free (for now at least).

Download Phonograph


Pulsar is a simple player that supports mp3, flac, ogg, wav and more. It's sporting a great Material Design interface and has features that include smart playlists, Chromecast support, scribbling and various themes. Pulsar comes in a free version with access to 3 themes, or a paid version with more features.

Download Pulsar
Download Pulsar Pro


Poweramp has been around for years and is one of the best rated music players for good reason. Poweramp will play all of your music including mp3, mp4/m4a, ogg, flac, wav, wma, and more. There are loads of settings within the app to tweak your music just how you like it, and some cool widgets to throw right on your home screen. A free 15-day trial is available, but after that you'll have to pony up $3.99 for the full version.

Download Poweramp


BlackPlayer is free and awesome and one of the fastest music apps you'll find. It supports all standard file formats and has a built-in equalizer and 3D sound virtualizer. You can customize almost everything within the app itself and there are a variety of themes and widgets to use as you see fit. Best of all it's free!

Download BlackPlayer

What's Your Favorite?

These are just a handful of apps that we love for music on the BlackBerry KEYone — but not even close to everything. If you already have a favorite app that you don't see here, drop a comment to let us know what it is and why you love it!

BlackBerry KEYone now available online from Sprint

After a quick official announcement that the BlackBerry KEYone would finally be hitting a U.S. carrier, Sprint has made the KEYone available for ordering online. Sprint is surprisingly first out of the gate as far as carrier releases go in the States, but we're hopeful (like REALLY hopeful) that they won't be the last. Judging from the wording in their press release — and as we discussed on our latest CrackBerry podcast — we're 99% sure that other carriers will follow soon as well.

CrackBerry Android app update fixes scrolling with the KEYone keyboard

We're always hard at work to keep the CrackBerry app running smoothly, and a big complaint from BlackBerry KEYone owners has been the issues with scrolling using the keyboard on our posts. We're happy to announce that in the latest update, this very issue has been addressed and the app now works flawlessly with scrolling using the physical keyboard on the KEYone.

KEYone available from Carphone Warehouse for £36 per month

No doubt about it, people are loving the BlackBerry KEYone!

Currently, Carphone Warehouse has the best Pay Monthly pricing in the UK and also have the device in-stock. You can grab the BlackBerry KEYone for just £36 per month and £0.00 upfront cost.

The BlackBerry KEYone is rolling out around the world, and while we know it's still hard to get your hands on one in some places, those that have been using one already are loving it so far. There has been an incredible response, with positive reviews for the BlackBerry KEYone across the board.

How to access your notifications using the keyboard on the BlackBerry KEYone

You can use this simple trick to access your notifications right from the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard!

The BlackBerry KEYone has a slew of amazing built-in options for easy access — from the keyboard shortcuts to the customizable convenience key — that you can set up for instant access to almost anything on your KEYone. Did you know that you can also easily access your notifications dropdown with just a tap of the keyboard?

As forums member tp2386 points out, you can use an app called Pull Down Status Bar that lets you have instant access to your notifications. All you need to do is install the app, then set it as the shortcut for one of your keyboard keys or your convenience key — it's that simple. When you press your chosen key, your notification shade will drop down giving you quick access no matter where you are on your device.

You can grab Pull Down Status Bar totally free from the link below. If you need help getting it setup, swing by the forums and let us know!

Download Pull Down Status Bar from Google Play

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Here's a look at the first BlackBerry KEYone accessories

The first BlackBerry KEYone accessories are on their way — here's a quick look!

There have been many BlackBerry Smartphones over the years that stood well on their own, among them, the BlackBerry KEYone. But as any BlackBerry fanatic knows, accessorizing is the way to go. There will certainly be quite a variety of cases arriving for the BlackBerry KEYone in the next few weeks, and to start things off, we get a look at some OEM cases for the BlackBerry KEYone.

BlackBerry KEYone review roundup

This article has been updated as of June 6, 2017 to reflect new additions to the list of reviews.

It's D-day — or more like B-day — and the BlackBerry KEYone reviews are in. We've seen the KEYone from every angle, some of you even got to play with it in person, but today is when we get to hear the real-world results from the experts. Of course, you've already checked out CrackBerry Kevin's full review (right?!) but we've also compiled a list of reviews from around the web. Each reviewer obviously has their own take on the KEYone, but some running themes, as expected, are the insane battery life and that awesome, capacitive physical keyboard.

The BlackBerry KEYone is the most anticipated phone of the year

Just like every other year, there are a slew of new phones that have been or are slated for release in 2017. From the shiny new Galaxy S8 to the next Google Pixel to the newest iPhone — and of course the BlackBerry KEYone — there won't be any shortage of devices to choose from.

Our friends at MobileSyrup recently conducted a poll asking which new or upcoming smartphone readers were most interested in buying, and out of the sixteen device choices that were offered, the BlackBerry KEYone took the ultimate prize with over 33% of the vote — beating out the second choice (new iPhone) by a mile.

If you could have a BlackBerry KEYone in any color, what would it be?

BlackBerry devices haven't been too crazy over the years when it comes to color choices. There's been, well, black for the most part — with some blue, silver, red and even purple thrown in on various devices. The BlackBerry KEYone won't be breaking any barriers when it comes to color choices either (for the time being at least).

First BlackBerry KEYone owner impressions are in and they're GOOD

The newly released BlackBerry KEYone is making its way into eager hands in the UK and already we've seen a ton of great feedback in the CrackBerry forums. Both new and veteran BlackBerry users are weighing in on what makes the KEYone awesome, as well as what they'd like to see changed.

The fun part about the KEYone is that a lot of users will be switching over from a lot of different devices. There will be BlackBerry users upgrading from the Priv, Passport and Classic (among others), Android users switching over from any number of devices, and even die-hard iPhone users making the jump. It will be interesting to see what people think as the KEYone hits more hands, but already I'm super psyched on the feedback it's getting after barely a week on sale to the public.

As is becomes available in more markets across the globe we'll start to see more a ton more feedback from users, but until then, let's dive in and see what some early adopters already have to say about the BlackBerry KEYone.

Score More Baseball brings the power of Moneyball to hometown teams

Score More Baseball is Moneyball in your pocket

Just in time for baseball season, a new baseball scoring app hits the field for BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone. Score More Baseball provides simple scoring for amateurs and youth teams using the Moneyball method.

Score More Baseball allows anyone to use a phone or tablet to accurately score baseball games, using the Moneyball approach to help improve performance. This method enhances all aspects of play. including longer rallies, stranding fewer runners, and score more runs.

In the drivers seat with the QNX Maserati Quattroporte at #CES2015

During CES 2015, we once again got a chance to check out the latest concept car from QNX. The year the team outfitted a killer Maserati Quattroporte with a slew of connected tech — from the side mirror screens down to the expansive dash cluster. As in previous years, the car has been stripped of many stock parts, and they've been swapped out for various touch screen panels that show off gauges, views of the outdoor cameras, and controls for all the vehicles main functions.

Hands-on with Ford Sync 3 at #CES2015

Ford recently unveiled their QNX-powered connected car entertainment system, Sync 3, and during CES 2015 we got a quick look at it in action. Set to be available in 2016 models, the Sync 3 offers some great improvements over current models. The system has been designed to work along the same lines as your phone or tablet, with plenty of big icons and swipe navigation.

Former BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, now at Powermat: "We want to liberate people from charging cords"

Former BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, is now CEO and chairman of wireless charging company Powermat. Founder Ran Poliakine will now take the seat of Vice Chairman but still be heavily involved in evangelism and other strategic partnerships. After about a year hiatus since leaving BlackBerry, Heins is once again ready to take charge in attempts to scale Powermat to a new level of not just wireless charging hardware, but a worldwide wireless charging network. He's only been in the big chair for a few days, but our own Kevin Michaluk scored some time for a quick chat and Heins' take on what's to come for Powermat.

WorkLife by BlackBerry brings together business and personal lines on one device

BlackBerry Balance has been key for many users in the corporate world, allowing to have two distinct areas on one device — one personal and one business. Balance does a great job at keeping these two areas separate, but it's still not the perfect solution. Today BlackBerry introduced WorkLife — a new way for enterprise customers to use their devices.