The BlackBerry PlayBook is still a very useful tool for many users. One such user is an author by the name of C. S. Brandon Moore who just so happened to pen an entire novel using his PlayBook and Bold 9700.

Our good friend Jessica churned out her book using only her BlackBerry a few years back, but C. S. Brandon Moore is the first we've heard to write an entire book using his BlackBerry PlayBook. The book is called Adam Time's Immortal File (A Tale Of Two Immortals) and though I haven't had a chance to check it out just yet as it was released today, it looks to be something I'd definitely be interested in reading. 

From the Amazon description:

Adam Time is an immortal with the ability to control time. He is on a mission to locate other individuals with special talents. Along the way he finds a set of twins with a supernatural bond, a man who can change into a massive man-bear hybrid, an angel, and a dragon. Shortly after discovering these individuals he realizes he has personally set the world off balance and must right it quickly.

Coincidentally I think I might make my new nickname "Adam Time". 

If you're into reading at all and want to support a BlackBerry-using author, be sure to grab a copy of this one. If you do, please swing by the forums and let us know how it is!