It's not the first time we've seen an author pen an entire book on a BlackBerry, but it is perhaps the biggest. Author Geordie Greig's biography of Lucian Freud runs at a total of 272 pages, almost all of which he wrote on his BlackBerry Bold. 

While editor of the London Evening Standard​ Greig says that the most convenient time for writing was in bed between 2 and 3am, so his BlackBerry was the natural choice to lay down his words. He would write whenever time allowed, sitting on a park bench or even on a ferris wheel ride. 

Greig says that he chose his BlackBerry because "the predictive text on an iPhone makes it much more difficult to write on.” He would write out large portions of the book -- “you can get about 1800 words in there” -- and email it to himself for later editing. 

A very cool story indeed, in honor of which I wrote this post out on my Bold 9930. I'm not sure I could write an entire book this way, but then again it did take Greig two years to complete his work. I knocked this out in about 20 minutes :-)

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