Audioboo has been around on other mobile platforms for some time now but fortunately it has now made an appearance on BlackBerry 10. For those of you that are not familiar with the app it essentially allows you to record an audio segment of up to three minutes and then share via social networks as well as listen to other peoples boos. 

I'll be honest and say that when I've seen other people post their boo's to the likes of Twitter I haven't really paid much attention to them, however if you like to share your thoughts this is the perfect way to do it - and it's free!

There are quite a few different sections to the app. Once launched there are three main tabs near to the top of the screen. These are Featured, Categories and Channels. There's also a search option if you are looking for something in particular. Once you find an Audioboo you want to listen to you can either tap the thumbnail to play it or select the boo which will show you an image and text relating to it. Above the image is the play tab to start listening. 

Recording your own Audioboo is a piece of cake. Just touch the microphone icon and you'll be prompted to start recording. Once done you press save, add a title and press save again. Then at the bottom of the display you'll see a further four tabs. Jump into 'My Boos' and you can then press the publish tab where you will get the option to add your own photo and text as well as selecting a category before pressing publish once again to begin the upload. And that's it - simple. 

For new users like myself it does take a bit of getting used to and I'm sure there are some features of the app I've missed but the basics are pretty straight forward. With Audioboo being free and available for all BlackBerry 10 devices go and give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

Download Audioboo for BlackBerry 10