Back in September 2007 AT&T announced that come October 2007 all addresses would become addresses. AT&T also said that your address would continue to forward to your new one until March 2008. Well, AT&T went a little longer than March, but as of a couple of hours ago, it now seems that all email addresses are dead!

Despite the repeated advanced warnings and plenty of notice time from AT&T, I think this has likely screwed up/is going to screw up a LOT of people who have not updated their reply-to addresses or forwarding addresses lately (think - do you have an email address that you use which forwards to your BlackBerry that you haven't updated in a longgg time?). I've already seen a bunch of emails that I have sent today bounce back to my inbox from this issue AND have received a few emails from readers letting me know that today's change did in fact mess them up royally. So if you're a longtime AT&T user back to the Cingular days and haven't been receiving many emails today, CHECK to see that your email address affairs are in order!!!