Learn more about Session JAM 52: Talking to Bloggers and Media

Talking to Bloggers and the Media

If you're attending BlackBerry Jam Americas in San Jose next week, be sure to sign up for JAM52: Talking to Bloggers and the Media.

I presented this topic at last year's DevCon, and it was one of the most-attended and top rated sessions from the conference. This year, we're kicking it up a notch - I'll be tag teaming the presentation with Victoria Berry from Research In Motion (yes, her last name is Berry.. and she works for BlackBerry).

In attending this session, you'll pick up a lot of tips on how to best deal with bloggers, the media and even RIM so you can better promote and market your apps. Session details below.

Session ID: JAM52

Title: Talking to Bloggers and Media

Schedule: Wednesday 1:00 PM - Room 210H

Length: 1 Hour

Key Takeaways: Discover how to give your app great exposure by working with bloggers and the media

Abstract: There are many opportunities to work with bloggers and social media to get the word out about your applications. Do you know how to take advantage of these channels for promotion? This session will show you how to engage with Research In Motion® (RIM®) and external channels to promote your apps. Find out why getting your app announced and reviewed is only the beginning of the promotional process. Hear from Kevin Michaluk, founder of CrackBerry.com, about tips and tricks for engaging external bloggers and media and how to get noticed. Kevin is joined by Victoria Berry, Senior Manager of Developer PR and Social Media at RIM, who will discuss how to work with RIM on media communications and the BlackBerry® Developer social channels.

Community Speaker: Kevin Michaluk, Founder/Editor In Chief, CrackBerry.com

RIM Speaker: Victoria Berry, PR and Social, Developer and Apps, Research In Motion

Level: Non-Technical

Subject Matter: Go to Market Strategies

Audience: Marketing

Type: Breakout 

So if you're going to at the BBJam, come on down. It'll be a good time. I always have fun whatever I do, but in a session like this you'll get to catch a glimpse of my more serious business side. Hope to see you next week!