AT&T sale
Tis the season for sales, and AT&T has thrown down a pretty good one if you're looking to get a new BlackBerry right now. Sign up for a new 2 year contract with a minimum data service plan of $15 and you can get one of several BlackBerry devices for as little as a penny! Available devices include the new Torch 9860, Curve 3G, refurbished Pearl 3G, Curve 3G, or Torch 9800 for one cent. The Curve 9360 is available for $29.99, Torch 9810 for $49.99, or Bold 9900 for $199.99. Activation fees are also being waived with this sale.

Word has it this sale is only happening today, though on the AT&T website I didn't see an end date. Also worth noting, the sale is online only, though corporate stores should be able to price-match the online sale. Just call ahead to be sure. Thanks for sending this in rrrebo!

Source: AT&T

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