If you're in possession of a BlackBerry Z10 on AT&T that's still running an older OS, now would be a perfect time to go ahead and check for updates. We're starting to see some cases of OS rolling out in the CrackBerry Forums plus, we've also received several emails from folks stating the update has finally arrived as well. Some changes noted in this release are:

  • Keyboard improvements including, word prediction by swiping up on letters to retrieve an entire word, delete words with a single swipe to the left, hide the keyboard with the spacebar or swiping down with two fingers
  • Setup Toolkit tutorials, BB made additional video tutorials available in the setup buffer
  • Improvements on post Balance activation instructions and made it easier to find instructions to switch between work spaces
  • Reworked user interface (UI )in the email/sms text entry field to better expose message actions (attach, formatting, importance flag)
  • Improved visibility in Hub for message service connectivity/status. Added yield sign graphic and top line status bar to emphasize connectivity problems. Added an “activity spinner” on manually invoked “refresh

The update should weigh in at around 334MB with it arriving OTA (Over The Air) in addition to being available through BlackBerry Link. If you're not seeing it OTA as of yet, give it some time to appear or try grabbing it through BlackBerry Link. Also of note, if you're running a leaked OS higher than this release, there's a good chance in it may not appear for you. In which case, if you want to be on an official build you'll need to downgrade via a factory reset and then download the official OS that way. Meanwhile, at Verizon HQ.