AT&T is reworking some of their pricing and is now dropping the rates for phone plans sans-contract. The new plans, which will be active on Sunday, allow users willing to pay full price for a phone, those with their own devices or those on AT&T Next to save some cash. The new scheme is a bit confusing but as it all still depends on the number of users, data and devices, but the savings is still there when you do the math.

Under the plans, 300MB of data will cost $20/month, 1GB for $45, 2GB for $55 or 10GB for $100. The more data you go for, the bigger the savings. There is also a 20GB or 50GB plan for $150 or $375 respectively. The single-user fee on these plans is $25/month with tablets added for an additional for $10. 

The plans are great news for AT&T users but comparatively T-Mobile and Sprint still offer better deals in the long run.