The BlackBerry Z10 from AT&T is finally here! We picked one up just minutes after it went officially on sale, and in true CrackBerry fashion I gave it our ritual unboxing treatment.

So hit up the video above as I slowly take the Z10 out of its pretty AT&T box, I hold it, I touch it, I caress it... you get the picture. Seriously, I don't know what it is about unboxing videos, but I just love them. 

Of note, the AT&T Z10 does not come with a case of any sort, so you'll want to be hitting up asap to order a BlackBerry Z10 case. Also, I really like the branding AT&T put on the Z10. It's just the logo, done subtly at the bottom of the battery door. Classy.

Once you've bought and unboxed your own Z10, be sure to jump over to our article on The first ten things to do with your new BlackBerry Z10.