AT&T BlackBerry Z10

No matter if you've just picked up a BlackBerry Z10 from AT&T or just want to grab some new accessories - we're here to make sure you know what you need. We have a few "go to" accessories that we love for all devices and there are some that you may not even know you need. Regardless - whether it's a new case, spare battery or even just a screen protector - we've got you covered on all ends. Keep reading to see our top picks for AT&T BlackBerry Z10 accessories.

Official BlackBerry Z10 Cases

Everyone loves a good case, right? While some users prefer to go with a naked device, most like to have at least one case handy for when they need it. There is a wide range of style and colors available so choosing the right one can be a bit tricky. 

There is a full line of OEM BlackBerry Z10 cases that are pretty awesome - from the BlackBerry Transform Shell to the BlackBerry Flip Shell. These cases are straight from BlackBerry and offer additional functionality as they can also be used as a stand for watching movies or viewing photos on the Z10.

More Z10 Cases

If you just want to go with something simple, there are options like the Poetic Atmosphere Case which adds some bold color to your Z10, or the simple Mobi Products Soft Shell Case. These skin cases snap on quickly and give you protection from those unexpected drops. 

For meatier protection, you may want to go with something like the OtterBox Defender case. Cases like this keep your Z10 tucked safe inside so you can be worry free when heading out. 


The BlackBerry Z10 battery life is pretty amazing, but at times power users may need some more juice. For that, you can pick up one of our favorite accessories the BlackBerry Charger Bundle. This bad boy packs not only a spare battery for your Z10, but also a sweet mini charger that will keep you charged up on the go. You can either swap out the battery as you need it, or just plug in the micro USB cable for a bit of extra power. A very cool accessory and probably one of our top picks ever.

Charging Solutions

BlackBerry Z10 Premium Car Charger

You need to charge you device too, right? While the included power adapter works just fine, you may want to grab an extra charger or two for other places (office or another room) so you don't have to keep carting one around with you. For that you can get a spare BlackBerry micro USB Power Plug for wherever you need it and never worry about having to find one.

Drive a lot? How about a BlackBerry Premium In-Vehicle Charger for the road? This is one of my top picks since I often find myself on long car trips. I like to plug in my Z10 and top it off a bit so I never have to worry about it going dead on me. There are plenty of other choice available as well, some even offer a spare USB port for charging more than one device.

Stock Up Now

These are just a few of the top accessories that we think would pair up great with your AT&T BlackBerry Z10. There are plenty more in stock at ShopCrackBerry and you can expect that tons more are on the way now that the device will be available in the US. 

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