BlackBerry Bold Delayed until August?!

This past Thursday we dropped word that the BlackBerry Bold's release on AT&T could be delayed until August (or even later). Today, the Boy Genius further confirmed our original message. Here's what he had to say:

We’ve just confirmed this now with two high-level sources: the Bold is actually delayed until August on AT&T. It seems like AT&T and RIM are still having software issues with battery life and overheating. It has not been certified by AT&T yet. This new information goes against our previous intel and thoughts, but it really looks like everyone on AT&T either needs to wait it out, get a Bold from Canada, or think impure thoughts. What you thinkin’? RIM = FAIL? Yeah, us too.

Since I'm always an Addict but not always the Expert, here's my question: how can one carrier (AT&T) have these issues while others carriers (Rogers, Vodafone) do not? It seems inevitable that the Bold will soon launch on Rogers. Put your thoughts in the comments. And don't worry, it's ok if you shed a tear or two over this news... I know I did!