T-Mobile created a ton of headlines recently when they announced their new JUMP upgrade program for customers. Not one to stand by and watch the competition get ahead, AT&T has now announced 'AT&T Next', a new way of financing and upgrading handsets. As part of Next, AT&T customers will have the ability to upgrade their handset with no money down every 12 months assuming you sign up for a payment plan with your device from the beginning.

In short, AT&T will now allow you to buy a new device on a payment plan with no down payment but you'll be paying the full, unsubsidized price over equal monthly payments for 20 months. After you're 12 months into that payment plan, you can opt to trade in your undamaged, working device and receive a brand new one with again no down payment and the remaining 8 months of your previous device payments will be wiped out. 

So what will the monthly payments look like? According to the press release put out by AT&T, folks looking to get in on Next will see the interest-free monthly device installments range from $15 to $50, depending on the device selected. AT&T Next will be available as a purchase option for new customers and current customers with available upgrades starting July 26 and can be applied to purchase any phone or tablet that AT&T offers.

Read the full press release from AT&T

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