Anyone for a free space arcade style game? Astro The Last Fly for BlackBerry 10 is just that and although very simplistic it's a bunch of fun and one that will certainly be staying on my BlackBerry for when I have a few minutes to kill. 

The aim of the game is to just make your space craft travel as far as possible. This is done by touching the BlackBerry screen to make it go up and then releasing to make it descend. Of course, things aren't quite that easy. Firstly, there are a ton of obstacles you'll need to avoid and secondly, because you only have limited fuel you will need to pick up extra fuel pods which appear on screen as red icons. 

There isn't really a whole bunch more to say apart from that it's totally awesome with bright, crisp, retro graphics and a funky backing track.

Astro is only available for all-touch BlackBerry 10 devices I'm afraid, but if you have one I'd urge you to give it a go. 

That is all. Enjoy. 

Download Astro The Last Fly for BlackBerry 10